I. Invited Talks

a. Nuclear structure

b. Nuclear reactions

c. Radioactive ion beams: production and utilization

d. Hadron physics

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and QGP

f. Intersections of nuclear physics with particle and astro physics

g. Instrumentation for nuclear physics

T. Thesis Presentations

Author Index

I. Invited Talks      Top

I1. The Hoyle state in nuclear Lattice EFT, Timo A. Laehde,Evgeny Epelbaum,Hermann Krebs,Dean Lee,Ulf-G. Meissner3pdf
I2. Decay of Hoyle State, Sailajananda Bhattacharya5pdf
I3. Viscosity: from air to hot nuclei, N. Dinh Dang7pdf
I4. Exploring the QCD Plasma at the Large Hadron Collider, Tapan. K. Nayak9pdf
I5. Recent Results from Digital INGA at BARC-TIFR Pelletron Linac Accelerator Facility and Future Plans, R. Palit11pdf
I6. Nuclear triaxiality in the A $\sim$ $160-170$ mass region: the story so far, S Mukhopadhyay13pdf
I7. The Physics and Status of the Electron Ion Collider, Abhay Deshpande15pdf
I8. Nuclear structure studies of very neutron-rich nuclei at RIKEN RIBF, T. Motobayashi17pdf
I9. Electron Scattering for exotic nuclei - The SCRIT electron scattering facility-, Toshimi Suda19pdf
I10. Heavy Flavour Hadron Spectroscopy: An Overview, P C Vinodkumar21pdf
I11. Towards the next frontier of large Isopin and spin using beams far from the dripline, A. Navin23pdf
I12. Search for an effect of shell closure and role of N/Z on nuclear dissipation via neutron-multiplicity measurements, B.R. Behera25pdf
I13. Density content of symmetry energy from nuclear, Bijay Aggarwal, J.N. De,S. K. Samaddar27pdf
I14. Opportunities and problems in determining proton and light nuclear radii, N. G. Kelkar29pdf
I15. Hyperon polarizabilities in Compton Scattering , K.B. Vijaya Kumar,Amand Faessler,Thomas Gutsche,Barry R Holstein,Valery Lyubovitskij31pdf
I16. Modern gas-avalanche radiation detectors: from innovations to applications, Shikma Bressler33pdf
I17. Neutron detector array for fusion-fission studies at IUAC, P Sugathan35pdf
I18. Neutron-induced Fission Cross Sections of Short-lived Actinides via the Surrogate Reaction Method, B.K. Nayak37pdf
I19. India-Based neutrino Observatory (INO) Project, Naba K Mondal39pdf
I20. Low Energy Neutrino and Dark Matter Physics with sub-keV Germanium Detectors, Henry T. Wong41pdf
I21. A novel approach for modeling the cluster detector and the SPI spectrometer, Ritesh Kshetri43pdf
I22. A systematic analysis of radiative capture reaction $^{13}$C$(p,gamma)$, Suprita Chakraborty, R. de Boer, and Subinit Roy45pdf

Contributory Papers

a. Nuclear structure      Top

A1. Determination of the nuclear deformation via the giant dipole resonance width at finite temperature, Deepak Pandit,Balaram Dey,Debasish Mondal,S Muykhoppadhyay,Surajit Pal,Srijit Bhattacharya,A De,S R Banerjee48pdf
A2. Isospin symmetry breaking at high excitation via isovector giant dipole resonance decay in 32S, Debasish Mondal,Deepak Pandit,Balaram Dey,S Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,A De,Srijit Bhattacharya,S R Banerjee50pdf
A3. Verification of the critical behavior of the Giant Dipole Resonance width in A ~ 100 mass region, Balaram Dey,Debasish Mondal,Deepak Pandit,S Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,A De,Srijit Bhattacharya,S R Banerjee52pdf
A5. Pairing effect on nuclear level density parameters in $^{116}$Sn, R. Razavi56pdf
A6. Study of nuclear level density and entropy in $^{161,162}$Dy, R. Razavi,A. Rahmati Nejad,T. Kakavand58pdf
A7. RMF+BCS approach for "Bubble Structures", G. Saxena,D. Singh,M. Kaushik60pdf
A8. Shell quenching revisited, Rupayan Bhattacharya62pdf
A9. Breakdown of Grodzins product rule in N=88 isotones, a revealing puzzle, J.B. Gupta64pdf
A10. The nature of K=02 band in $^{158}$Gd, J.B. Gupta66pdf
A11. High Spin Spectroscopy in $^{105}$Cd, M. Kumar Raju,D. Negi,S. Muralithar,R.P Singh,R. Kumar, Indu Bala,T. Trivedi,A. Dhal,K. Rani,R. Gurjar,D. Singh,J. Kaur,R. Palit,B.S. Naidu,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. Donthi68pdf
A12. Parity Assignments based on $\beta$-decay log ft values , Gowrishankar R,P. C. Sood70pdf
A13. Comparison of shell model results for $^{86,87,88,89}$Y isotopes, Vikas Kumar,P. C. Srivastava72pdf
A14. Nuclear Level density parameter in hot rotating nuclei, D.R Jayahar Devadhason,V Selvam74pdf
A15. Global study of softness parameter of superdeformed bands, Neha Sharma,H.M. Mittal,A.K. Jain76pdf
A16. Multi-phonon $\gamma$ vibrational bands in $^{108} $Mo nucleus, G. H Bhat,J. A Sheikh,P. A Ganai,Y Sun,R Palit78pdf
A17. Superdeformation and shape coexistence in $^{136}$Pm, N Boomadevi,J Dhivya Saranya,T. R Rajasekaran80pdf
A18. Effects of deformations and orientations on neutron-halo structure of light-halo nuclei, Gudveen Sawhney,Manoj K. Sharma,Raj K. Gupta82pdf
A19. Search the nature of multiphonon 2$\gamma$-band of $^{158}$Dy, H.M. Mittal,Parveen Kumari84pdf
A20. Nature of chiral symmetry in $^{134}$Pr nucleus, G. H. Bhat,J. A. Sheikh,W. A. Dar,R. Palit86pdf
A21. Description of the Chiral Doublet Bands in $^{135}$Nd nucleus, G. H. Bhat,J. A. Sheikh,Y. Sun,R. Palit88pdf
A22. Mapping E2 strength and the Status of Vibrational Structure in $^{106}$Pd, A. Chakraborty, F.M. Prados-Estevez, E.E. Peters,M.G. Mynk, D. Bandyopadhyay, N. Boukharouba,S.N. Choudry,B.P. Crider, P.E. Garrett, S.F. Hicks, A. Kumar, S.R. Lesher, C.J. McKay, M.T. McEllistrem, S. Mukhopadhyay,J.N. Orce,M. Scheck,J.R. Vanhoy,J.L. Wood,S.W. Yates90pdf
A23. Shape transitions in the hot rotating nucleus $^{148}$Nd, J Dhivya saranya,N Boomadevi,T.R Rajasekaran92pdf
A24. Study of High Spin States of Odd Mass $^{103-107}$Rh Isotopes, Amit Kumar,Suram Singh,Chetan Sharma,Arun Bharti94pdf
A25. Structure of $^{121, 123}$I in the Projected Shell Model, Dhanvir Singh,Suram Singh,Chetan Sharma,Arun Bharti96pdf
A26. Band Head Spin and Moment of Inertia for Super deformed Rotational Bands Using VMI Model , Uma.V.S Nair,Alpana Goel,A.K Jain98pdf
A27. Theoretical Interpretation of Identical bands in normal deformed nuclei, Harjeet Kaur,Pardeep Singh,Sham S. Malik100pdf
A28. Description and Prediction of Long -Lived Isomers in Neptunium (Z=93) Isotopes, R Gowrishankar,Jena Kamalakanta,Dora Ashish Kumar ,P.C. Sood102pdf
A29. Theoretical investigation of positive-parity bands in some doubly-odd N=45 isotones , Preeti Verma,Arun Bharti104pdf
A30. Cranking study of deformation systematics of some doubly-even barium isotopes, Anu Radha Gupta,Preeti Verma,Arun Bharti106pdf
A31. Evolution of GDR width with angular mometum, Ish Mukul,P. Sugathan,J. Gehlot,G. Mohanto,A. K. Rhine Kumar,Maninder Kaur,I. Mazumdar,S. Nath,N. Madhavan,P. Arumugam,D. A. Gothe,R. Dubey,T. Banerjee,N. Saneesh,A. Roy108pdf
A32. Unusual rotational behaviour of $^{120,122,124}$Te nuclei, Mansi Saxena,R. Kumar,A. Jhingan,S. Mandal,A. Stolarz,R.K. Bhowmik,A. Banerjee,S. Dutt,J. Kaur,V. Kumar,V.R. Sharma,H. J. Wollersheim110pdf
A33. The clustering in Magnesium isotopes, M Bhuyan112pdf
A34. Comparative study of the effective force parameters NL3 and NL3*, Shailesh K. Singh,M. Ikram,S. K. Biswal,M Bhuyan,S. K. Patra114pdf
A35. Study of Neutron-Induced Background in $^{nat,124}$Sn and $^{nat}$Zr for Double Beta Decay, Neha Dokania,V. Singh,S. Mathimalar,C. Ghosh,N. Katyan,S. Pal,V. Nanal,A. Shrivastava,R. Palit,R.G. Pillay116pdf
A36. Microscopic study of octupole-deformations in even-even $^{226-230}$Th isotopes, Daya Ram,Saiqa Sadiq,Rani Devi,S.K Khosa118pdf
A37. Search for anti-magnitic rotations in $^{104}$Pd, Niyaz Rather,P. Datta,Santosh Roy,S. Chattopadhyay,A. Gowswami,S Nag,R. Palit,S. Saha,J Sethi,T. Trivedi120pdf
A38. High Spin spectroscopy of $^{105}$Pd, Niyaz Rather,P. Datta,Santosh Roy,S. Chattopadhyay,A. Gowswami,S Nag,R. Palit,S. Saha,J Sethi,T. Trivedi122pdf
A39. $^{298}114$, the predicted doubly magic nuclei in the SHE, R.K. Biju,M.K. Preethi Rajan,K.P. Santhosh124pdf
A40. Isospin Invariant Skyrme Density Functional Approach, J. A. Sheikh,N. Hinohara,W. Nazarewicz126pdf
A41. Prolate dominant but oblate stable!, K.K. Girija,Antony Joseph128pdf
A42. Study of ground state bands of neutron-rich $^{172-175}$Tm , Barun Slathia,Rawan Kumar,Rani Devi,S.K. Khosa130pdf
A43. Shift in Signature Inversion in high-j bands of doubly odd Ho isotopes, Kawalpreet Kalra,Alpana Goel ,Sukhjeet Singh,Sushil Kumar,A.K. Jain132pdf
A44. Configuration assignment to ground state rotational band of $^{184}$Au, Sushil Kumar,Sukhjeet Singh,J.K Sharma,A. Goel,Kawalpreet Kalra,A.K. Jain134pdf
A45. Coriolis Mixing in the K=0 and 1 rotational bands of $^{180-182}$Ta, Sushil Kumar,Sukhjeet Singh,J.K Sharma,A. Goel,Kawalpreet Kalra,A.K. Jain136pdf
A46. Symmetry Energy and its density dependence using Brueckner Hartee Fock theory, Syed Rafi,W. Haider,Y.K. Gambhir138pdf
A47. Proton Skin in $^{9}$C, Syed Rafi,W. Haider,A. Bhagwat,Y.K. Gambhir140pdf
A48. Microscopic - Macroscopic Description of Ground State Nuclear Masses, A. Bhagwat,M. Gupta,Y. K. Gambhir142pdf
A49. Effect of Isospin on compressibility of drip line and superhero nuclei, S K Biswal,S K Patra144pdf
A50. Are there deformed bubble nuclei too? , A. Shukla,S. Aberg,Awanish Bajpeyi146pdf
A51. Study of Heavy Particle Decay from Superheavy elements by SK Model, G Shanmugam,S Sudhakar, Niranjani148pdf
A52. Comparative study of halo and double-Lambda hypernuclei in the frame work of three-body model using a variational approach, Satyabrata Mahapatra150pdf
A53. Semi empirical Formula for neutrinoless double beta decay, M.K. Preethi Rajan,R.K. Biju,K.P. Santhosh152pdf
A54. g-Factor in High Spin States of $^{84}$Zr, M. Kaushik,G. Saxena,D. Singh154pdf
A55. Nature of the fission barrier heights of Trans-Uraniums, Bhoomika Maheshwari,Ashok Kumar Jain156pdf
A56. Signature dependent structure for $[642]5/2^+$ configuration in $^{167}$Yb ? , G. Mukherjee158pdf
A57. Systematic study of nuclear softness of superdeformed bands with NPNn scheme in A=190 mass region, Neha Sharma,H.M. Mittal,A.K. Jain160pdf
A58. Spherical to axially symmetric shape transition $SU(5)\rightarrow SU(3)$ in the frame work of interacting boson model IBM, Vidya Devi,Jagjit Singh Matharu162pdf
A59. The study of Ru isotopes in the frame work of interacting boson model, Vidya Devi,Kiyoshi Kato164pdf
A60. Ground- $\gamma$ band odd-even staggering in $^{188-192}$Os and $^{228-230}$Th nuclei, Vidya Devi,H.M Mittal166pdf
A61. The single-term formula for ground band energies of A=20-100 mass region nuclei, Vidya Devi,J.B Gupta168pdf
A62. Study of band structure of some odd mass neutron-rich Ruthenium and Palladium nuclei, Ritu Chaudhary,Surekha Sharma,Gopal Krishan,Rani Devi,S.K. Khosa170pdf
A63. Study of superdeformed bands in $^{80-83}$Sr by using two-parameter formulae, Ajay Kumar Sharma,S. K. Khosa172pdf
A64. Regularity of the Mass surface and the use of trends in the Mass , B. Pfeiffer,D.S. Shreesha Rao ,K Rajasimha,K Venkataramaniah,U. Czok,C. Scheidenberger174pdf
A65. A systematical study of E2 transition probabilities and g-factors of neutron-rich 70,72,74,76Ge, Parvaiz Dar,Tariq War,Ritu Chaudhary,Daya Ram176pdf
A66. Spectroscopy of N = 90 $^{160}$Yb, A Saha,T Bhattacharjee,D Banerjee,S R Banerjee,S Rajbanshi,A Bisoi,Soumik Bhattacharya,T Roy,S Das Gupta,A Chakraborty,S Bhattacharyya,D Mondal,B Dey,D Pandit,R Palit,R P Singh,S K Das,M Saha Sarkar,A Goswami,S K Basu,S Saha,S Biswas,J Sethi,D Curien,J Dudek,G Duchene,G d Angelis178pdf
A67. Spectroscopy of $^{128}$Te using fusion-fission $^{238}$U $(^{32}$S,f$)$ reaction, L. S. Danu,D. C. Biswas,S. Mukhopadhyay,B. K. Nayak ,B. V. John,Y. K. Gupta,B. N Joshi,G. Prajapati,A. Goswami,P. K. Joshi,S. K. Tandel,R. Palit,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. G. Pillay,V. Nanal,P. V. Madhusudhana Rao,Naveen Kumar,U. Garg180pdf
A68. Adopted $\alpha$_K value for the 661.6 keV M4 transition in $^{137}$Ba, K Vijay Sai,R Gowrishankar,S Deepa,Dwarakarani Rao,K Venkataramaniah182pdf
A69. A study of influence of nuclear matter parameters on finite nuclei properties , T.R. Routray,X. Vinas,S.K. Tripathy,Z. Naik,B. Behera184pdf
A70. High spin structure in $^{140}$Sm, Navneet Sahota,Ashok Kumar,Amandeep Singh,Rajbir Kaur,Kushal Kapoor,H.P. Sharma,Saikat Chakarvorty,S.K. Chamoli,Suresh Kumar,R Palit,Sudipta Saha,Jasmine Sethi,Shital k. Jadav,Rajnish Dhonti,Bala ji s Naidu186pdf
A71. High-K structure in the shape-coexistent nucleus $^{188}$Pt, S. Mukhopadhyay,D. C. Biswas,S. K. Tandel,L. S. Danu,Somnath Nag,B. N. Joshi,L. A. Kinage,G. Prajapati,Bency John,T. Trivedi,S. Saha,J. Sethi,B. S. Naidu,P. K. Joshi,R. Palit188pdf
A72. Semiclassical theory of melting of shell effects in nuclei with temperature, Sudhir R. Jain190pdf
A73. Precision measurement of ICCs of some pure E2 transitions for comparison with BRICC calculations, D. S. Shreesha Rao,K. Rajasimha,K. Vijay Sai,R. Gowrishankar,S. Deepa,K. Venkataramaniah192pdf
A74. Synthesis of $^{292}$114 superheavy nucleus in heavy-ion fusion reaction , B. Priyanka ,V. Bobby Jose,K.P. Santhosh194pdf
A75. Study of SUSY accompanied neutrinoless double beta decay within PHFB model, R. Chandra,K. Chaturvedi,P. K. Rath,P. K. Raina196pdf
A76. Effect of pairing in nuclear level density at low temperatures, A. K Rhine kumar,Swati Modi,P Arumugam198pdf
A77. High spin band structure in $^{200}$Tl , Soumik Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,S. Dasgupta,H. Pai,G. Mukherjee,R. Palit,A. Shrivastava,T. Bhattacharjee,S. Chanda,A. Chatterjee,V. Nanal,S.K. Pandit,S. Saha,S. Thakur200pdf
A78. Relativistic analysis of differential cross-section for p+$^{40}$Ca & $^{208}$Pb elastic scattering at 200 MeV, M. A. Suhail,N. Neelofer202pdf
A79. Comparison of ground state $\lambda$-binding energies of light hypernuclei, N. Neelofer,M. A. Suhail204pdf
A80. Time reversal symmetry breaking: effect on statistics of chaotic wavefunction, Nandan Jha,Sudhir R. Jain206pdf
A81. Magicity in Super Heavy Elements, PV Kunhikrishnan,Nambiar Rajan,Joseph Antony208pdf
A82. Highly deformed collective bands in $^{124}$Xe, Somnath Nag ,A. K. Singh,G. B. Hagemann,G. Sletten,A. N. Wilson,J. Rogers,I. Ragnarsson,H. H\\{u}bel,A. B\\{u}rger,S. Chmel,B. Herskind,M. P. Carpenter,R. V. F. Janssens,T. L. Khoo,F. G. Kondev,T. Lauritsen,S. Zhu,A. Korichi,Hoa Ha,P. Fallon,A. O. Macchiavelli,B. M. Nyak\\'o,J. Tima\\'r,K. Juh\\'asz"""""""210pdf
A83. Investigation of isomers around mass 200 region, S. Das Gupta,S. Bhattacharyya,H. Pai,G. Mukherjee,Soumik Bhattacharya,R. Palit,A. Shrivastava,A. Chatterjee,S. Chanda,V. Nanal,S.K. Pandit,S. Saha,J. Sethi,S. Thakur212pdf
A84. New form of Geiger-Nuttall law in $alpha$-radioactivity, Ramkrishna Paira,Basudeb Sahu214pdf
A85. Triaxial projected shell model study of $^{109}$Tc nucleus, W. A. Dar,R. N. Ali,S. Jehangir,P. Javid,P. A. Ganai,G. H. Bhat,J. A. Sheikh216pdf
A86. Triaxial projected shell model study of $^{178-186}$W nuclei, G. H. Bhat,J. A. Javid,P. A. Ganai,W. A. Dar,R. N. Ali,S. A. Jehangir,P. Javid218pdf
A87. Study of high spin states and magnetic dipole band structure in odd-A $^{107}$Cd, Deepika Choudhury,R. Palit,P. Singh,J. Sethi,S. Saha,S. Biswas,H.C. Jain,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillai,R. Dhonti,S.K. Jadav,B.S. Naidu,A.K. Jain,S.C. Pancholi,R.P. Singh220pdf
A88. Rotational states of odd Z rare earth proton emitter $^{131}$ Eu, Mamta Aggarwal222pdf
A89. High spin states in $^{33}$S, Abhijit Bisoi,Sudatta Ray ,Dibyadyuti Pramanik,Riitesh Kshetri,S Nag,K Selvakumar,P Singh,Asimananda Goswami,S Saha,J Sethi,T Trivedi,B.S. Naidu,R Donthi,V Nanal,R Palit,Sukhendusekhar Sarkar,Maitreyee Saha Sarkar224pdf
A90. Single State Dominance in Two-Neutrino Double Beta decay, S. K. Ghorui,P. K. Raina,P. K. Rath226pdf
A91. Surface Delta interaction and properties of medium mass nuclei, S. K. Ghorui,C. R. Praharaj228pdf
A92. Yrast structure of the shell model nucleus $^{89}$Nb, Purnima Singh,S. Saha,R. Palit,J. Sethi,S. Biswas,T. Trivedi,D. Choudhury,P. C. Srivastava230pdf
A93. Lifetime measurements in $^{101}$Pd, S. Sihotra,V. Singh,S. Kumar232pdf
A94. Systematic dependence of B(E2) on asymmetry parameter gamma, Rajesh Kumar,Reetu Kaushik,S. Sharma234pdf
A95. Level Structures in $^{102}$Ag, V. Singh,S. Sihotra,S. Kumar,K. Singh,J. Goswamy,N. Singh,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,R. Palit,D. Mehta236pdf
A96. Structure of positive parity bands in odd-odd $^{108}$Ag, J. Sethi,R. Palit,S. Saha,S. Kumar,S. Biswas,D. Choudhury,P. Singh,H.C. Jain,R.P. Singh, Rojeeta,T. Trivedi,S. Mukhopadhyay,D.C. Biswas,L.S. Danu,P. Datta,S. Chattopadhyay,U. Garg238pdf
A97. Excited States in $^{96}$Tc, V. Singh,S. Sihotra,S. Kumar,K. Singh,J. Goswamy,N. Singh240pdf
A98. High spin structure of $^{88}$Zr, S. Saha,R. Palit,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,D. Choudhury,P. Singh,P. C. Srivastava242pdf
A99. High Spin Spectroscopy of $^{168}$Hf Nucleus, B.B. Sahu,S.K. Singh,Z. Naik,S.K. Patra,C.R. Praharaj244pdf
A100. Yrast Spectra of $^{140}$Ba in Deformed Hartree-Fock and J Projection Model, Shailesh. K. Singh, B. B. Sahu,C. R. Praharaj,S. K. Patra, Z. Naik,R. K. Bhowmik246pdf
A101. Angular Distributions and R$_{DCO}$ Measurements for Dipole (\Delta J = 0) and Quadrupole (\Delta J = 0) Transitions, Neelam,Ksh. Rojeeta ,Neeraj Kumar,S. Kumar248pdf
A102. Probable $^{32, 33, 34}$Si cluster emission from $^{231-246}$Am and $^{233-249}$Cm, P. V. Subha,B. Priyanka,Sreejith Krishnan,K. P. Santhosh250pdf
A103. High spin structure of 161,163 Re by DHF Model, C. Padhan,S. Sahu,S. Pattnayak,C.R. Praharaj,Z. Naik252pdf
A104. An Analytical Study of Proton-Nuclei Interactions at High Energies, Hardik P. Trivedi,Pallavi Bhatt,Anil Kumar,Lalit K. Gupta254pdf
A105. Empirical preformation probability for the decay of $^{226}$Ra., N. S. Rajeswari,C. Karthikraj,M. Balasubramaniam256pdf
A106. Superdeformed Ground State of Superheavy Nuclei, Shakeb Ahmad,M Bhuyan,S.K. Patra258pdf
A107. Coupling matrix approach for rotation particle coupling, Monika Patial,P. Arumugam,A. K. Jain,E. Maglione,L.S. Ferreira260pdf
A108. High spin states in $^{205}$At, D. Kanjilal,A. Bisoi,M. Das,C.C. Dey,S. Ray,R. Palit,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,S. Nag,S. Bhattacharya,S. Saha262pdf
A109. Influence of Effective Potential on the tuneling of the composite particle in the Coulomb Field, Abhijit Bhattacharyya,Sudhir R Jain264pdf
A110. DSAM Analysis with Novel Backing using Modified LINESHAPE Program, A. K. Sinha,S. S. Ghugre,R. Raut,S. Ray,S.S. Bhattacharjee,R. Bhattacharjee266pdf
A111. Shell Model Calculations for Negative Parity States in $sd-pf$ Nuclei, R. Bhattacherjee,S. S. Bhattacherjee,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,A. K. Sinha268pdf
A112. A new relation to estimate Nuclear Radius, M. Singh,Pradeep Kumar,Y. singh,A.K. Varshney,K.K. Gupta,D.K. Gupta270pdf
A113. IN SEARCH OF NEW RELATIONSHIP IN NpNn SCHEME, Pradeep Kumar,M. Singh,Y. Singh,Chhail Bihari,A.K. Varshney,K.K. Gupta,D.K. Gupta272pdf
A114. Theoretical calculation of angular distribution, RDCO and Polarization for the geometry of I.N.G.A. (T.I.F.R.), Neeraj Kumar274pdf
A115. SYSTEMATIC FOR EMPERICAL VARIABLE $\epsilon$\delta$ WITH NpNn AND ESTIMATION OF B (E2) , A.K. Varshney,Y. Singh,M. Singh,Chhail Bihari,K.K. Gupta,D.K Gupta276pdf
A116. Structure of high-spin states in $^{132}$Xe from fusion-evaporation and fusion- fission experiments, S. Biswas,R. Palit,S. Kumar,Purnima Singh,J. Sethi,S. Saha,D. Choudhury,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay,H. Pai,L. S. Danu,S. Mukhopadhyay,D. C. Biswas,S. K. Tandel278pdf
A117. NEW ESTIMATES OF QUADRUPOLE DEFORMATION $\beta$ OF SOME NEARLY SPHERICAL EVEN Mo NUCLIE, Y. Singh,M. Singh,Chhail Bihari,A.K. Varshney,K.K. Gupta,D.K. Gupta280pdf
A118. Role of SUSY in finding the equivalent term for the first three terms of the semi empirical mass formula, U.V.S Seshavatharam,S. Lakshminarayana282pdf
A119. Three-quasiparticle Bands in Iodine Nuclei, S Chakraborty,H P Sharma,S S Tiwary,P Banerjee,S Ganguly,A Kumar,N Kaur,S Kumar,S Muralithar,R P Singh,L Chaturvedi,A Kumar,A K Jain,S Laxhminarayan284pdf
A120. Microscopic explanation of observed well-deformed and superdeformed band of $^{62}$Zn, S Pattnayak,B Bastia,C Padhan,Z Naik286pdf
A122. Fabrication of $^{94}$Mo target, K. Selvakumar ,A. K. Singh,Abilash S. R.,D. Kabiraj290pdf
A123. Band Structures in 99Rh, S. Kumar,S. Sihotra,V. Singh,K. Singh292pdf
A124. g-factor of $21/2^{-}$ isomeric state in $^{131}$La , Jasmeet Kaur,N. Bansal,Vijay. R. Sharma,H. Kumar,R. Kumar,V. Kumar,A.K. Bhati,R.K. Bhowmik294pdf
A125. Excited States in doubly-Odd $^{98}$Rh, S. Kumar,S. Sihotra,K. Singh,V. Singh296pdf
A126. Space-Excnge Correlation Effects in $_{\Lambda}^{4}$H Hypernucleus, M. Imran ,M. Ikram ,Z. Hasan ,A. A. Usmani 298pdf
A127. Confirmation of a prolate structure for 153Ho, Dibyadyuti Pramanik,Maitreyee Saha Sarkar,Sukhendusekhar Sarkar300pdf
A128. Excited states of $^{129}$Xe, Virendra Pasi,Pragya Das,Bhushan Bhujang,S. Biswas,S. Saha,J. Sethi,D. C. Biswas,R. Palit302pdf
A129. The first forbidden unique beta transitions in the beta decays of $^{177}$Lu and $^{177}$Yb, S. Deepa ,K. Vijay Sai ,R. Gowrishankar , K. L. Narasimham, Dwaraka Rani Rao ,K. Venkataramaniah304pdf

b. Nuclear reactions      Top

B1. Effect of isospin momentum dependent interactions on elliptical flow, Navjot Kaur Virk,Karan Singh Vinayak,Suneel Kumar308pdf
B2. Momentum distribution of particles participating in nuclear stopping, Mandeep Kaur,Suneel Kumar310pdf
B3. The Poschl Teller model for total cross section of neutron scattering from $^{240}$Pu, Joseph J Jeremiah,B M Jyrwa312pdf
B4. Peak mass production: Role of colliding geometry, Sukhjit Kaur314pdf
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B138. Determination of $<\ell^2>$ from fission fragment anisotropy for reactions involving weakly bound $^{6,7}$Li projectiles, A. Parihari,S. Santra,N. L.. Singh,S. Kailas,B. K. Nayak,K. Mahata,A. Pal,P. K. Rath,R. Chakrabarti582pdf
B139. Consistent description of near-scission $\\alpha$-particle emission in low energy and heavy-ion fission via trajectory calculations , Y. K. Gupta,S. V. Suryanarayana,R. K. Choudhury,D. C. Biswas,L. S. Danu,B. V. John584pdf
B140. A study of neutron evaporation for excited compound nucleus via Poisson random processes, Anubhav Raghav,Prabhat Kumar,Vijay R. Sharma,Abhishek Yadav,Devendra P. Singh,Pushpendra P. Singh,Manoj K. Sharma,Indu Bala,R. Kumar,B. P. Singh,R. Prasad586pdf
B141. On a possible method for identifying fission isomers with lifetimes ~ psec - nsec , V.M. Datar,S.S. Kapoor588pdf
B142. Incomplete fusion and transfer cross sections in $^{7}$Li+$^{144,152}$Sm reactions, P. K. Rath,S. Santra,N. L. Singh,B. K. Nayak,K. Mahata,R. Palit,K. Ramachandran,S. K. Pandit,A. Parihari,A. Pal,R. Chakrabarti,S. Appannababu,Sushil K. Sharma590pdf
B143. Giant dipole resonance measurement in $^{28}$Si+$^{100}$Mo reaction at E(^{28}Si)=180 MeV, G. Mishra,D. R. Chakrabarty,Suresh Kumar,E. T. Mirgule,Abhijit Bhattacharyya,A. Mitra,P.C. Rout,S.P. Behera,S. Santra,A. Pal,R. Chakrabarti,V. M. Datar,C. Ghosh,V. Nanal,R. Kujur592pdf
B144. Study of (^4He,t) reaction on $^{27}$Al target at 50 MeV, Aparajita Dey,Vishal Srivastava,C Bhattacharya,S Ganguly,T.K Rana,S Kundu,T.K Ghosh,K Banerjee,P Roy,R Pandey,H Pai,G Mukherjee,M.R Gohil,J.K Meena,S Bhattacharya594pdf
B145. Influence of momentum dependent interactions on intermediate mass fragment production, Varinderjit Kaur,Suneel Kumar596pdf
B146. Mass-asymmetry effects on Incomplete Fusion Fraction, Sunil Dutt,Avinash Agarwal,Munish Kumar,I. A. Rizvi,R. Kumar,A. K. Chaubey598pdf
B147. Angular momentum cut-off for fusion of weakly bound $^7$Li with $^{165}$Ho, Sarla Rathi,K. Mahata600pdf
B148. Three-body classical dynamical model calculation of fusion cross section for $^{6}$Li+$^{209}$Bi reaction involving weakly-bound projectile, M. R. Morker,S. S. Godre602pdf

c. Radioactive ion beams: production and utilization      Top

C1. Cyclotron production of 89Zr: A potent radionuclide for positron emission tomography, Tayeb Kakavand,Morteza Taghilo606pdf
C2. Direct Evidence of Ground State Wave function of Neutron-rich $^{29,30}$N a Isotope through Coulomb Breakup, A. Rahaman,U. Datta Pramanik,T. Aumann,S. Beceiro,K. Boretzky,B. V. Carlson,C. Caesar,W. N. Catford,S. Chakraborty,S. Chatterjee,M . Chartier,D. Cortina-Gil,G. De Angelis,D. Gonzalez-Diaz,H. Emling,P. Diaz Fernandez,L. M. Fraile,O. Ershova,H. Geissel608pdf
C3. Study of Ground-state configuration of neutron-rich Aluminium isotopes through Electromagnetic excitation, S. Chakraborty,U. Datta Pramanik,T. Aumann,S. Beceiro,K. Boretzky,B. V. Carlson,C. Caesar,W. N. Catford,S. Chatterjee,M . Chartier,D. Cortina-Gil,G. De Angelis,D. Gonzalez-Diaz,H. Emling,P. Diaz Fernandez,L. M. Fraile,O. Ershova,H. Geissel610pdf

d. Hadron physics      Top

D1. An in-depth analysis of Hadronic and Glueball Regge Trajectories, Navjot Hothi,Shuchi Bisht614pdf
D2. Strong decays of radially excited equal mass vector mesons, Elias Mengesha,Shashank Bhatnagar616pdf
D3. Relative importance of various Dirac structures in hadron-quark vertex for studies on leptonic decays of vector mesons, Shashank Bhatnagar,Jorge Mahecha618pdf
D4. Composite Fermion Approac to Diquark and Heavy-Light Baryon Masses., R. Ghosh,A. Chandra,A. Bhattacharya,B. Chakrabarti620pdf
D5. Octet Magnetic Moments and Sum-Rules in Statistical Model, Meenakshi Batra,Alka Upadhyay622pdf
D6. Mass Spectra of D, $D_s$ Mesons using Dirac formalism with Martin-like confinement potential, Manan Shah,Bhavin Patel,Vinodkumar P C 624pdf
D7. Spectroscopy of di-meson bound states in charm and beauty sector, Smruti Patel ,Manan Shah,Arpit Parmar,Vinodkumar P C 626pdf
D8. Properties of bottomonium in a semi-relativistic model, Bhaghyesh,Antony Prakash Monteiro, Vijaya Kumar K. B.628pdf
D9. Radial excited states of $\Sigma_{c}^{++}$ in a hypercentral quark model, Kaushal Thakkar630pdf
D10. Masses of di-mesonic molecular states, Ajay Kumar Rai,Harsh R. Shah,Aditi Toshniwal632pdf
D11. Exclusive semileptonic decays of open bottom mesons into pseudoscalar open charm mesons, Arpit Parmar,Bhavin Patel,P C Vinodkumar634pdf
D12. GPDs for non zero skewness in longitudinal position space, Narinder Kumar,Neetika Sharma,Harleen Dahiya636pdf
D13. Light-cone representation of gravitational form factors in simulated hadron model, Narinder Kumar,Neetika Sharma,Harleen Dahiya638pdf
D14. Dalitz plot of the hadronic decay $\eta^\prime \rightarrow\eta\pi^+\pi^-$, Sudeep Ghosh,Ankhi Roy640pdf
D15. The $\omega \to \pi^{+}\pi^{-}\pi^{0}$ Dalitz plot analysis with WASA-at-COSY, Siddhesh Sawant642pdf
D16. Two photon decays of charmonia, Nayneshkumar Devlani,Ajay Kumar Rai644pdf
D17. Beam energy dependence of the $ (\gamma, \rho \to e^+e^-) $ reaction on a nucleus , Swapan Das646pdf
D18. $\rho$ meson decay inside and outside of $^{56}$Fe nucleus , Swapan Das648pdf
D19. Development of the Lambda Disk Detector for the PANDA Experiment, Ajay Kumar,Ankhi Roy650pdf
D20. $D_{S}$ Mesons in Hot and Dense Hyperonic Medium, Divakar Pathak,Amruta Mishra652pdf
D21. Chaos in Strong Nuclear Interactions, Akhilesh Ranjan,Hemwati Nandan654pdf
D22. Radiative transitions of Charmonium and Bottomonium states in Relativistic phase spaces, Antony Prakash Monteiro,K. B. Vijayakumar,A. P. Radhakrishna656pdf
D23. Decay of Light Mesons with the WASA detector at COSY, Ankita Goswami,Ankhi Roy658pdf
D24. B-Mesons Spectroscopy in Heavy Hadron Chiral Perturbation Theory, Alka Upadhyay,Meenakshi Batra660pdf
D25. Electromagnetic transition widths in Bc meson, Ajay Kumar Rai,Nayneshkumar Devlani662pdf
D26. Resonance scan simulation of X(3872) state using PANDAROOT, Rajeshkumar Dudhat,S. S. Godre,Ajay Kumar Rai664pdf
D27. Digamma, digluon and leptonic decay widths of bottomonia, J N Pandya666pdf
D28. Mass spectrum of ground state charmonium states in relativistic quark model, Antony Prakash Monteiro,K. B. Vijayakumar,A. P. Radhakrishna668pdf
D29. Monte-Carlo simulation of Y(4260) state using PANDAROOT, Rajeshkumar Dudhat,S. S. Godre,Ajay Kumar Rai670pdf
D30. Masses and radiative leptonic decay properties of Bc meson, N. R. Soni,J. N. Pandya672pdf
D31. Recent progress in the \continuum QCD\ approach., Alexander Kvinikhidze674pdf

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and QGP      Top

E1. $\Lamba$ and $\Sigma$ hyperon productions at CBM energies, Santosh Kumar Agarwalla,Jajati K. Nayak678pdf
E2. Shear viscosity due to quark-pion interaction, Sabyasachi Ghosh,Anirban Lahiri,Sarbani Majumder,Rajarshi Ray,Sanjay K. Ghosh680pdf
E3. Bolzmann H-theorem and relativistic second-order dissipative hydrodynamics, Amaresh Jaiswal,Rajeev S. Bhalerao,Subrata Pal682pdf
E4. Characteristics of Multiplicity Distributions of Shower Particles and Target Fragments with $^{84}$Kr$_{36}$ - Emulsion at Relativistic Energy , M.K. Singh,Ramji Pathak,V. Singh684pdf
E5. Characteristics of Target Dependence of Clan Model Parameter in $^{84}$Kr$_{36}$ - Emulsion Interactions at Relativistic Energy, Ramji Pathak,M.K. Singh,V. Singh686pdf
E6. An investigation on the mass/species type behavior of produced particles at FAIR energies - A different approach, Kalyan Dey,B. Bhattacharjee688pdf
E7. An Analysis of Mean Charged Multiplicity for Proton-Proton and Proton-Antiproton Collisions, Hardik P. Trivedi,Pallavi Bhatt,Anil Kumar,Lalit K. Gupta,Jai Prakash Gupta,Archana Kansal690pdf
E8. Collective flow in nucleus-nucleus collisions, P Mali,S Sarkar,S Ghosh,A Mukhopadhyay,G Singh692pdf
E9. Charmonium suppression in a baryon-rich quark-gluon plasma, Partha Pratim Bhaduri,A. K. Chaudhuri,Subhasis Chattopadhyay694pdf
E10. Entropy Production in $^{16}$O-AgBr and $^{32}$S-Gold Collisions at 200A GeV/c, Shakeel Ahmad,Anuj Chandra,Tufail Ahmad696pdf
E11. Evidence of Multidimensional Void Scaling In Ring Like and Jet Like Events, Mitali Mondal,Arindam Mondal,Soma Biswas (Ghosh),Dipak Ghosh,Argha Ghosh698pdf
E12. Detrended fluctuation analysis in multiparticle production, P. Mali,S. Sarkar,S. Ghosh,A. Mukhopadhyay,G. Singh700pdf
E13. Study of Phase Transition in Multiparticle Production in 14.5A GeV/c $^{28}$Si-Nucleus Interactions in terms of Takagi Moments, Arshad Kamal,Waleed J. Altaf,N Ahmad,M Tariq,M Zafar702pdf
E14. Study of Fluctuations in Ginzburg- Landau Model , Sunil Dutt704pdf
E15. Dynamical fluctuations in multiplicity distribution of particles produced in relativistic nuclear collisions., M. Tariq, Hushnud,A. Kamal,Tahir Hussain,N. Ahmad,A.R. Khan,M.M. Khan706pdf
E16. Non-Fermi liquid correction to the kick velocity of pulsar, Souvik Priyam Adhya,Pradip K. Roy,Abhee K. Dutt-Mazumder708pdf
E17. Quarkonia production in PbPb collisions at $\sqrt s_{NN}$ = 2.76 TeV, Vineet Kumar,Abdulla Abdulsalam,P. Shukla710pdf
E18. Study of charge fluctuations in interacting hadron resonance gas model, A. Bhattacharyya,S. Das,S. Ghosh,R. Ray,S. Samanta712pdf
E19. Wavelet analysis of Ring and Jet-like events for $^{32}$S-Ag/Br Interactions at 200A GeV/c, Sanjib Kumar Manna,Prosenjit Saha,prabir Kumar Haldar714pdf
E20. Parton shadowing and $J/\psi$ suppression in nuclear collisions at SPS energy regime, Partha Pratim Bhaduri ,A. K. Chadhuri ,Subhasis Chattopadhyay716pdf
E21. Description of hadron $p_{T}$ spectra with modified Tsallis function, P.K Khandai,P Sett,P Shukla,V Singh718pdf
E22. Strange meson measurement in Cu+Cu system at $\sqrt {s_{NN}}$ = 200 GeV in PHENIX, P Sett,P Shukla720pdf
E23. Bottomonium production in pp, pPb, and PbPb collisions with CMS, Vineet Kumar,Abdulla Abdulsalam,P. Shukla722pdf
E24. Exclusive photoproduction of Upsilon in pp and pPb collisions with CMS Experiment, Ruchi Chudasama,Dipanwita Dutta724pdf
E25. Entropy Evaluation in Simulated Pb-Pb Collisions at $\sqrt [s_NN]$ = 5.5 TeV, M M Khan,I Das,N Ahmad,S Chattopadhyay,M Irfan726pdf
E26. Direct photon productions from Pb+Pb collisions at 2.76 TeV, LHC energy, Jajati K. Nayak728pdf
E27. J/$\psi$ elliptic flow measurements at forward rapidity in Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE at LHC, Indranil Das730pdf
E28. Mass modification of rho meson at SIS 300 energy, Soumya Sarkar,Amitabha Mukhopadhyay,Subhasis Chattopadhyay732pdf
E29. Medium effects on the transport coefficients of a hot pion gas, Sukanya Mitra,Sourav Sarkar734pdf
E30. Magnetic interaction and thermal conductivity in degenerate QED plasma, Sreemoyee Sarkar,Abhee K. Dutt-Mazumder736pdf
E31. Comparative Study For Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions And Modified Cascade Evaporation Model At 4.5 A GeV, H Khushnood738pdf
E32. Effect of kinematic acceptance on conserved number fluctuations, P. Garg,D. K. Mishra,P. K. Netrakanti,A. K. Mohanty,B. Mohanty,B. K. Singh740pdf
E33. On Multiplicity Correlations in Relativistic Nuclear Collisions, N AHMAD, HUSHNUD,M. M. KHAN,A KAMAL,A SHAKEEL742pdf
E34. Dynamical Net-charge fluctuations in Au+Au collisions at BES energies ($\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 7.7 GeV to 39 GeV), Bhanu Sharma744pdf
E35. Segmentation Optimization for dimuon detection system in CBM Experiment at FAIR, Hushnud Hushnud,S. Ahmad,N. Ahmad746pdf
E36. Model-Based Simulation Of Correlation Between J/$\varPsi$ and Charged Hadrons in p-p Collisions at LHC Energy., Sk Noor Alam,Subhasis Chattopadhyay748pdf
E37. On the Net Charge Fluctuations at Mid-Rapidity at SPS, RHIC and LHC., Zubayer Ahammed750pdf
E38. Study of the charged pions, kaons and protons production in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt {s_{NN} }= $ 27 GeV in STAR at RHIC, Sabita Das752pdf
E39. Energy Dissipation and Charged Particle Production in Heavy Ion Collisions, Aditya Nath Mishra,Raghunath Sahoo,Edward K.G. Sarkisyan754pdf
E40. Charm reconstruction using a micro-vertexing technique and STAR silicon vertex detectors, Jaiby Joseph756pdf
E41. Elliptic flow of light nuclei in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 39, 27, 19.6, 11.5, 7.7 GeV in STAR, Md. Rihan Haque (for the STAR Collaboration)758pdf
E42. Neural Networking (N-N) Model in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions , M. Ayaz /University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia Ahmad,Mir. Hashim/Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Rasool,Shafiq/Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Ahmad,N. Ameer/University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia Ahmad760pdf
E43. Higher moments of Net Kaon multiplicity distributions at RHIC energies for the search of QCD Critical Point at STAR, Amal (For the STAR collaboration) Sarkar762pdf
E44. Angular And Pseudorapidity Distributions of Relativistic Charged Particles Produced in the Interactions of $^{32}$S-Em at 200 AGeV, Mir Hashim Rasool,M. Ayaz Ahmad,Shafiq Ahmad 764pdf
E45. SOME RESULTS ON CENTRAL $^{12}$C-AgBr COLLISIONS AT 4.5 A GEV, M.Saleem Khan,Praveen Kumar Shukla,H Khushnood 766pdf
E46. Strange Particles Production in Heavy Ion Collisions, Rakesh Mazumder768pdf
E47. Gluon plasma thermodynamics: from transition region to SB limit, Simji P,Prasanth J.P.,Vishnu M. Bannur770pdf
E48. Thermodynamics of nonideal QGP using Mayers cluster expansion method, Prasanth J . P,Simji P,Vishnu .M Bannur772pdf
E49. Method for the study of forward-backward multiplicity correlations in heavy-ion collisions, Sudipan De,Brijesh Kumar Srivastava,Tapan Kumar Nayak774pdf
E50. Measurement of charmonium production and its double ratio in PbPb and pp collisions at 2.76 TeV with CMS, Abdulla Abdulsalam,Vineet Kumar,Prashant Shukla776pdf
E51. Identified charged particle spectra in $p+p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 62.4 GeV at RHIC, Shikshit Gupta,Anju Bhasin778pdf
E52. The Tsallis Distribution at LHC Energies, M. Danish Azmi,Jean Cleymans780pdf
E53. Inclusive J/$\psi$ and $\psi$(2S) production in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV at forward rapidity with ALICE at LHC, Biswarup Paul782pdf
E54. Phenomenological Study of QGP-fireball Thermodynamics, R. Ramanathan,Agam K. Jha,S. S. Singh784pdf
E55. Two Photon Correlation in Anisotropic Quark-gluon plasma (aQGP). , Payal Mohanty,Mahatsab Mandal,Pradip K Roy786pdf
E56. Upsilon Production in Pb-Pb Collisions at Forward Rapidity with ALICE at the LHC, Palash Khan,Sukalyan Chattopadhyay788pdf
E57. Upsilon Production in p-Pb Collisions at Forward Rapidity with ALICE at the LHC, Palash Khan,Sukalyan Chattopadhyay790pdf
E58. Measurement of $D^{0}$-hadron azimuthal correlations in p-Pb collisions at $\\\\sqrt{s}$ = 5.02 TeV with ALICE, Somnath Kar792pdf
E59. Higher flow coefficients with STAR energy, S K Tripathy,P K Sahu794pdf
E60. Bottomonium suppression: A probe to the pre-equilibrium era of hydrodynamics, U. S. Kakade,Binoy Krishna Patra,A. K. Chaudhuri796pdf
E61. Measurement of $D^{+}$-hadron azimuthal correlations in \\ pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV with ALICE, Jitendra Kumar798pdf
E62. Production of Relativistic Charged Particles in $^{28}$Si-Nucleus Interactions at 4.5 A GeV/c, H Khushnood,Sheikh Sarafarz Ali800pdf
E63. Decay width of quarkonia in an anisotropic medium, Lata Thakur,Binoy krishna Patra802pdf

f. Intersections of nuclear physics with particle and astro physics      Top

F1. Measurement of total charge changing cross-section for 5 A GeV Si14+ ions in polyethylene and CR39 combined medium, Renu Gupta,Ashavani Kumar806pdf
F2. Nucleosynthetic contributions of the massive stars to the bulk galactic inventories of the stable nuclides from C to Zn , S. Sahijpal808pdf
F3. Contribution of 2nd order and 4th order symmetry energy on proton fraction of -stable neutron star matter, S. Chakraborty,B. Sahoo,S. Sahoo810pdf
F4. Study of cosmic ray muons momentum and charge asymmetry spectra, Vivek Sharma,Kapil Sharaswat,Venktesh Singh,V S Subrahmanium812pdf
F5. Low density equation of state of symmetric and assymetric nuclear matter within an extended relativistic mean field model, Gulshan Mahajan,Shashi K. Dhiman814pdf
F6. Role of acoustic energy in reduction of background of PICASSO detector., Susnata Seth,Mala Das816pdf
F7. Shear viscosity of neutron star matter in the presence of strong magnetic field, Sarmistha Banik,Rana Nandi818pdf
F8. Component study of the NuMI neutrino beam for NOvA experiment at Fermilab, Deepika Grover,B Mercurio,Kuldeep Kaur Maan,Sanjib R Mishra,Venktesh Singh820pdf
F10. Total, partial charge changing and charge pick-up cross-sections of 300 A MeV Fe26+ ion beam in Al target with new system , Ashavani Kumar,Renu Gupta824pdf
F11. The effect of mass asymmetry in infinite nuclear matter, Shailesh K. Singh,S. K. Biswal,M. Bhuyan, S. K. Patra826pdf
F12. Analysis of Coulomb breakup of $^{15}$C for astrophysical applications, Pardeep Singh,Kavita Kumari,Savita Kharb,Monika Singh828pdf
F13. Irradiation production of the short-lived nuclides $^{10}$Be and $^{36}$Cl by the early active sun , S. Sahijpal830pdf
F14. Strong CP Problem and Axion Phenomenology., sikha Awasthi,Anjan Dutta,Avijit K. Ganguly,Manoj K. Jaiswal832pdf
F15. Effect of Scalar Photon Interaction In a Magnetized Media., M. K. Jaiswal,S. Awasthi,A. K. Ganguly834pdf
F16. Absorbance and Transmittance measurement of CsI thin films, Triloki Triloki,Richa Rai,B.K. Singh836pdf
F17. Measurement of Decay Rate of Cosmic Ray Muons in Various Materials, Vikas Dixit,Venktesh Singh838pdf
F18. Charge changing and charge pick-up cross sections of 300 A MeV Fe26+ ion beam in Al Target with new system, Ashavani Kumar,Renu Gupta840pdf

g. Instrumentation for nuclear physics      Top

G1. Measurement of average interaction length of neutrons in BaF2 crystal, Balaram Dey,Surajit Pal,Debasish Mondal,Deepak Pandit,S Mukhopadhyay,S R Banerjee844pdf
G2. Fabrication of Ultra-thin Oxide-passivated Silicon Surface Barrier Detectors , A Ray,D.K Aswal,R Prasad,S.K Gupta846pdf
G3. Trapping radioactive $^{146}$Eu in a Paul Trap for studying ground state properties of nucleus , M. K. Joshi,A. K. Sikdar,Pushpa M. Rao,P. Das,T. Bhattacharya,S. K. Das848pdf
G4. I-V and C-V characterization of Silicon Pad Detectors, Shuaib A. Khan,S. R. Narayan,P. Bhaskar,Tapan K. Nayak850pdf
G5. Performance Study of Integrated deltaE-E Silicon Detector Telescope using Lohengrin Fission Fragment Separator at ILL, Grenoble, Arvind Singh,Anita Topkar,Ulli Koester,P. K. Mukhopadhyay,C. K. Pithawa852pdf
G6. Development of Double Sided Silicon Strip Detectors, Anita Topkar,Arvind Singh,Bharti Aggarwal,Amit Kumar,Arvind Kumar,C. K. Pithawa854pdf
G7. SiPM based Scintillation Detector for sub-nanosecond Timing Measurements, B. J. Roy,A. Parmar,V. Jha,H. Kumawat,S. Kailas856pdf
G8. Simulation of Proton beam using the MCNPX code; A prediction for the production of $^{123}$I via $^{124}$Xe(p,x)$^{123}$I reaction, M. Eslami,T. Kakavand,M. Mirzaii858pdf
G9. A Wavelet Based method for digital discrimination of neutron and $\gamma$ radiation, Harleen Singh,Sarabjeet Singh860pdf
G10. Testing of Track Point Resolution of Gas Electron Multiplier with Pion Beam at CERN SPS, R.P. Adak,S. Chattopadhyay,S. Das,A.K. Dubey,M.S. Ganti,J. Saini,R. Singaraju862pdf
G11. Defect studies of n-irradiated Ge samples , S. Mathimalar,V. Singh,N. Dokania,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay,A. Shrivastava,V.M. Datar,S. Pal,K.C. Jagadeesan,D. Kanjilal,P. Maheshwari,S. Ojha,P.K. Pujari,S.V. Thakare864pdf
G12. Performance of Digitizers with HPGe and Scintillation Detectors, K.V. Anoop,S. Pal,N. Dokania,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay866pdf
G13. Avalanche mode operation of a Glass RPC with humid Gas mixture, V K S Kashyap,C Yadav,R Sehgal,R G Thomas,R S Shastrakar,V M Shedam,V B Chandratre,L M Pant868pdf
G14. Fabrication and Characterization of Diamond Radiation Detector as an Alternative to Silicon Detectors, Manoj Jadhav,Shyam Kumar,K. Das Gupta,D.S. Misra,P. Sarin,R. Varma870pdf
G15. Design of a scattering chamber for double differential cross-section measurement with an accelerator based 14 MeV neutron generator , P.M. Prajapati,Bhawna Pandey,Suresh Kumar,B.K. Nayak,A. Saxena,S.V Suryanarayana,S. Jakhar,N.C Gupta,Sudhirsinh Vala,M. Abhangi,C.V.S Rao,T.K Basu872pdf
G16. Cu cooling sets for RE4 upgrade for CMS, L M Pant,M Kumar,V K S Kashyap,C Yadav,A T Chaudhari,T P Sabharwal874pdf
G17. Capacitance measurement of Penning trap electrode assembly at cryogenic temperature , A. Reza,A. K. Sikdar,P. Das,U. Bhunia,A. Mishra,K. Banerjee,B. Dam,A. Ray876pdf
G18. Progress in VECC Cryogenic Penning Ion Trap Development, P Das,A. K. Sikdar,A. Reza,Subrata Saha,A. Dutta Gupta,M. Ahammed,S. K. Das,R. Guin,S. Murali,K. Banerjee,B. Dam,A. Ray878pdf
G19. The Study on the performance of THGEM using MFC, T. Sinha,Gokul V880pdf
G20. Monte Carlo simulation of a clover detector and its geometry optimization for coincidence summing corrections, Chhavi Agarwal,M. Gathibandhe,L. S. Danu,A. Goswami,D.C. Biswas882pdf
G21. Monte Carlo Calculations for beam dump shield design for k-130 cyclotron at VECC, S Chatterjee,K Banerjee,Pratap Roy,T Bandyopadhyay,C Bhattacharya,S Bhattacharya884pdf
G22. Development of proto-type neutron detector for MONSTER, K Banerjee,Pratap Roy,C Bhattacharya,J K Meena,R Pandey,T K Ghosh,S Kundu,T K Rana,G Mukherjee,A K Saha,A K Sahoo,R Mandal Saha,S Bhattacharya,A Saxena,B Behera,T Martinez,D Cano ott,J Castilla,A R Garcia,J Marin,C Santos,G Martinez,E Mendoza,C Santos,F J Tera,D Villamarin,J Agramunt,A Algora,C Domingo,M D Jordan,B Rubio,J L Tain,H Penttila,A Jokinen,S Rinta Antila,C Guerrero,M C Ovejero886pdf
G23. Lifetime measurement with LaBr3 (Ce) Detector, D Banerjee,A Saha,T Malik,T Bhattacharjee,S R Banerjee,S K Das888pdf
G24. In-beam performance of a two-dimensional cathode strip detector for fission fragments, R.P. Vind,D.C. Biswas,Y.K. Gupta,A.L. Inkar,R.V. Jangale,G.K. Prajapati,B.N. Joshi,B.V. John,L.A. Kinage,R.K. Choudhury890pdf
G25. Compton imaging with a two fold clover HPGe detector , Davinder Siwal,R. Palit,S. Mandal892pdf
G26. Suitability of Digital Signal Processing for LAMBDA spectrometer, Debasish Mondal,S. Mukhopadhyay,Balaram Dey,Deepak Pandit,Surajit Pal,Pranab Singha Roy,Partha Dhara,S.R. Banerjee894pdf
G27. Development and Characterization of Prototype Electromagnetic Calorimeter, Sanjib Muhuri,Tapan Nayak,Ramanarayana Singaraju,Sourav Mukhopadhyay,Shuaib Khan,Jogender Saini,Vinay Chandratre896pdf
G28. High Precision 16K, 16Channel peak sensing CAMAC ADC, Mamta Jain,Subramaniam E. T. 898pdf
G29. A hybrid detector telescope for the detection of light charged particles along the direction of fission fragment, Y. K. Gupta,D. C. Biswas,L. S. Danu,G. K. Prajapati,B. V. John,B. N. Joshi,S. Dubey,Sanju Gupta,R. P. Vind,S. Mukhopadhyay,A. L. Inkar,R. V. Jangale,L. A. Kinage900pdf
G30. Particle identification using pulse shape discrimination in a nTD silicon detector with a 1 GHz sampling digitizer, K. Mahata,J. A. Gore,A. Shrivastava,S. K. Pandit,V. V. Parkar,A. Kumar,P. Patale902pdf
G31. Clover detector setup at VECC, Soumik Bhattacharya,B. Dey,A. Saha,A. Choudhury,S. Bhattacharyya,T. Bhattacharjee,S.R. Banerjee,S. Das Gupta,D. Mondal,G. Mukherjee,S. Mukhopadhyay,P. Mukhopadhyay,D. Pandit,S. Pal,T. Roy,I. Seikh904pdf
G32. Spark protection of the DAQ and Electronics of the Photon Multiplicity Detector in ALICE, Jogender Saini,R. N. Singaraju,Shuaib A. Khan,Tapan K. Nayak906pdf
G33. A study on detector Crosstalk due to pileup in preamplifier, J. Saini,A. K. Dubey,S. Chattopadhyay,R. N. Singaraju908pdf
G34. Study of background radiation and environmental radioactivity using high purity germanium detector, Shubhangi T Mane,Dibyadyuti Pramanik,T.B. Mane,A.K. Sharma,Maitreyee Nandy910pdf
G35. Development and characterization of glass Multigap Resistive Plate Chambers, Moon Moon Devi,N.K. Mondal,B. Satyanarayana,R.R. Shinde912pdf
G36. CsI based charged particle array for reaction studies at IUAC, Akhil Jhingan,Sugathan Pullanihotan914pdf
G37. Resistive Plate Chambers for the CMS upgrade , L M Pant916pdf
G38. Growth of Diamond by MPCVD Process, Shyam Kumar,Manoj Jadhav,Reeti Bajpai,Divyash Pant,D.S. Misra,K. Das Gupta,R. Varma918pdf
G39. Development of RPC using glued bakelite sheets, Viwek Mertiya,Rajesh Ganai,S. Biswas,S. Chattopadhyay,G. Das,C. Marick,S. Saha,Y. P. Viyogi920pdf
G40. Neutron Flux and Dose rate mapping around the experimental 16 Ci AmBe source facility at Manipal University, K.V Subbaiah,P Priyada,P.K Sarkar,M Gupta922pdf
G41. Trace element analysis in chert samples of paleontological interest using neutron activation, P Priyada,K.V Subbaiah,Poonam Jalal,Jyoti Bora Pandey,M Gupta924pdf
G42. Compact dual channel Spectroscopy Amplifier cum Discriminator, Arti Gupta,S. Venkataramanan,P. Sugathan926pdf
G43. Fabrication of $^{94}$Zr thin target for RDM lifetime measurement, Chandan Kumar Gupta,Aman Rohilla,S.R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj,R.P. Singh,D. Mehta,S.K. Chamoli928pdf
G44. Fabrication of ~ 450 $\mu$g/cm$^2$ Ni pressure window foil for HYRA, J. Gehlot,S. R. Abhilash,T. Varughese,D. Kabiraj930pdf
G45. Study of Intrinsic Photo peak Efficiency of NaI(Tl) Detectors at 662 KeV, Supriti Sen ,Anirudh Chandra,Dibyadyuti Pramanik,Maitreyee Saha Sarkar932pdf
G46. Characterization of $^{22}$Ne implanted target by $^{22}$Ne(p,\gamma)$^{23}$Na resonance reaction, Abhijit Bisoi,Maitreyee Saha Sarkar,C. A. Desai,L.C. Tribedi,H.S. Jung,K Setoodehnia,S Lyons,J G\\{o}orres,Ed Stech,D Robertson,M Wiescher"934pdf
G47. Neutron detection by Pulse Shape Discrimination and Time of Flight techniques, Anirudh Chandra,Dibyadyuti Pramanik,Abhijit Bisoi936pdf
G48. Wavelet analysis for particle identification using CsI(Tl) detectors, S. Biswas,R. Palit,S. Jadhav,J. Sethi,S. Saha,Purnima Singh,D. Choudhury,B.S. Naidu,R. Donthi938pdf
G49. Design and Development of Low Voltage Distribution Board for CBM-MUCH Experiment, Vikas Jain,Susanta Kumar Pal,S.R. Narayan,J. Saini940pdf
G50. Energy resolution and charge identification efficiency of muons in INO ICAL detector, S. P. Behera,A. K. Mohanty,Meghna K. K.,V. M. Datar942pdf
G51. Simulation and conceptual design of a detector for sterile neutrino search and remote reactor monitoring, V.K.S Kashyap, R.G. Thomas, A. Mitra, L.M. Pant, A.K. Mohanty, V.M. Datar944pdf
G53. High Energy Physics computing on heterogeneous platforms via OpenCL, Vikas Singhal,Subhasis Chattopadhyay948pdf
G54. Fabrication and Testing of Beam dump shielding for Neutron detector array at IUAC, N Saneesh,S.K Saini,G Mohanto,R.K. Dubey,A Jhingan,P Sugathan950pdf
G55. Geant4 Monte-Carlo simulation for the response of INGA at TIFR-BARC Pelletron Linac Facility, S. Saha,R. Palit,J. Sethi,S. Jadhav,R. Donthi,B.S. Naidu,S. Biswas,D. Choudhury,P. Singh952pdf
G56. True Coincidence Summing Correction in Scintillations Detectors: Measurements and Simulations , Monalisha Dhibar,Chandan Singh,Anil Kumar Gourishetty954pdf
G57. Efficient Cooling Solution Implementation at Grid Computing Facility, Vikas Singhal,Prasun S. Roy,Subhasis Chattopadhyay,Waseem Siddiqui,B. B. Sahoo956pdf
G58. Cerium doped Lithium Gadolinium Borate: A neutron Scintillator , Awadh Singh,Mohit Tyagi,S.G. Singh,D.G. Desai,S Sen,B.K. Nayak,M. Urffer,C. Melcher,S.C. Gadkari958pdf
G59. National Centre for Accelerator based Research at GGV Bilaspur: Emerging facility for Neutron Generation , P.K. Bajpai,T. Trivedi,Shiv P. Patel,C. Mallik,L. Chaturvedi960pdf
G60. Secondaries upstream and downstream the first absorber of muon detection system for CBM Experiment at FAIR, S. Ahmad,M. Farooq962pdf
G61. Exploring the self-similar characteristics of I/O workload for optimization of computational throughput in High energy physics data analysis, R. Sehgal,R. G. Thomas964pdf
G62. Design and development of Geodesic structure and scattering chamber for NAND at IUAC, T. Varughese,K.S. Golda,A. Jhingan,P. Sugathan966pdf
G63. Characterization of 36 Pixel Silicon PAD Detectors, S.R. Narayan,Shuaib A. Khan,J. Saini,P. Bhaskar,S. Mukhopadhyay,V.B. Chandratre,Tapan K. Nayak968pdf
G64. Study of VECC Prototype INO ICAL using cosmic ray muon and g4beamline, Kapil Saraswat ,Lakhwinder Singh,Prashata Kumar Khandai,Manoj Kumar Jaiswal,Lovika Moudgil,O. R. Rahul,Vikas Dixit,Venktesh Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam970pdf
G65. Variable iris aperture beam collimator, T. Varughese,N. Madhavan972pdf
G66. R&D results of a Very High Momentum Particle Identification (VHMPID) detector with a C$_{6}$F$_{14}$ radiator, Kushal Das,Sukalyan Chattopadhyay,Dipankar Das,Lipy Das-Bose974pdf
G67. Testing of self-triggered nXYTER electronics for integrating with GEM detector for high frequency operation, J. Saini,A. K. Dubey,S. Chattopadhyay,R. N. Singaraju976pdf
G68. Design of fluorescence cell for isotope shift measurements by atomic-beam laser spectroscopy, Hemalatha M.978pdf
G69. Testing of triple GEM chamber with High Intensity Xray source, A. K. Dubey980pdf
G70. Measurement of efficiency and time resolution of PPAC , R Pandey,T.K Ghosh,K Banerjee,P Roy,C Bhattacharya,A Chaudhuri,S Kundu,T.K Rana,G Mukherjee,J.K Meena,V Srivastava,A.K Saha,J.K Sahoo,S Bhattacharya982pdf
G71. Characterization of liquid scintillators for NAND facility at IUAC, N Saneesh,Meenu Takur,Ruchi Mahajan,Gurpreet Kaur,Rakesh Dubey,S Venkataramanan,Akhil Jhingan,P Sugathan984pdf
G72. Test of a triple GEM chamber with neutrons using alpha beam at VECC cyclotron, A. K. Dubey,J. Saini,R. Ravishankar,T. Bandopadhyay,P.P. Bhaduri,R. Adak,S. Samanta,S. Chattopadhyay,G.S.N. Murthy,Z. Ahammed,S.A. Khan,S. Ramnarayan,S. Muhuri,P Ghosh,S.K. Pal,T.K. Nayak,Y.P. Viyogi986pdf
G73. Nuclear pulse data acquisition using a prototype FPGA based high speed data acquisition card, J. A. Gore,S. G. Kulkarni,K. Mahata,A. Shrivastava,A. K. Pandit,V. V. Parkar,A. Kumar,P. Patle,A. K. Gupta,V. M. Datar988pdf
G74. Characterization of 1mx1m Glass RPC with ANUSPARSH-II ASIC based Frontend & DAQ Electronics, V B Chandratre,Menka Sukhwani,K Hari Prasad,V K S Kashyap,S T Sehgal,L M Pant990pdf
G75. Readout Boards for Silicon Detectors, Shuaib A. Khan,S.R. Narayan,J. Saini,P. Bhaskar,S. Mukhopadhyay,V.B. Chandratre,Tapan K. Nayak992pdf
G76. Bulk characterization of $^{14}$N implanted target using Resonance reaction and SIMS measurements, Abhijit Bisoi,L.C. Tribedi,D Misra,S Biswas,K.V. Thulasi Ram,M.V. Rundhe,KV Anoop,Vandana Nanal,Maitreyee Saha Sarkar994pdf
G77. Measurement of Intrinsic Neutron Detection Efficiency of a Liquid Scintillator using Digital Data Acquisition System, Abhijit Bisoi,Dibyadyuti Pramanik,B Dey ,Maitreyee Saha Sarkar996pdf
G78. Impedance Measurement of Suitable Materials for INO RPC detector Pickup Strip Panels, Manoj Kumar Jaiswal,Vivek Sharma,Venktesh Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam998pdf

T. Thesis Presentations      Top

T1. Study of high energy photons from hot nuclear systems, Deepak Pandit1002pdf
T3. Some Universal Features and Global Systematics of Superdeformed Bands, Neha Sharma1006pdf
T4. Study of Nuclear Shape Coexistence in A ~ 140 Region Using In-beam Gamma Spectroscopy, Samit Bhowal1008pdf
T5. Study of Nuclear Structure of Even Z Even N Nuclei in the Medium Mass Region of Nuclear Chart, vikas katoch1010pdf
T6. Effect of density dependence of symmetry energy on heavy-ion collisions at intermediate energies, Karan Singh Vinayak1012pdf
T7. Influence of charge asymmetry in heavy ion collisions at intermediate energies, Anupriya Jain1014pdf
T8. Decay of hot and rotating nuclei formed in heavy ion reactions at low energies, Manpreet Kaur1016pdf
T9. Exploration of the Shell Effect on the Level Density Parameter near the Doubly Closed Shell Nucleus A$\sim$208 , Prakash Chandra Rout1018pdf
T10. Probing the QCD critical point by higher moments of the net-charge distribution at RHIC energies, Nihar Ranjan Sahoo1020pdf
T11. Structure of drip-line and superheavy nuclei in effective relativistic and non-relativistic interactions, M Bhuyan1022pdf
T12. Nuclear Reaction Studies of Stable and Unstable Nuclei, R. N. Panda1024pdf
T13. Development of Empirical Mode Decomposition based signal improvement method and its implementation on Pulse Shape Analysis for a segmented HPGe detector, Davinder Siwal1026pdf
T14. Static Nuclear Electromagnetic moment measurements in the A $\sim$ 130 Region, Jasmeet Kaur1028pdf
T15. The Silicon Tracking System of the CBM experiment at FAIR - Development of microstrip sensors and signal transmission lines for a low-mass, low-noise system, Minni Singla1030pdf
T16. Measurement of the branching ratio of a rare decay $\eta -> \pi 0 \gamma\gamma$ with WASA-at-COSY, Kavita Lalwani1032pdf
T17. Evaporation residue spin distribution study for fusion fission reaction in the region A $\sim$ 200., G Mohanto1034pdf
T18. Proton emission from two quasiparticle states in deformed odd-odd nuclei, Monika Patial1036pdf
T19. Semi-analytical approaches in the Coulomb breakup of loosely bound nuclei, Shubhchintak1038pdf