Reducing the size of pdf files

What to do if your pdf file size is larger than the limit

If you are using latex and included postscript figure
1. save the figures in jpg or png format instead of ps or eps (particulerly root/ paw scatter plots)

2. include the jpg/png figure in your manuscript.
\includegraphics options with PDF/PNG/JPEG images are much the same as with PostScript, e.g.,

\includegraphics{myfig.pdf} \includegraphics[width=60mm]{myfig.png} \includegraphics[height=60mm]{myfig.jpg} \includegraphics[scale=0.75]{myfig.pdf} \includegraphics[angle=45,width=52mm]{myfig.jpg}

With PNG or JPEG you should specify an explicit width or height rather than "scale", since bitmap images have no intrinsic size, nothing corresponding to Bounding Box information, although graphicx seems to use 72 pixels per inch as a default size for bitmap images.

3. compile using pdflatex or TeXShop.

If you are using Microsoft Word

1. Click on a picture in your document
2. On the Picture toolbar, click the Compress Pictures button (itís the one with arrows at all four corner)
3. In the Compress Pictures dialog box, you are presented with options for the way Word handles your images
4. To apply your changes to all the pictures in your document, click the button beside All pictures in document in the Apply to section
5. Under Options, you can opt to compress your picture(s) and/or to delete the cropped areas of your picture(s) by selecting the appropriate box
6. Once youíve made your changes, click OK
If you prepared your manuscript in Word on a Windows operating system, you can use pdf995 (free download from to generate a pdf file.