Various available accommodation options

NoGuest House/HotelDistance (approx.)Contact numberemail/website
1Student Accommodation I3 Km (Bus service will be provided)8473084970 /
2Student Accommodation II3 Km (Bus service will be provided)8473084970 /
3Student Accommodation III1 Km8473084970 /
4Hotel City Palace1 Km8876520120 /
5Hotel Mayflower100
6Hotel President 500
7Hotel Rialto500
8Hotel Prag Continental100 /
9Hotel Lilawati Grand 100
10Arna Residency2.5 Km (Bus service will be provided)8473084970 /
11Park Riviera1.5 Km (Bus service will be provided)8473084970 /
Further details related to tariff, room type, and payment can be seen in the Accommodation details

Important Instructions

  1. All accommodations in the hotels, mentioned above will be booked (or cancelled) by the participant on his/her own. However, they should also inform, in parallel to the local organizer at
  2. Students/Research Scholars wishing to opt for concessional rate accommodation (as mentioned in the table below), needs to first transfer online the required amount, as detailed, and send a request by email both to the symposium secretary and local organizer, along with the UTR.
  3. Transport from hotels/hostels to the symposium venue and back will be arranged only from those listed above.
  4. The request and preference for the accommodation needs to be filled in the registration form on or before 31 October 2022.
  5. All the concessional rates are valid for the accommodation request made on or before 31 October 2022.
  6. Only for students : Rs. 3500/- towards accommodation for 5 days (December 01-05, 2022, with arrival on November 30, 2022 ) and Rs. 4200/- for 6 days (Nov 30 to Dec 05, 2022, with arrival on Nov 29, 2022 ) towards accommodation and breakfast to be transferred online, before Oct 31, 2022, at the following details.

Bank Name : State Bank of India
Bank Address : BARC Branch,
Mumbai, 400085
A/C Name : SNP-2022
A/C No : 41092700077
IFSC : SBIN0001268

• For online transaction, please attach the UTR in respective emails.