I. Invited Talks

a. Nuclear structure

b. Nuclear reactions

c. Radioactive ion beams: production and utilization

d. Hadron physics

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and Quark Gluon Plasma

f. Electroweak interaction in nuclei and nuclear astrophysics

g. Instrumentation for nuclear physics

T. Thesis Presentations

Author Index

I. Invited Talks      Top

I1. Microscopic calculation of spontaneous fission lifetime, Jhilam Sadhukhan,A Baran,J Dobaczewski,K Mazurek,W Nazarewicz,J. A. Sheikh3pdf
I2. Exploring the dark side of the Universe, Mala Das5pdf
I3. From Chirality to nearly degenerate band : Context of $^{106}$Ag, Pradip Datta7pdf
I4. Supernova Explosions: The Role of Hyperon Matter, Debades Bandyopadhyay9pdf
I5. Fission fragment mass distribution in the 13C+182W and 176Yb reactions , K. Ramachandran ,D.J. Hinde,M. Dasgupta,E. Williams,A. Wakhle,D.H. Luong, M. Evers, I.P. Carter,S. Das11pdf
I6. Diffractive and Exclusive production with CMS, Dipanwita Dutta13pdf
I7. Microscopic description of proton emission from deformed odd-odd nuclei, Monika Patial15pdf
I8. Triaxial nuclei: Change in axis of rotation at high spin, Pragya Das17pdf
I9. Elastic scattering studies at RIBLL, J. S. Wang,Y. Y. Yang,Q. Wang,D. Y. Pang,J. B. Ma,M. R. Huang,P. Ma,S. L. Jin,J. L. Han,Z. Bai,W. H. Ma,Y. J. Zhou,J. Chen,L. Jin,J. B. Chen,Q. Hu,R. Wada,S. Mukherjee19pdf
I10. Recent calculations on multifragmentation using quantum molecular dynamics approach, Sakshi Gautam21pdf
I11. Shapes and Collectivity of Sn, Te and Ba isotopes by Coulomb excitation, R. Kumar23pdf
I12. Change of electron capture nuclear decay rate in different media and under compression, Parnika Das,Amlan Ray,S. K. Das,S. K. Saha25pdf
I13. Gamma-ray Source by Backward Compton Scattering at SPring-8, H. Ohkuma27pdf
I14. Direct $3\alpha$ decay from the Hoyle state in $^{12}$C, M. Itoh29pdf
I15. Microcalorimeters for application in heavy ion and nuclear physics experiments, S. Kraft-Bermuth31pdf
I16. Development of Single Crystals for Applications in Nuclear Radiation Detection, S. C. Gadkari33pdf
I17. Advances in the reaction theory for exotic nuclei, N. J. Upadhyay35pdf
I18. Ion Accelerator Facilities at IUAC, New Delhi, S. Chopra37pdf
I19. Hadron Physics from Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics, Nilmani Mathur39pdf
I20. Status of 3.0 MV Pelletron Accelerator at NCAR, GGV, Bilaspur, P. K. Bajpai, T. Trivedi, S. P. Patel, C. Mallik, L. Chaturvedi41pdf
I21. Proton Spin in 3 Dimensions, Abhay Deshpande43pdf
I22. Status of the HIE-ISOLDE Project, Y. Kadi, M. Garcia Borge, R. Catherall, W. Venturini Delsolaro, E. Siesling45pdf
I23. New developments and future perspectives of gas avalanche photomultipliers, B.K. Singh47pdf

Contributory Papers

a. Nuclear structure      Top

A1. Deformation in $Lambda$-hypernuclei, Bipasha Bhowmick,Abhijit Bhattacharyya,Gautam Gangopadhyay50pdf
A2. Nature of adiabatic crossing of degenerate doublet bands in $^{106}$Ag, G. H. Bhat,J. A. Sheikh,W. A. Dar,R.N. Ali,R. Palit,S. Frauendorf52pdf
A3. Triaxial projected shell model study of transition probabilities for $^{134}$Pr nucleus, G. H. Bhat,J. A. Sheikh,R.N. Ali,W. A. Dar,R. Palit54pdf
A4. Theoretical interpretation of rotational band. of some neutron-rich odd-odd Ho isotopes, Barun Slathia,Rani Devi,S.K. Khosa56pdf
A5. Charge dependence of nuclear force, J.B. Gupta58pdf
A6. A Study of Temperature Induced Pairing Correlation in Relativistic Mean Field Theory in $^{150}\mbox{Sm}_{62}$ Nuclei, Afaque Karim,Shakeb Ahmad60pdf
A7. Features of Isomer Triplets in Transitional (A=152-162) Odd-Odd Nuclei, Gowrishankar R,Hemkumar S,P. C. Sood62pdf
A8. The decay of high energy GDR gamma rays from 32S nucleus , Deepak Pandit,Debasish Mondal,Balaram Dey,Srijit Bhattacharya,S Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,De A,Banerjee S R64pdf
A9. Model dependence in the density content of nuclear symmetry energy, C. Mondal,S. K. Singh,B. K. Agrawal,M. Centelles,G. Colo,X. Roca-Maza,N. Paar,S. K. Patra,X. Vinas66pdf
A10. g-factors of $\frac{11}{2}^{-}$ and $\frac{23}{2}^{+}$ isomeric states in $^{135}$La, N. Bansal,J. Kaur,K. Kapoor,A. K. Bhati,R. Kumar,V. Kumar68pdf
A11. Observation of the nearly degenerate doublet band in $^{143}$Sm nucleus: Violation of the chiral symmetry, S. Rajbanshi,R. Raut,P. Singh,S. Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,R. K. Bhowmik,G. Gangopadhyay,G. Mukherjee,S. Muralithar,M. Kumar Raju,R. P. Singh,A. Goswami70pdf
A12. Effect of the clover geometry on the LINESHAPE analysis, S. Rajbanshi,Abhijit Bisoi,Somnath Nag,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Bhattacharjee,S. Bhattacharyya,S. Chattopadhyay,G. Gangopadhyay,G. Mukherjee,R. Palit,R. Raut,M. Saha Sarkar,A. K. Singh,T. Trivedi,A. Goswami72pdf
A13. High-spin structures of $^{124-133}_{~~~~~52}$Te isotopes in 50-82 shell model space, Vikas Kumar,P.C. Srivastava74pdf
A14. Experimental investigation on temperature dependence of nuclear level density parameter, Balaram Dey,Deepak Pandit,Srijit Bhattacharya,Debasish Mondal,S Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,A De,K Banerjee,S R Banerjee76pdf
A15. Effect of deformation on ternary fission of $^{248}$Cm, Sreejith Krishnan,B. Priyanka,K. P. Santhosh78pdf
A16. Multi-nucleon Transfer Study at above the Coulomb Barrier E$_{c.m.}$/V$_C$ $\sim$ 1.6, B.J. Roy,U.K. Pal,Sonika ,A. Parmar,V. Jha,S.K. Pandit,V.V. Parkar,K. Ramchandran,K. Mahata,A. Pal,A. Parihari,S. Santra,A.K. Mohanty80pdf
A17. Investigation of structural analysis of proton-halo nuclei and related aspects, Gudveen Sawhney,Manoj K. Sharma,Raj K. Gupta82pdf
A18. Effects of the isovector-scalar meson on the softness of the Sn isotopes, S. K. Biswal,S. K. Singh,S. K. Patra,B. K. Agrawal84pdf
A19. High Spin states in $^{86}_{38}$Sr$_{48}$, Naveen Kumar,S. Kumar,S.K. Mandal,V. Kumar,R. Palit,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,P.C. Srivastava86pdf
A20. Rotational Band. in $^{195}$Tl, T Roy,H Pai,Md. A Asgar,G Mukherjee,S Bhattacharyya,M.R Gohil,T Bhattacharjee,C Bhattacharya,R Palit,S Saha,J Sethi,T Trivedi,Shital Thakur,B.S Naidu,S.V Jadav,R Donthi,A Goswami,S Chanda88pdf
A21. Analysis of $\lamda$-binding energies in the relativistic and. . non-relativistic approach, N. Neelofer,M. A. Suhail90pdf
A22. 232Th, a rigid rotor , M. SINGH,PRADEEP KUMAR ,Y. SINGH,A. K. VARSHNEY,D. K. GUPTA92pdf
A23. Low Lying States in $^{200}$Pb, S Chakraborty,H P Sharma,S S Tiwary,P K Prajapati,P Banerjee,S Ganguly,R P Singh,S Muralithar94pdf
A24. Analysis of parity doublet in medium mass nuclei, Bharat Kumar,S. K. Singh,S. K. Patra96pdf
A25. Shell model calculations in $^{99}$Rh, S. Kumar,S. Sihotra,T. Trivedi,V. Singh,K. Singh,J. Goswamy,N. Singh,D. Mehta98pdf
A26. Nuclear structure of multiphonon $\gamma\gamma$-band in neutron rich $^{112}Ru$ nucleus, Parveen Kumari,H.M. Mittal100pdf
A27. Forbidden E1 transitions and isospin mixing in self-conjugate $sd$-shell nuclei, Abhijit Bisoi,S Sarkar,M Saha Sarkar102pdf
A28. Shell Model Calculations for $^{132}$Te, Abhijit Bisoi,M Saha Sarkar,S Sarkar,S Biswas,R Palit104pdf
A29. Extrapolated Masses towards drip lines from the regularity of the AMC12 Mass surfaces, B. Pfeiffer,D.S. Shreesha Rao,K. Venkataramaniah,U. Czok,C. Scheidenberger106pdf
A30. Co-existance of AMR and. collective rotation in 105Pd, Niyaz Rather,P. Datta,S. Chattopadhyay,A. Gowswami,S. Nag,Santosh Roy,R. Palit,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi108pdf
A31. Angular momentum population in incomplete fusion reactions, Pragati,A.Y. Deo,S.B. Patel,S.S. Ghugre,A.K. Sinha,K. Basu,S.K. Basu,A. Chakraborty,L. Chaturvedi,A. Dhal,A. Goswami,G.Kiran Kumar,R. Kumar,R. Kumar, Krishichayan,S. Mukhopadhyay,N.S. Pattabiraman,R. Raut,S. Ray,R.K. Sinha110pdf
A32. High-spin seniority isomers in the Z${=50}$, ${82}$ isotopic chains, Bhoomika Maheshwari,P.C. Srivastava,Ashok Kumar Jain112pdf
A33. Experimental investigation of particle-hole excitations in $^{91}$Nb, Purnima Singh,R. Palit,D. Choudhury,S. Biswas,S. Saha,J. Sethi,C. Ghosh,H. C. Jain,P. C. Srivastava,S. Mukhopadhyay,D. C. Biswas,L. S. Danu,A. Asgar,G. Mukherjee,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,A . K. Sinha,S. K. Tandel,S. Muralithar114pdf
A34. $^{107}$Cd: Unique co-existence of several exciting features, Deepika Choudhury,R. Palit,P. Singh,J. Sethi,S. Saha,S. Biswas,H.C. Jain,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay,R. Dhonti,S.K. Jadav,B.S. Naidu,S.C. Pancholi,R.P. Singh116pdf
A35. First experimental signature of two-shears mechanism in $^{112}$In, J. Sethi,R. Palit,S. Saha,D. Choudhury,T. Trivedi,S. Biswas,P. Singh,H. C. Jain,S. Kumar,Z. Naik,V. V. Parkar,A. Y. Deo,P. K. Joshi,S. Sihotra,D. Mehta,A. K. Jain,D. Negi ,S. Roy,S. Chattopadhyay,A. K. Singh,D. C. Biswas,R. Bhowmik,S. Muralithar ,R. P. Singh,R. Kumar ,K. Rani118pdf
A36. Angular distribution and. . polarization for transitions in $^{200}$Tl, Soumik Bhattacharya,S Bhattacharyya,S Dasgupta,H Pai,G Mukherjee,R Palit,A Shrivastava,T Bhattacharjee,S Chanda,A Chatterjee,Nanal Nanal,SK Pandit,S Saha,S Thakur120pdf
A37. Study of Majoron accompanied neutrinoless double beta decay, R. Chandra,K. Chaturvedi,Yash Kaur Singh,T.K. Yadav,P.K. Rath,P.K. Raina122pdf
A38. Nuclei beyond the island of stability, Santhosh S Kumar,G Suresh,A Victor Babu124pdf
A39. A New Isomer in $^{195}$Bi Identified at the Focal Plane of HYRA , T. Roy,G. Mukherjee,Md. A. Asgar,Soumik Bhattacharya,H. Pai,T.K Rana,S. Bhattacharyya,C. Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharya,N. Madhavan,S. Nath,R.P. Singh,A. Jhingan,S. Muralithar,R. Kumar,J. Ghelot,T. Varughese,I. Bala,R.K. Gurjar,A.K. Sinha,S.S. Ghugre,R. Raut,S.S. Bhattacharjee,K. Basu,R. Palit126pdf
A40. Prompt-delayed coincidence for the investigation of high-spin states in $^{132}$Te, S. Biswas,R. Palit,J. Sethi,S. Saha,Purnima Singh,D. Choudhury,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay,M. Saha Sarkar,Abhijit Bisoi,S. Sarkar,L.S. Danu,S. Mukhopadhyay,D.C. Biswas,S.K. Tandel,S.S. Hota,M. Carpenter128pdf
A41. Decay Spectroscopy of neutron-rich nucleus $^{132}$I , S. Bhattacharyya,D. Banerjee,S.K. Das,Soumik Bhattacharya,G. Mukherjee,T. Bhattacharjee,A. Chowdhury,P. Das,R. Guin130pdf
A42. A study of hypernuclei with isovector scalar meson, M. Ikram,S.K. Singh,S.K. Biswal,S.K. Patra132pdf
A43. Spectroscopy of low lying states of N = 88 150Sm, A. Saha,D. Banerjee,T. Bhattacharjee,Soumik Bhattacharya,A. Chowdhury,P. Das,S. Bhattacharyaa,A. Mukherjee,S.K. Das,S.R. Banerjee134pdf
A44. Life time measurements for positive parity dipole band. in $^{85}$Sr using DSAM, Naveen Kumar,S. Kumar,S.K. Mandal,V. Kumar,R. Palit,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,P.C. Srivastava136pdf
A45. Lifetime Measurements in $sdpf$ Nuclei with Thick Molecular Target, R. Bhattacharjee,S.S. Bhattacharjee,S. Samanta,S. Das,N. Ghosh,K. Basu,P.V. Rajesh,R. Raut,S.S. Ghugre,D. Das,A.K. Sinha,U. Garg,T. Trivedi,L. Chaturvedi,S. Ray,B.K. Yogi,S. Mukhopadhyay,R. Chakrabarti,A. Dhal,M. Kumar Raju,N. Madhavan,R.P. Singh,S. Muralithar,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. Palit138pdf
A46. Quenching of giant dipole resonance width in $^{97}$Tc due to thermal pairing and. its fluctuations, A.K. Rhine Kumar,P. Arumugam,N. Dinh Dang140pdf
A47. Backbending in high Spin States of $^{80}$Kr, M. Kaushik,G. Saxena142pdf
A48. Structural changes in Hot Rotating Transitional Nuclei, R Hemalin Subala,V Selvam144pdf
A49. Staggering in Signature partners of A~190 Mass Region of Superdeformed Rotational Bands, V.S. Uma,Goel Alpana,Yadav Archana146pdf
A50. Novel solution of power law for Gamma - band. , J.B. Gupta148pdf
A51. Electrodynamics of pairing phase transition in Nuclei, Afaque Karim,Shakeb Ahmad,Tasleem Ahmad Siddiqui150pdf
A52. A IBM Study of Quasiband. in 166Sm , S. Mehta,S.A Arvind,M. Singh152pdf
A53. Symmetry energy coefficient in the mass formula, S. Chakraborty,S. C. Mohanta,B. Sahoo,S. Sahoo154pdf
A54. Empirical Formula for two neutrino double beta decay, M. K. Preethi Rajan,R. K. Biju,K. P. Santhosh156pdf
A55. Two-Particle States in n-rich $^{184,186,188}$Ta (Z=73) Isotopes, Gowrishankar R,Hemkumar S,P. C. Sood158pdf
A56. Low spin signature inversion in the yrast band. of doubly odd 126I nucleus, Kawalpreet Kalre,Alpana Goel,A.K. Jain160pdf
A57. Simulation studies of Neutron Induced Background for $0\nu\beta\beta$ decay in $^{124}$Sn from underground rock activity at INO, Neha Dokania,V. Singh,S. Mathimalar,C. Ghosh,K.G. Bhushan,S. Pal,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay162pdf
A58. Differential Equation Model both for B(E2)$\uparrow$ and. Excitation Energy E2 of Even-Even Nuclei, R.C. Nayak,S. Pattnaik164pdf
A59. Magnetic Rotational band. in $^{141}$Sm nucleus, S. Rajbanshi,Abhijit Bisoi,Somnath Nag,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Bhattacharjee,S. Bhattacharyya,S. Chattopadhyay,G. Gangopadhyay,G. Mukherjee,R. Palit,R. Raut,M. Saha Sarkar,A. K. Singh,T. Trivedi,A. Goswami166pdf
A60. Systematics of band. moment of inertia of excited SD band. of even-even nuclei in A=150 mass region, Neha Sharma,H M Mittal,A K Jain168pdf
A61. HIVAP calculations for the synthesis of new isotopes of Z=116 and. Z=118 through $^{250}$Cm$^{48}$Cs,xn and $^{250-252}$Cf($^{48}$Ca,xn) reactions, H. M. Devaraja,M Gupta,Y. K. Gambhir,G Munzenberg170pdf
A62. Proposed projectile target combinations for the synthesis of superheavy elements Z=119 and Z=120, H. M. Devaraja,M Gupta,Y. K. Gambhir,G Munzenberg172pdf
A63. Quasi-$\gamma$ and. semi-decoupled band. structures in $^{188}$Pt, S. Mukhopadhyay,D.C. Biswas,S.K. Tandel,L.S. Danu,B.N. Joshi,G.K. Prajapati,B.V. John,Somnath Nag,T. Trivedi,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. Palit,P.K. Joshi174pdf
A64. Systematic dependence of product ($E(2^{+}_{\gamma}) \ast B(E2)\uparrow$) on asymmetry parameter $\gamma_{0}$, H.M. Mittal,Parveen Kumari176pdf
A65. The effect of level density prescriptions on the understand. ng of high energy $\gamma$-ray spectra, Srijit Bhattacharya,Deepak Pandit,Balaram Dey,Debasish Mondal,S Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,A De,S R Banerjee178pdf
A66. Low-lying Positive-parity Band Structure in $^{150}$Nd, A. Chakraborty, F.M. Prados-Est\'{e}vez,S.N. Choudry,B.P. Crider,P.E. Garrett,W.D. Kulp,A. Kumar,M.T. McEllistrem,S. Mukhopadhyay,M.G. Mynk, J.N. Orce,E.E. Peters,J.L. Wood,S.W. Yates180pdf
A67. Evolution of Nuclear Structure along the chain of Zr-isotopes: Shell model Approach, S. Biswas,A. Chakraborty182pdf
A68. Measure of Identicity in high-$K$ 3qp rotational band , Harjeet Kaur,Pardeep Singh,Sham S. Malik184pdf
A69. Superdeformed rotational band in framework of three parameters rotational formula, Vidya Devi186pdf
A70. The study of different dynamical symmetries in $^{144-154}$Nd isotopes, Vidya Devi,J. B. Gupta188pdf
A71. The empirical study of the energy spin relationship in the ground band of even-even nuclei, Vidya Devi,H.M. Mittal190pdf
A72. The study of nuclear structure of $^{76-78}$Kr and $^{24}$Mg nuclei in the frame work of interacting boson model, Vidya Devi,R. Jha192pdf
A73. Systematic for parity dependence of nuclear level density, Amit Badola,S. K. Singhal,Manoj Bhatnagar194pdf
A74. Relativistic analysis of Analyzing Power for p + $^{40}$Ca & $^{208}$ Pb elastic scattering at 200 MeV, M. A. Suhail,N. Neelofer196pdf
A75. Melting of shell effects in Lead isotopes, Harjeet Kaur,Sudhir R. Jain198pdf
A76. Study of NpNn scheme in some near magic light nuclei , PRADEEP KUMAR ,M. SINGH,RAJESH KUMAR ,Y. SINGH,A. K. VARSHNEY ,D. K. GUPTA 200pdf
A77. A simple approach of extracting beta from E21, A . K. VARSHNEY ,Y. SINGH,M. SINGH,K. K. GUPTA 202pdf
A78. Evidence of triaxiality in 162Er , Y. SINGH,SANJAY SHARMA,M. SINGH,CHHAIL BIHARI,A. K. VARSHNEY204pdf
A79. Study of K = 02 low-lying energy levels in heavy mass nuclei, CHHAIL BIHARI,M. SINGH,Y. SINGH,A. K. VARSHNEY,D. K. GUPTA206pdf
A80. Study of K = 02 low-lying energy levels in heavy mass nuclei, K. K. GUPTA,CHHAIL BIHARI,Y. SINGH ,M. SINGH,A. K. VARSHNEY 208pdf
A81. Linear Polarization Measurement of Low Lying States in $^{198}$Hg, S Chakraborty,H P Sharma,S S Tiwary,P K Prajapati,P Banerjee,S Ganguly,R P Singh,S Muralithar210pdf
A82. Giant Dipole Resonance Studies in A$\sim$150 Mass Region, C. Ghosh,G. Mishra,N. Dokania,M.S. Pose,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay,Suresh Kumar,P.C. Rout,A. Mitra,Sandeep Joshi212pdf
A83. Neutron and. . proton system chemical potential in static path approximation of 56Fe, A. Rahmati Nejad,R. Razavi,T. Kakavand214pdf
A84. Studies on the alpha decay of Pb isotopes , Indu Sukumaran,B. Priyanka,K. P. Santhosh,Antony Joseph216pdf
A85. Influence of thermodynamic pairing on entropy and heat capacity of Mo $^{94}$, J. Dhivya Saranya,S. Prasanna Kumari,N. Boomadevi,S. Selvaraj,T. R. Rajasekaran218pdf
A86. Q-alpha values in Superheavy elements using Relativistic mean field model, R. N. Panda,B. K. Sahu,Mahesh K. Sharma,S. K. Patra220pdf
A87. Single neutron hole entropy and. . entropy excess in 105Cd Compared to 106Cd , Z. Moradipoor,M. Jaafari,M. Aghajani,R. Razavi,M. R. Mersagh222pdf
A88. \Large Antimagnetic Rotation in $^{101}$Pd}, Vipen Singh,S. Sihotra,S. Kumar,J. Goswamy,N. Singh,S. Saha,J. Sethi,H.C. Jain,R. Palit,D. Mehta224pdf
A89. \Large Chiral Structures in doubly odd nucleus $^{102}$Ag}, Vipen Singh,S. Sihotra,G. Bhatt,S. kumar,N. Singh,J. Goswamy,J. Sethi,S. Saha,R. Palit,J. Shekh,D. Mehta226pdf
A90. {\Large Multi particle excitations in $^{102}$Cd}, Vipen Singh,S. Sihotra,S. Kumar, Sandeep,N. Singh,J. Goswamy,J. Sethi,S. Saha,R. Palit,D. Mehta228pdf
A91. Structural Analysis of 57, 59Co, Anuradha Gupta ,Preeti Verma,Arun Bharti230pdf
A92. Band Structure of 103,105Tc, Amit Kumar,Aman Priya,Arun Bharti232pdf
A93. Systematic dependence of asymmetric parameter and. . evidence of Z=64 subshell effect in rare earth region, Reetu Kaushik,S Sharma,J. B. Gupta234pdf
A94. Microscopic Investigation of observed SD band. of $^{56}$Ni, S. Pattnayak,C. Padhan,C. R. Praharaj,Z. Naik236pdf
A95. Systematic study of Beta-band. . and. . correlation with g- band. . using power law and. . soft rotor formula, Vikas Katoch,Reetu Kaushik,S Sharma,J. B. Gupta238pdf
A96. Comparison of the Weisskopf estimates in spin and K-isomers, Swati Garg,B. Maheshwari,Rohit Rajput,P.C. Srivastava,A.K. Jain240pdf
A97. Spectroscopy of $^{133}$La and search for wobbling phenomenon, S. Biswas,R. Palit,J. Sethi,S. Saha,Purnima Singh,D. Choudhury,U. Garg,J.T. Matta,A.D. Ayangeakaa,V. Singh242pdf
A98. Exploring high spin structure in $^{88}$Zr, S. Saha,R. Palit,P. Singh,J. Sethi,S. Biswas,D. Choudhury,P.C. Srivastava,D.C. Biswas,C. Ghosh,H.C. Jain,S. Mukhopadhyay,L.S. Danu,A. Asgar,G. Mukherjee,R. Raut,S.S. Ghugre,A.K. Sinha,S.K. Tandel,S. Muralithar244pdf
A99. Target Coulex and. the Production of Po Isotopes by Fusion Evaporation Reaction, Md. A. Asgar,T. Roy,G. Mukherjee,Soumik Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,C. Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharya,A. Chaudhuri,K. Banerjee,S. Kundu,S. Manna,R. Pandey,J.K. Meena,R. Palit,S. Biswas,S. Saha,J. Sethi,P. Singh,D. Choudhury246pdf
A101. Validity of single term energy formula for beta-band , Rajesh Kumar,Reetu Kaushik,S. Sharma,J. B. Gupta 250pdf
A102. Structural stability and level density of doubly magic isotopes of Calcium, Santhosh S Kumar,P Vinodini,P Preetha,T R Rajasekaran252pdf
A103. Band Structure and Deformed Configurations in $^{166}$Er, B. B. Sahu,S. K. Ghorui,C. R. Praharaj,S. K. Patra,Z. Naik254pdf
A104. Study of even-even Curium isotopes, Saiqa Sadiq,Daya Ram,Rani Devi,S. K Khosa256pdf
A105. Correlation between ground state lifetime and valence nucleons for isotopic chains of Odd-Odd Nuclei, Sushil Kumar,Vinod Kumar258pdf
A106. Level Scheme of $^{126}$Te, S.S. Tiwary,H.P. Sharma,S. Chakraborty,P.K. Prajapati,P. Banerjee,S. Ganguly,R.P. Singh,S. Muralithar260pdf
A107. Role of nuclear surface tension coefficient in alpha decay process of the superheavy nuclei, Sushil Kumar262pdf
A108. Study of the low-lying band structure of transitional nuclei using Particle Rotor Model--$109^Sb$, Md. Alibordi,R. Goswami,S.S. Ghugre,R. Raut264pdf
A109. Quadrupole moment of $\frac{19}{2}^{-}$ isomeric state in $^{137}$La and $\frac{21}{2}^{-}$ isomeric state in $^{131}$La, Neeraj Bansal,J. Kaur,A. K. Bhati,R. Kumar,V. Kumar266pdf
A110. Evolution of collectivity in 160Yb, A. Saha,T. Bhattacharjee,S. Rajbanshi,A. Bisoi,D. Curien,J. Dudek,P. Petkov,D. Banerjee,S.R. Banerjee,Soumik Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,S. Biswas,A. Chakraborty, Angelis,S.K. Das,S. Das Gupta,B. Dey,G. Duchene,A. Goswami,D. Mondal,D. Pandit,R. Palit,T. Roy,M. Saha Sarkar,S. Saha,R.P. Singh,J. Sethi268pdf
A111. Lifetimes of high spin states of $^{126}$I: Triaxial nuclear shapes, Himanshu Kumar Singh,Pragya Das,Bhushan Kangalekar,S. Muralithar,R.P. Singh,R.K. Bhowmik270pdf
A112. The evaporation residue of $^{112-134}$Ba within relativistic mean field theory, M Bhuyan,S K Patra,Raj K Gupta272pdf
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b. Nuclear reactions      Top

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B112. Study of Entrance Channel Effect through Fusion Excitation Function and. Barrrier Distribution, Gurpreet Kaur,B. R. Behera,A. Jhingan,P. Sugathan532pdf
B113. Dependence of Incomplete Fusion Reaction on Mean Input Angular Momentum , Rahbar Ali,D. Singh,Harish Kumar,M. Afzal Ansari,Rakesh Kumar,M.K. Sharma, Unnati,D.P. Singh,B.P. Singh,P.D. Shidling,Dinesh Negi,S. Muralithar,R.P. Singh,R.K. Bhowmik534pdf
B114. Studying the entrance channel effect by populating compound nucleus $^{225}$Pa, R. Dubey,Gurpreet Kaur,Ish Mukul,Meenu Thakur,Tathagata Banerjee,Ruchi Mahajan,N. Kumar, G. Mohanto,D. Siwal,N. Saneesh,A. Jhingan,M.B. Chaterjee,P. Sugathan536pdf
B115. Probing the systematics for the low energy incomplete fusion with Universal Fusion Function Model, Md. SHUAIB538pdf
B116. Universal Gamow line for even-even superheavy nuclei, Santhosh S Kumar,A Victor Babu540pdf
B117. Nuclear level density and thermal properties of 56Fe and 62Ni, Santhosh S Kumar,P Preetha,T R Rajasekaran542pdf
B118. Inclusive study of low energy complete and incomplete Fusion-Fission, prabhat kumar,vijay r. sharma,anubhav raghav,shuaib Md.,A. V. Agrawal,Abhishek Yadav,D. P. singh,P. P. Singh,S. Gupta,M. K. Sharma,indu bala,R. kumar,S. Murlithar,M. M. Mbaye,B. P. Singh,R. Prasad544pdf
B119. Neutron activation and cross-section calculation for tungsten as a Divertor material in Fusion Reactor , Mayur Mehta,Bhawna Pandey ,Rajnikant Makwana ,Vibha Vansola,S.S. Khirwadkar546pdf
B120. Study of (n,p) and (n,a) cross-sections for Th-232, Pa-231, U-233 isotopes, Vibha Vansola,Bhawna Pandey,Mayur Mehta,S. Mukherjee548pdf
B121. Effect of isospin momentum dependent interactions on the nuclear stopping of various fragments, Navjot Kaur Virk,Suneel Kumar550pdf
B122. Mass-asymmetry effect on incomplete fusion process at energies $\ approx$ 4 - 7 MeV/nucleon, Harish Kumar,M. Afzal Ansari,D. Singh,Rahbar Ali,Suhail A. Tali,Asif Ali,Kamal Kumar,N. P. M. Sathik,R. Dubey,Indu Bala,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar,P. Sugathan,Rakesh Kumar,N. Madhavan552pdf
B123. Coulomb Energy Corrections for Egg Shaped Asymmetric Deformation, Mahendra Kushwaha,Bhushan N. Joshi,Arun K. Jain554pdf
B124. Decay of $^{48}$ Cr* formed in $^{24}$ Mg+$^{24}$Mg and $^{36}$ Ar+ $^{12}$ C reactions, P. V. Subha,B. Priyanka,K. P. Santhosh556pdf
B125. Study of some entrance channel effects in $^{16}$O+$^{55}$Mn interactions, SUNIL DUTT,AVINASH AGARWAL,MUNISH KUMAR,KAMAL KUMAR,I.A. RIZVI,R. KUMAR,A.K. CHAUBEY558pdf
B126. Fragment emission mechanism in $^{12,13}$C + $^{12}$C reactions, S. Manna,C. Bhattacharya,T.K. Rana,V. Srivastava,K. Banerjee,S. Kundu,P. Roy,R. Pandey,A. Chaudhury,T. Roy,T.K. Ghosh,G. Mukherjee,S. Bhattacharya,J.K. Meena,S.K. Pandit ,K. Mahata,P. Patale,A. Shrivastava,V. Nanal,S. Pal560pdf
B127. Dynamics of $92Zr$ and $108,110Sn$ nuclei formed in $16,18O$ induced reactions , Rajni .,Kanishka Sharma,Gurvinder Kaur,Manoj K. Sharma562pdf
B128. Estimation of (n, p) cross section using Systematics for Fusion Reactor Magnetic Material (Sn), Rajnikant Makwana,Nidhi Shetty,S. Mukherjee,N.L. Singh564pdf
B129. Investigation of (n, p) reaction cross section for some structural material at 14.0 MeV, N.L. Singh,Rajnikant Makwana,Bhawna Pandey,S. Mukherjee566pdf
B130. np pairing correlation study in $^{10}$B+$^{209}$Bi reaction, V.V. Parkar,A. Shrivastava,S.K. Pandit,K. Mahata,V. Jha,P. Patale568pdf
B131. Optimization of the value of isospin dependent spatial constraints for fragment production., Rajni Mittal570pdf
B132. Study of prescission and postscission charged particle multiplicity in $^{16}$O+$^{194}$Pt system, Kushal Kapoor,A. Kumar,Navneet Kaur,B. R. Behra,K. P. Singh,Varinderjit Singh,Gurpreet Kaur,Priya Sharma,Ruchi Mahajan,Hardev Singh,A. Jhingan,P. Sugathan,G. Mohanto,R. Dubey,N. Saneesh,Ish Mukul,B. K. Nayak,A. Saxena,H. P. Sharma572pdf
B133. On how $\bm{\langle$$P_{\textrm{CN}}$$\rangle}$ behaves with mass-assymetry in heavy nuclei, Tathagata Banerjee,S. Nath,Santanu Pal574pdf
B134. Study of isomeric cross section ratios in proton induced nuclear reactions on $^{197}$Au., Satheesh B.,Musthafa M.M.,Singh B.P.,Prasad R.576pdf
B135. Analysis of the thermal neutron capture cross sections and resonance integrals of the $^{80}$Se(n,$\gamma$)$^{81m,g}$Se reactions , Satheesh B.578pdf
B136. L shell and M shell X-ray Production Cross-section for Pb and Au by low energy Proton impact , P.K. Prajapati580pdf
B137. Proton-induced reactions on Se isotopes, M Hemalatha,A Saxena,S Kailas582pdf
B138. Prediction of quasifission for $^{18}$O+$^{232}$Th reactions, Rahul K.,Satheesh B.,Raghu C.584pdf
B139. Fission anisotropy in $^{16,18}O$+$^{232}Th$ reaction at 92 MeV, B. N. Joshi,G. K. Prajapati,Shraddha Dubey,Y. K. Gupta,K. Mahata,Mahendra Kushwaha,I. Mazumdar,R. P. Vind,B. V. John,D. C. Biswas586pdf
B140. A Comparative Study of Measured Neutron Cross Sections with Statistical Model Calculations, A. Kumar,M. Balasubramaniam, A. Chakraborty,B.P. Crider,S.F. Hicks, C. Karthikraj,L. J. Kersting,C.J. Luke,P. J. Mcdonough,M.T. McEllistrem, E.E. Peters, F.M. Prados,A. J. Sigillito,M.M. Upadhyay,J.R. Vanhoy,S.W. Yates588pdf
B141. Dependency of low energy incomplete fusion reactions on entrance channel parameters: still a puzzle?, Abhishek Yadav,V. R. Sharma,Pushpendra P. Singh,Indu Bala,Prabhat Kumar,Anubhav Raghav,Md. Shuaib,Abhay V. Agrawal,D. P. Singh,Sunita Gupta,Unnati Gupta,M. K. Sharma,R. Kumar,S. Muralithar,R. P. Singh,B. P. Singh,R. Prasad590pdf
B142. Investigation of dissipation in fission of 220,222,224Th isotopes formed in 16O+204,206,208Pb fusion reactions., Savi Goyal,S. Mandal,Akhil Jhingan,P. Sugathan,Santanu Pal,B. R. Behera,K. S. Golda,Hardev Singh,Sunil Kalkal,Varinderjit Singh,Ritika Garg,Davinder Siwal,Maninder Kaur,Mansi Saxena,Suresh Kumar,S. Verma,M. Gupta,Subinit Roy,R. Singh592pdf
B143. Prediction of quasifission reaction for the production of 188Pt* through the system with ZPZT ~1000, Rajesh KK,Musthafa MM594pdf
B144. Exploration of reaction mechanism at deep sub-barrier region for $^{28}$Si+$^{96}$Zr system., Khushboo,S. Mandal,S. Nath,N. Madhavan,J. Gehlot,A. Jhingan,T. Varughese,B. R. Behera,S. Verma,P. Verma,Davinder Siwal,R. Garg,Ish Mukul,M. Saxena,N. Kumar,A. Toshniwal,G. Kaur,K. Rojeeta,A. Banerjee,Tathagata Banerjee, Neelam596pdf
B145. Elastic scattering angular distribution in 10B + 232Th reaction, Shradha Dubey,D.C. Biswas,S. Mukherjee,D. Patel,Y.K. Gupta,G. Prajapati,B. N. Joshi,L.S. Danu,S. Mukhopadhyay,B.V. John,B.K. Nayak598pdf
B146. Near and. sub-barrier fusion for a proton-rich system $^7$Be+$^{58}$Ni\ using Skyrme energy density formalism, Dalip Singh Verma,Atul Choudhary600pdf
B147. $^{99}$ Mo production via $^{96}$Zr($\alpha$,n) reaction: Cross section evaluation using EMPIRE-3.1 code, G. K. Prajapati,Bency John,D. C. Biswas602pdf
B148. Threshold anomaly study in $^7$Li + $^{208}$Pb system, P. K. Rath,E. Vardaci604pdf
B149. Proton induced fission of $^{232}$Th at E$_{p}$=14 and 23 MeV, V. V. Desai,Rishi Mohan,D. patel,Bhavana Pandey,L. S. Danu,E. T. Mirgule,A. saxena,B. K. Nayak606pdf
B150. Measurement of Inclusive and. . Exclusive breakup for $^7$Li + $^{208}$Pb system, P. K. Rath,E. Vardaci608pdf
B151. Reaction Dynamics of $^{6}$Li+$^{209}$Bi System, B. B. Sahu,R. K. Paira,B. Sahu610pdf
B152. Incomplete fusion reactions in $^{16}$O + $^{51}$V system, Munish Kumar,Avinash Agarwal,Sunil Dutt,R. Kumar,I.A. Rizvi,A.K. Chaubey612pdf
B153. Study of fragment emission in$^{32}$S+$^{12}$C reaction, R Pandey,C Bhattacharya,S Kundu,K Banerjee,S Manna,T.K Rana,J.K Meena,T Roy,A Chaudhauri, Md A. Asgar,V Srivastava,A Dey,M Sinha,G Mukherjee,P Roy,T.K Ghosh,S Bhattacharya,A Srivastava,K Mahata,S.K Pandit,P Patle,S Pal,V Nanhal614pdf
B154. Proton evaporation yields of $^{65}Ge^{*}$ formed in $^{7}Be$ + $^{58}Ni$ reaction at near and sub-barrier energies, Mandeep Kaur,BirBikram Singh,Manoj K. Sharma616pdf
B155. Cross-sections of Au$197$(n,$gamma$)Au198 and Cu63(n,$gamma$)Cu64 induced by Cf-252 neutrons , Ranjita Mandal,Malobika Roy,Mamta Naik,V.N. Bhoraskar,D. Sengupta618pdf
B156. Decay of compound system 179 Re formed in 20 N e +159 T b reaction using dynamical cluster decay model, Manpreet Kaur,BirBikram Singh620pdf
B157. E1-E2 contributions in 12C(alpha, gamma)16O reaction, Gagandeep Singh, Shubhchintak622pdf

c. Radioactive ion beams: production and utilization      Top

C1. Prediction for superheavy element Z = 120, G. Saxena,M. Kaushik626pdf

d. Hadron physics      Top

D1. Molecular like states in charmonium sector, D. P. Rathaud,Ajay Kumar Rai 630pdf
D2. Open bottom and. hidden bottom mesons in the medium, Divakar Pathak,Amruta Mishra632pdf
D3. Gravitational form factors in QED and Yukawa model, Narinder Kumar,Harleen Dahiya634pdf
D4. A new parameterization for electromagnetic form factors, Neetika Sharma636pdf
D5. Hadronic and. Leptonic decay widths of $D$ and. $D_s$ Mesons using Dirac formalism, P. C. Vinodkumar,Manan Shah,Bhavin Patel638pdf
D6. Nuclear medium effects in the evalution of \GLS and Adler's sum rules, Farhana Zaidi,Huma Haider,M. Sajjad Athar,S. K. Singh640pdf
D7. Contributions from different Dirac structures in BS wave functions of vector mesons to calculations of their decay widths, Shashank Bhatnagar,Jorge Mahecha642pdf
D8. Masses and. electromagnetic decay constants of ground and. radially excited states of cc-bar and. bb-bar pseudoscalar mesons, Hluf Negash,Shashank Bhatnagar644pdf
D9. Spectroscopy of six-quark states as cand. . dates for di-baryon states, Smruti Patel,Vinodkumar P.C.646pdf
D10. Calculation of the matrix element for the hadronic decay $\omega\rightarrow\pi^{o}\pi^{+}\pi^{-}$, Sudeep Ghosh,Ankhi Roy648pdf
D11. Mass Spectra of $B$, $B_s$ Mesons using Dirac formalism with martin-like confinement potential, Manan Shah,Bhavin Patel ,P. C. Vinodkumar650pdf
D12. $Charmonium Properties in a Screened Potential Model$, Bhaghyesh,K.B. Vijaya Kumar,A.P. Monteiro652pdf
D13. Masses and decay rates of Charmonia, Zalak Marfatia,Ajay Kumar Rai654pdf
D14. Charge densities in transverse coordinate and impact parameter space , Narinder Kumar,Harleen Dahiya656pdf
D15. Single photon radiative decays of \rho and. \omega mesons, Shashank Bhatnagar,Elias Mengesha658pdf
D16. Effect of lepton mass in neutrino induced quasielastic scattering, Faiza Akbar,Farhana Zaidi,Shikha Chauhan,M. Rafi Alam660pdf
D17. Medium effects on $c\bar{c}$ states through colour screening, Palak Bhatt ,Smruti Patel ,Vinodkumar P.C.662pdf
D18. Modification of the $\rho$ meson with the size of nucleus, Swapan Das664pdf
D19. Masses and Decay properties of excited charmonia states, Patel Smruti,Bhatnagar Shashank,P. C. Vinodkumar666pdf
D20. Understand ng of QCD at low momentum transfer through a rare decay mode of light meson , Kavita Lalwani668pdf
D21. S-Wave Masses of the Ds Meson, Virendrasinh Kher,Nayneshkumar Devlani ,Ajay Kumar Rai670pdf

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and Quark Gluon Plasma      Top

E1. Thermodynamics of QCD matter at finite volume, A. Bhattacharyya,P. Deb,S. K. Ghosh,R. Ray,S. Sur674pdf
E2. Charged Hadron Multiplicity: Wounded Quark Scenario, Ashwini Kumar,B. K. Singh,P. K. Sivastava,C. P. Singh676pdf
E3. Quarkonia suppression in PbPb collisions at $\sqrt s_{\rm NN}$ = 2.76 TeV, Vineet Kumar,Abdulla Abdulsalam,P. Shukla 678pdf
E4. Electrical Conductivity and Shear Viscosity of Quark Gluon Plasma in a Quasiparticle Model, P. K. Srivastava,B. Mohanty680pdf
E5. The effect of medium on the relaxation of the dissipative flows in an interacting pion gas, Utsab Gangopadhyaya,Sukanya Mitra,Sourav Sarkar682pdf
E6. Baseline measures for net-proton distributions in high energy heavy-ion collisions, P. K. Netrakanti,D. K. Mishra,B. Mohanty,A. K. Mohanty684pdf
E7. Cocktail detection with CBM Experiment at 25 GeV, S. Ahmad,S. Chattopadhyay,M. Farooq686pdf
E8. Exclusive photoproduction of Upsilon in pPb collisions at LHC energies, Dipanwita Dutta,Ruchi Chudasama,A. K. Mohanty688pdf
E9. Charmonium production in pp collisions at energies available at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, Biswarup Paul,Mahatsab Mandal,Pradip Roy,Sukalyan Chattapadhyay690pdf
E10. Net Charge Fluctuations in PNJL model, Abhijit Bhattacharyya,Supriya Das,Sanjay. K Ghosh,Sibaji Raha,Rajarshi Ray,Kinkar Saha,Sudipa Upadhaya692pdf
E11. Behavior of Shear Viscosity from PNJL model, Sanjay. K. Ghosh,Sibaji Raha,Rajarshi Ray,Kinkar Saha,Sudipa Upadhaya694pdf
E12. Suppression of inclusive J/$\mathbf{\psi}$ and $\mathbf{\psi}$(2S) production in \mbox{p-Pb} collisions with ALICE at the LHC, Biswarup Paul696pdf
E13. Higher Harmonic Flow in Heavy Ion Collisions at Different Beam Energies, Sumit Basu,Dronika Solanki,Rashmi Raniwala,Tapan K. Nayak698pdf
E14. Extended Glauber Model and. Nuclear Fragmentation Characteristics of $^{84}Kr_{36}$ Projectile, M. K. Singh,V. Singh,R. Pathak700pdf
E15. An estimation of percentage of pion, kaon and other particles produced in Nuclear Emulsion---- A Simulated approach, Swarnapratim Bhattacharyya,Maria Haiduc,Alina Tania Neagu,Elena Firu702pdf
E16. Velocity of sound in QGP with one loop correction in mean field potential, Somorendro S Singh,A K Jha704pdf
E17. Dynamical Fluctuations of Photon Multiplicities in Pb ion interactions at 158 A GeV , Sunil Dutt706pdf
E18. Fluctuations at finite volume in strongley interacting matter, Abhijit Bhattacharyya,Rajarshi Ray,Subrata Sur708pdf
E19. Some Important Features of Compound Multiplicity in 28Si and 32S with Nuclear Emulsion Collisions at 14.6 and 200 AGeV, Mir Hashim Rasool,M. Ayaz Ahmad,Muzamil Ahamd Bhat,Shafiq Ahmad710pdf
E20. Scaling Exponent of Multiplicity Fluctuations in Ginzburg-Land. u Phase Transition in 14.5A GeV/c 28^Si-AgBr Interactions, Arshad Kamal,N. Ahmed,M. Tariq712pdf
E21. Chemical Freeze-out conditions for central Heavy-ion Collisions at AGS, SPS, RHIC and LHC Energies, Sandeep Chatterjee,Sabita Das714pdf
E22. Azimuthal Anisotropy of $\phi$-meson in U-U collisions at RHIC, Vipul Bairathi716pdf
E23. Estimation of fractional energy loss of light and heavy flavor mesons in heavy ion collision, Priyanka Sett,Prashant Shukla718pdf
E24. Enhancement in the production of photons from hot and dense matter of quark gluon plasma, Yogesh Kumar,Poonam Jain720pdf
E25. Elliptic Flow In Heavy Ion Collision, Abhilasha Saini,Sudhir Bhardwaj722pdf
E26. Signals of Transparency in p-p Collisions at RHIC and. . LHC, Inam-ul Bashir,Riyaz Ahmed Bhat,Saeed Uddin724pdf
E27. Entropy Analysis in Relativistic Ion-Ion Collisions, Shakeel Ahmad,A Khatun,Shaista Khan,T Ahmad,S Ahmad726pdf
E28. Measurement of prompt $\psi$(2S) to J/$\psi$ meson yield ratios in PbPb and pp collisions at at $\sqrt{s}_{NN}$ = 2.76 TeV, Abdulla Abdulsalam,Vineet Kumar,Prashant Shukla728pdf
E29. Multifractality in Multiparticle Production in 4.5 and 14.5A GeV/c 28Si-AgBr Collisions , N AHMAD,SHAKEEL AHMAD,M M KHAN, HUSHNUD730pdf
E31. Intermittency Phenomenon for Simulated Central Nuclear Reaction of Pb + AgBr Events at 158A GeV , M. Ayaz Ahmad,Mir. H Rasool,N. Ameer Ahmad,Shafiq Ahmad734pdf
E32. Rapidity dependence of strangeness enhancement factor at FAIR energies, Kalyan Dey,B. Bhattacharjee736pdf
E33. Hard scattering contribution to particle production in high energy heavy-ion collisions, Pooja Pareek,Aditya Nath Mishra,Pragati Sahoo,Raghunath Sahoo738pdf
E34. Energy Dissipation and Charged Particle Densities in Heavy Ion Collisions, Aditya Nath Mishra,Raghunath Sahoo,Edward K.G. Sarkisyan,A.S. Sakharov740pdf
E35. Phase Transition Study in Self-affine Scaling Scenario, Dipak Ghosh,Argha Deb,Sitaram Pal742pdf
E36. A study of nuclear interactions caused by negative pions, Tufail Ahmad744pdf
E37. Strangeness and. its dependency on energy in Heavy Ion Collision, Rakesh Mazumder746pdf
E38. About Target Fragmentation in Nuclear Emulation at Relativistic Energies, Khushnood Husain748pdf
E39. Charge balance function in pp collision at $\sqrt s = 200$ GeV, P. Mali,A. Mukhopadhyay,S. Sarkar,S. Ghosh750pdf
E40. Total charge fluctuation in heavy ion collision, D. K. Mishra,P. K. Netrakanti,P. Garg,A. K. Mohanty752pdf
E41. STS Effects and MUCH Effeciency of CBM Experiment, S. Ahmad,M. Farooq,S. Chattopadhyay754pdf
E42. Optimisation of Beam-Pipe Shielding for MUCH detector of CBM experiment, S. Ahmad,M. Farooq,S. Chattopadhyay756pdf
E43. An Analytical Study of Total Cross-section of Proton Proton And Proton Antiproton Interactions, Pallavi Bhatt,Hardik P Trivedi,Anil Kumar,Raj Kumar,Lalit Kumar Gupta,Jai Prakash Gupta758pdf
E44. Net-baryon number fluctuations using Tsallis Statistics, P. Garg,D. K. Mishra,P. K. Netrakanti,A. K. Mohanty,B. K. Singh760pdf
E45. Boosting the reconstruction efficiency of low momentum Charmed Mesons using their back-to-back decay property, Jaiby Joseph762pdf
E46. Elliptic flow in Au-Au collision at 20A GeV, S. Sarkar,S. Ghosh,P. Mali,A. Mukhopadhyay764pdf
E47. Constraining Heavy Quark Energy Loss Using B and. D Mesons in Heavy Ion Collision, Kapil Saraswat,Prashant Shukla,Venktesh Singh766pdf
E48. Simulation study of Elliptic Flow for charged pions at 200 GeV, Ajit Kumar Somani,Sudhir Bhardwaj,Ashish Agnihotri768pdf
E49. Multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis of 16O-Ag/Br interaction at 60A GeV/c, Prabir Kumar Haldar,Sanjib Manna770pdf
E50. Study of Charged Pions Elliptic Flow in Heavy Ion Collisions At 62.4 GeV, Ajit Kumar Somani,Sudhir Bhardwaj,Ashish Agnihotri772pdf
E51. Combining EVHRG and PNJL model in contrast to continuum LQCD data, Abhijit Bhattacharyya,Sanjay K. Ghosh,Soumitra Maity,Rajarshi Ray,Kinkar Saha,subhasis Samanta,Sudipa Upadhaya774pdf
E52. Multiplicity distributions and correlations of secondary charged particles produced in 60, 200A GeV/c $^16$O-nucleus interactions., M. Mohsin Khan,Shakeel Ahmad,Nazeer Ahmad,Danish Azmi,Kushal Das,M Irfan776pdf
E53. Multiplicity correlations in 60 and 200A GeV/c 16O-nucleus interactions , M. Tariq,Tahir Hussain,M.M. Khan,A. Kamal,N. Ahmad,A.R. Khan778pdf
E54. Signal Extraction and Unfolding of Upsilon in pPb collisions with CMS at sN N = 5.02 TeV, Ruchi Chudasama,Dipanwita Dutta780pdf

f. Electroweak interaction in nuclei and nuclear astrophysics      Top

F1. Locating inner edge of the neutron star crust from stability of neutron star matter, Debasis Atta,D. N. Basu784pdf
F2. Massive hyperonic stars with the IUFSU parameter set, Madhubrata Bhattacharya,Bipasha Bowmick,Abhijit Bhattacharyya,G. Gangopadhyay786pdf
F3. $ \rho^-$ condensation in magnetised neutron stars, Abhijit Bhattacharyya788pdf
F4. Astrophysical $(p,\gamma)$ reactions for $A = 55-60$, Saumi Dutta,Dipti Chakraborty,G. Gangopadhyay,Abhijit Bhattacharyya790pdf
F5. Asymmetric nuclear matter in a modified quark meson coupling model., R. N. Mishra,H. S. Sahoo,P. K. Panda,N. Barik792pdf
F6. Search for sterile neutrino mixing using ICAL detector at INO, S. P. Behera,A. K. Mohanty,Anushree Ghosh, D. K. Mishra,S. Uma Sankar,V. M. Datar794pdf
F7. Sensitivity of $\beta\beta$ decay experiment of natural tin using HPGe, Soumik Das,S. K. Ghorui,P. K. Raina,A. K. Singh,P. K. Rath,F. Capella,R. Cerulli,V. Nanal796pdf
F8. Interaction of neutrinos with matter in low and intermediate energy region, K. Saraswat,Vineet Kumar,P. Shukla,V. Singh798pdf
F9. Microscopic Study of (p, $\gamma$) Reactions in Mass Region A=110-125, Dipti Chakraborty,Saumi Dutta,G. Gangopadhyay,Abhijit Bhattacharyya800pdf
F10. Astro-physical Signatures Of $\sigma$  Photon Interaction, Avijit Kumar Ganguly,Manoj Kumar Jaiswal802pdf
F11. Nuclear mass density based high temperature stable black holes , U.V Satya Seshavatharam,S Lakshminarayana804pdf
F12. Properties of rotating , Gulshan Mahajan,Shashi K Dhiman806pdf
F13. Spacial distribution of events in PICO detector for dark matter search., Susnata Seth,Sucharita Saha,Sana Ahmed,Mala Das808pdf
F14. The rotating frequency and GW strain amplitude from Nuclear Models, Shailesh K. Singh,S. K. Biswal,M. Bhuyan,T. K. Jha,S. K. Patra810pdf
F15. Cosmic Ray Mass Composition Estimated from the Geomagnetic Effect on EAS Muons, Sandip Dam,Rajat K. Dey812pdf
F16. Superfluid neutron stars with isospin dependent entrainment effect, Apurba Kheto,Debades Bandyopadhyay814pdf
F17. Exotic Equation of State Compatible With Two Solar Mass Neutron Star Observation, Prasanta Char,Sarmistha Banik816pdf
F18. Effect of mixing of massive scalar-photon in magnetized media., Manoj Kumar Jaiswal,Avijit Kumar Ganguly818pdf
F19. Probing the equation of state beyond the saturation density, N. Alam,B. K. Agrawal820pdf
F20. Probing the metastability of protoneutron star using BHB hyperon equation of state in core-collapse supernova, Sarmistha Banik,Prasanta Char822pdf

g. Instrumentation for nuclear physics      Top

G1. Sub-keV Germanium Detectors for Neutrino and. Dark Matter Experiments, M. K. Singh,V. Singh,H. T. Wong826pdf
G2. LN2 free HPGe detector for low background studies, Neha Dokania,M.S. Pose,K.V. Anoop,C. Ghosh,V. Singh,S. Mathimalar,S. Pal,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay828pdf
G3. HYTAR : A Hybrid Telescope Array for Reaction dynamics, Akhil Jhingan,Gurpreet Kaur,N. Saneesh,T. Banerjee,R. Ahuja,B. R. Behera,P. Sugathan830pdf
G4. Growth and Characterization of SrI2:Eu scintillators, Monalisha Dhibar,Anil Kumar Gourishetty,S.G. Singh,S.C. Gadkari832pdf
G5. Study of Resolution and Linearity in LaBr3: Ce scintillator through digital-pulse processing, Abhinav Kumar,Gaurav Mishra,K Ramachandran834pdf
G6. Timing characteristics of Ce doped Gd3Ga3Al2O12 single crystals; A promising scintillator , Mohit Tyagi,V. V. Desai,A. K Singh,S. G Singh,S Sen,B K Nayak,S. C Gadkari836pdf
G7. Development of GEM Based Detector for ALICE TPC, Zubayer AHAMMED,Rama Narayan,Premomoy Ghosh,Tapan Nayak838pdf
G8. Testing of Triple-GEM chambers at High Intensity Beam for CBM Experiment, R. P. Adak,A.K. Dubey,J. Saini,S. Chattopadhyay,V. Jain,S. Das840pdf
G9. Development of ultrafast radiation hard diamond detectors for particle physics applications, M Jadhav,A Dongare,P Vageeswaran,P Sarin,R Varma842pdf
G10. Development of Single Mask GEM foils in India, L M Pant,A K Mohanty,O J Pinto,S Gadhadharan,Pradeep Menon,A Sharma,Rui D Oliveira844pdf
G11. Neutron Tagging Experimentation for Explosive Detection, S Bishnoi,P S Sarkar,T Patel,Jilju Ratheesh,Payal Singhai,P S Adhikari ,A Sinha846pdf
G12. Efficiency and. . Cross-talk Studies of RPCs, Kanishka Rawat,Vipin Bhatnagar,Indumathi D.848pdf
G13. GDA electronics module for Compton suppressed HPGe detectors , S Venkataramanan,Gupta Arti,S Muralithar,R.P. Singh850pdf
G14. Performance of ANUSPARSH-III ASIC chipset with 1 m x 2 m glass RPC, V K S Kashyap,Menka Sukhwani,Mehga Thomas,Hari K Prasad,S T Sehgal,L M Pant,V B Chandratre852pdf
G15. Automation of Large RPC Electrodes Surface Resistivity Measurement , Shivangi Shree,Manoj Kumar Singh,Abhishek Kumar,N. Mari Muthu,Deepika Grover,Venktesh Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam854pdf
G16. Timing characteristics of a multi-wire cathode strip detector for the measurement of fission fragments, R.P. Vind,D.C. Biswas,B.N. Joshi,R.V. Jangale,A.L. Inkar,G.K. Prajapati,L.A. Kinage,B.V. John 856pdf
G17. Timing of Fast Scintillators using Digitizers, K.V. Anoop,C. Ghosh,S. Pal,M.S. Pose,J.N. Karande,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay858pdf
G18. First measurement of the response matrix of a large LaBr$_{3}$:Ce detector up to 30 MeV at the HI$\gamma$S facility, Indranil Mazumdar,M.W. Ahmed ,A kafkarkouu,J.M. Mueller,L.S. Myers,M.H. Sikora,H.R. Weller,W.R. Zimmerman,G Anil Kumar860pdf
G19. Event detector with acoustic and pressure sensors in superheated droplet detector, Nilanjan Biswas,Saheli Chowdhury,Mala Das862pdf
G20. Preparation of enriched $^{176}$Yb target on carbon backing, Tapan Rajbongshi,Neeraj Kumar,Abhilash S. R.,D. Kabiraj,K. Kalita864pdf
G21. Effect of detector collimation on the measured multiple scattered gamma-rays in $3^{\prime\prime} \times 3^{\prime\prime}$ NaI (Tl) detector, K Ravindraswami,K U Kiran,K M Eshwarappa,H M Somashekarappa866pdf
G22. Al/Au/n-Si/Al Surface Barrier Detector, D. Sahoo868pdf
G23. Cosmic ray spectroscopy using plastic scintillator detector, Sharmili Rudra,Akhilesh P. Nandan,Himangshu Neog,S. Biswas,S. Mahapatra,B. Mohanty,P. K. Samal870pdf
G24. Design of Safety Interlock System For Accelerator Based 14-Mev Neutron Generator , Bhumi Chaudhari,Sudhir Vala,c.v.s Rao,T K Basu,B Sarkar,M Abhangi872pdf
G25. Fabrication of Resistive Plate Chamber using Bakelite, Himangshu Neog,Sharmili Rudra,M. R. Bhuyan,S. Biswas,B. Mohanty,Rudranarayan Mohanty,P. K. Sahu,S. Sahu874pdf
G26. Development of Data logger for atmospheric pressure, temperature and. relative humidity for gas-filled detector, S. Sahu,M.R. Bhuyan,S. Biswas,B. Mohanty,P.K. Sahu876pdf
G27. Preliminary Design of Low Energy Beam Transport (LEBT) system for Accelerator based 14 MeV Neutron Generator, Asha Panghal,Sudhirsinh Vala,C.V.S Rao,mitul Abhangi,T.K Basu,B Sarkar878pdf
G28. Improvements to background level of the Low Background HPGe setup, Neha Dokania,K.V. Anoop,M.S. Pose,C. Ghosh,V. Singh,S. Mathimalar,S. Pal,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay880pdf
G29. Characterization of a segmented clover detector, Md. Ali Asgar,Tanmoy Roy,Gopal Mukherjee,Soumik Bhattacharya,Abhirup Chaudhuri,Vishal Srivastava,Sarmishtha Bhattacharyya,Sailajananda Bhattacharya,Chandana Bhattacharya,Tilak Kumar Ghosh,Kaushik Banerjee,Samir Kundu,Ratnesh Pandey,Tapan Kumar Rana,Pratap Roy,Santu Manna,Jayanta Kumar Sahoo,Jaikiran Meena,Amiya Kumar Saha,Ruchismita Mondal Saha,Pulak Mukhopadhyay,Anindita Choudhury,Imran Shaik882pdf
G30. Testing and. Performance Analysis of 10 Gigabit Ethernet on Altera Stratix V FPGA, Jubin Mitra,Shuaib Ahmad Khan,Tapan Kumar Nayak,Tivadar Kiss,Erno David884pdf
G31. Prepration of isotopic $^{144,154}$Sm targets sand. iched between carbon layers, Ruchi Mahajan,Priya Sharma,Gurpreet Kaur,Abhilash S.R,B.R. Behera,D. Kabiraj886pdf
G32. Fabrication of thin $^{208}$Pb targets using evaporation technique, Meenu Thakur,R. Dubey,Priya Sharma,Abhilash S.R,B.R. Behera,D. Kabiraj888pdf
G33. Linux GUI Program for control of Mesytec Modules using GLADE Interface Designer, Abhinav Kumar890pdf
G34. Estimation of optimum time interval for neutron- gamma discrimination by simplified digital charge collection method, Harleen Singh,Sarabjeet Singh892pdf
G35. Development of a detector setup based on BGO single crystals to measure high energy gamma spectra of neutron sources, Mohit Tyagi,S. G Singh,A. K Singh,D. G Desai,B Tiwari,S S Ghodke,P N Sujatha,S Sen,S C Gadkari894pdf
G36. Performance characteristics of a thermal neutron detector based on Li6Y(BO3)3:Ce single crystals, A K Singh,M Tyagi,S G Singh,S Sen,S S Desai,S S Ghodke,S. C Gadkari896pdf
G37. Theoretical Model and. Experimental Confirmation of Unusual X-ray Intensity of Projectile-like Fragment Ions, Tapan Nandi,Prashant Sharma898pdf
G38. A Setup for Experiment in the Cross-link of Atomic and. . Nuclear Physics, T. Nandi,P. Sharma,D. Chandwani,G. Sharma,K. Haris, Hala,G. Singh,G. Kaur,A. Jhingan,J. Gehlot,R.K. Karn,B. Kumar,H. Singh900pdf
G39. High Voltage Stability Testing of CPC using MFC, T. Sinha,D. Das,L. Das,Debasish Das,Sukalyan Chattopadhyay902pdf
G40. Progress in VECC Cryogenic Penning Ion Trap Development, A. K. Sikdar,A. Reza,S. K. Das,K. Banerjee,B. Dam,P. Das,A. Ray904pdf
G41. Radiation test of active LVDB component with 60Co Gamma chamber and Neutron irradiation at VECC Cyclotron, Vikas Jain,J Saini,A Dubey,S Chattopadhyay,R Ravishankar,T Bandyopadhyay,Swagat Mandal,Jubin Mitra,Abhijit Saha906pdf
G42. Development and Characterisation of Bakelite RPC, Rajesh Ganai,Kshitij Agarwal,Biranchi Narayan Muduli,Subhasis Chattopadhyay,Zubayer Ahammed908pdf
G43. Fabrication of $^{142}$Nd and. . $^{150}$Nd targets sand. . iched between carbon layers, Priya Sharma,Abhilash S.R,B.R. Behera,N. Madhavan,D. Kabiraj910pdf
G44. Preparation of thin $^{122}$Sn targets at IUAC, Priya Sharma,Abhilash S.R,B.R. Behera ,D. Kabiraj912pdf
G45. Growth of Tl doped CsI and. NaI single crystals in a modified furnace based on Bridgman technique, S.G. Singh,D.G. Desai,A.K. Singh,M. Tyagi,S. Sen,S.C. Gadkari914pdf
G46. Effect of radiation exposure on the scintillation characteristics of CsI:Tl Films, Seema Shinde,S.G. Singh,Shashwati Sen,D.G. Desai,S.C. Gadkari916pdf
G47. Influence of humidity on KBr photocathode, R. Rai,Triloki Triloki,B. K. Singh918pdf
G48. Fabrication of $^{140,142}$Ce Targets, Maninder Kaur,Abhilash S.R.,Priya Sharma,B.R. Behera,D. Kabiraj920pdf
G49. G-10 read out panel (1m x 1m) as an option for RPCs in INO, S T Sehgal,V K S Kashyap,L M Pant,T Kar,K Dhanmeher,N Rout,S Padwal,A K Mohanty922pdf
G50. $\Thallium Doped Sodium Iodide Scintillation Detector Parameter Study with Multi channel Analyzer, Kajal Garg,S.N.L. Sirisha,Sonali Bhatnagar924pdf
G51. FPGA Emulator of GBTx for Muon Chamber(MUCH)in CBM Experiment, Swagata Mandal,Suman Sau,Jogender Saini,Susanta Kumar Pal,Subhasis Chattopadhyay,Amlan Chakrabarti926pdf
G52. Development of Geant4 based simulation package for neutron array facility at IUAC, Davinder Siwal,N Saneesh,P Sugathan928pdf
G53. Fabrication of thin $^{206}$Pb targets for study of fusion-fission dynamics, R. Dubey,Meenu Thakur,Priya Sharma,Abhilash S.R.,D. Kabiraj930pdf
G54. Implementation of Sparse Readout with USB CAMAC Crate Controller, Kundan Singh,R.Ruby Santhi,P. Sugathan932pdf
G55. Investigation of the gain with a RETHGEM detector, T. Sinha,D. Das,L. Das934pdf
G56. Neutron shielding calculations and. measurements for microtron based photoneutron source, K.M. Eshwarappa,S. Ganesh,K. Siddappa,Sinha Amar ,Kashyap Yogesh,P.S. Sarkar936pdf
G57. An automated scheme for continuity checks of the 50 ohm terminated end of RPC Pickup Panels, N. Mari Muthu,Abhishek Kumar,Shivangi Shree,Manoj Kumar Singh,Deepika Grover,Venktesh Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam938pdf
G58. Reactive Plasma Etching for GEM foil fabrication, L M Pant,A K Mohanty,A V Joshi940pdf
G59. Characterization of LaBr$_3$(Ce) scintillators with 250 MHz Pixie based Digital Data Acquisition System, Purnima Singh,D. Choudhury,R. Palit,S. Biswas,S. Saha,J. Sethi,S. V. Jadhav,R. Donthi,B. S. Naidu,T. V. Abraham,S. N. Mishra942pdf
G60. Liquid and. Plastic scintillator detectors for detecting antineutrinos from reactors - A GEANT4 simulation study, V K S Kashyap,L M Pant ,A K Mohanty ,V M Datar944pdf
G61. Detection of Gamma rays with Multigap Resistive Plate Chamber, Arindam Roy,Arnab Banerjee,Saikat Biswas,Subhasis Chattopadhyay,Ganesh Das,Satyajit Saha946pdf
G62. Preparation of $^{181}$Ta and $^{182}$W targets, Tathagata Banerjee,P. V. Laveen,M. Shareef,Abhilash S. R.,J. Gehlot,S. Ojha,D. Kabiraj948pdf
G63. A method to solder contacts on the Aluminum surface of Pickup Strips of RPC Detector, Manoj Kumar Singh,Shivangi Shree,Abhishek Kumar,N. Mari Muthu,Deepika Grover,Venktesh Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam950pdf
G64. Response of thermal neutrons in a Gd-wrapped scintillator matrix, R.G. Thomas,Arunodoy Mitra,Abhijit Bhattacharyya,R.B. Tokas,S. Thakur952pdf
G65. Development and Characterization of ac-coupled Si strip detectors for Nuclear & High Energy Physics Applications, Geetika Jain,Ranjeet Dalal,Kavita Lalwani,Ashutosh Bhardwaj,Kirti Ranjan954pdf
G66. Building and testing a large size triple GEM detector at VECC, A.K. Dubey,G.S.N. Murthy,J. Saini,S. Chattopadhyay956pdf
G67. HPGe and. clover gamma ray detector maintenance, R.K. Gurjar,Aman Rohilla,C.K. Gupta,S. Muralithar,S.K. Chamoli,K. Rani,R.P. Singh958pdf
G68. Characterisation of different electrode materials and Resistive Plate Chamber detector performance studies, Ankit Gaur,Md. Hasbuddin,Swati Mishra,Daljeet Kaur,Purnendu Kumar,Praveen Kumar,Ashok Kumar,Md. Naimuddin960pdf
G69. A Method to Stick the High Voltage Lug onto the Grooves made on the Glass Electrodes, Abhishek Kumar,N. Mari Muthu,Manoj Kumar Singh,Shivangi Shree,Deepika Grover,Venktesh Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam962pdf
G70. Preparation of $^{92,96}$Zr targets on thin carbon backing for nuclear reaction studies, Khushboo,S. R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj,S. Mandal964pdf
G71. Simultaneous making of thin $^{174}$Yb target on two different backings, C.K. Gupta,Tapan Rajbongshi,Aman Rohilla,Abhilash S.R.,D. Kabiraj,R.P. Singh,S.K. Chamoli966pdf
G72. Preparation of thin Gold foil via rolling method, C.K. Gupta,Aman Rohilla,S.R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj,R.P. Singh,S.K. Chamoli968pdf
G73. Development of Zero Cost Digitizer based Data Acquisition System, A. Jana,S. Singh,A. Gupta,S. Das,K. Basu,R. Raut,S.S. Ghugre,A.K. Sinha970pdf
G74. Common Readout Unit (CRU) - A New Readout Architecture for the ALICE experiment at the CERN-LHC, Shuaib Ahmad Khan,Jubin Mitra,Tapan K. Nayak,Tivadar Kiss,Erno David,Alexander Kluge972pdf
G75. Design and. Simulation of 10 Gigabit Ethernet on Altera FPGA, Shuaib Ahmad Khan,Jubin Mitra,Erno David,Tivadar Kiss,Tapan K. Nayak974pdf
G76. Characterization of Suitable Pickup Strips Panel's Dielectric Material for RPC Detector, Manoj Kumar Singh,Abhishek Kumar,N. Mari Muthu,Shivangi Shree,Venktesh Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam976pdf
G77. Background measurements at the DHRUVA reactor site for feasibility studies towards antineutrino detection from reactors, V K S Kashyap,S P Behera,A Mitra,Abhijit Bhattacharyya,R G Thomas,L M Pant,P C Rout,Suresh Kumar,A K Mohanty,V M Datar978pdf
G78. A detailed study of the volume dependence of the performance of LaBr$_{3}$:Ce detector, Indranil Mazumdar,S Basu,M Dhibar,S.M. Patel,S Roy,S.N. Mishra980pdf
G79. Determination of the detection threshold for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Track Detector using $11 MeV$ Carbon Beam, Rupamoy Bhattacharyay,S. Dey,Sanjay K. Ghosh,A. Maullik,Sibaji Raha,D. Syam982pdf
G80. Gamma Spectroscopy with a digital oscilloscope, Tuhin Malik,Krithika Raman,Rutuparna Rath,Rohan Biswas,Dibyadyuti Pramanik,Abhijit Bisoi,Shinjinee Dasgupta,Maitreyee Saha Sarkar984pdf
G81. Neutron Pulse-Shape Discrimination and Time -of - Flight Measurements with a Digital Oscilloscope, Uttiyoarnab Saha ,Krithika Raman ,Rutuparna Rath,Tuhin Malik,Abhijit Bisoi,Maitreyee Saha Sarkar986pdf
G82. Fully Digital Gamma Camera for Small Organ Imaging, Murali Ravi,K Harsha Theja,S Sivaramakrishnan,S Siva Sankara Sai,K Vijay Sai988pdf
G83. Simulation of detector response for antineutrinos and reconstructing their energy spectrum with plastic detector array, S.P. Behera,R.G. Thomas,Suresh Kumar,A. Bhattacharyya,V.M. Datar990pdf
G84. Detection Efficiency Simulation of binary breakup detected in Double Sided Strips Detector and its generalization, Suresh Kumar,Sandeep Joshi992pdf
G85. GEANT4 simulation of scintillation response of Xenon gas to low energy gamma-rays, S. Roy,I. Mazumdar,P.B. Chavan,M. Dhibar,G. Anil Kumar994pdf
G86. Status of 3.0 MV Pelletron Accelerator at National Centre for Accelerator based Research at GGV, Bilaspur, 996pdf
G87. Measurement of energy resolution of a triple-GEM detector using 55Fe source, Nirupama Sensharma,Anand Dubey998pdf

T. Thesis Presentations      Top

T1. Study of hadron production in nucleus nucleus interaction at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Prashanta Kumar Khandai,Venktesh Singh,Prashant Shukla1002pdf
T2. Study of strongly interacting matter using dimuons produced in Pb+Pb collisions at 2.76 TeV with CMS experiment, Vineet Kumar1004pdf
T3. A study of basic and exotic decay modes of medium, heavy and superheavy nuclei, N. S. Rajeswari1006pdf
T4. Aspects of Superheated Droplet Detectors and their application in Dark Matter Search, Susnata Seth1008pdf
T5. Ternary fission studies of heavy and. superheavy nuclei, K. R. Vijayaraghavan 1010pdf
T6. Fusion-Fission and associated nuclear structure effects at low energies, Deepika Jain1012pdf
T7. Charmonium production and suppression in PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s}_{NN}$ = 2.76 TeV with CMS, Abdulla Abdulsalam1014pdf
T8. Exploring nuclear structure of medium mass nuclei by measuring electromagnetic moments using Coulomb excitation technique, Mansi Saxena1016pdf
T9. Evolution of Shapes through Collective and Non-Collective Excitations in $^{120}$Te, $^{122}$Te and $^{124}$Xe, Somnath Nag1018pdf
T10. Study of heavy ion reactions with weakly bound nuclei, D. Patel1020pdf
T11. Study of giant dipole resonance in medium heavy mass region, Ish Mukul1022pdf
T12. Investigation of Heavy-ion Induced Fusion Reactions at Near and. Above Barrier Energies, Maninder Kaur1024pdf
T13. High Spin Spectroscopy of Nuclei in A = 135 Mass Region, Ritika Garg1026pdf
T14. Electromagnetic and Hard Probes of Strongly Interacting Matter, Somnath De1028pdf
T15. Study of non-equilibrium processes in heavy-ion induced fission, C. Yadav1030pdf
T16. Binary, ternary fission studies of medium, heavy nuclei using dynamical and statistical model, C Karthikraj1032pdf
T17. Di-muon measurements for the development of the muon chamber and particle production in the CBM experiment at FAIR, A Prakash1034pdf
T18. Properties and Signals of QCD Phase Transition, Critical Point and Quark Gluon Plasma, P. K. Srivastava1036pdf
T19. Higher moments of net-charge multiplicity distributions in Au + Au collisions in PHENIX experiment at RHIC, Prakhar Garg1038pdf