I. Invited Talks

a. Nuclear structure

b. Nuclear reactions

c. Radioactive ion beams: production and utilization

d. Hadron physics

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and Quark Gluon Plasma

f. Electroweak interaction in nuclei and nuclear astrophysics

g. Instrumentation for nuclear physics

T. Thesis Presentations

Author Index

I. Invited Talks      Top

I1. Electron capture on $^{20}$Ne and the ultimate fate of stars in the mass range 8--10$M_{\odot}$, Oliver S. Kirsebom,Joakim Cederkall,David G. Jenkins,Pankaj Joshi,Rauno Julin,Anu Kankainen,Tibor Kib'edi,Olof Tengblad,Wladyslaw H. Trzaska3pdf
I2. Trekking through fusion meadows and fission valleys, T. K. Ghosh5pdf
I3. Nuclear Structure Studies using Fast Neutrons, A. Chakraborty7pdf
I4. Light ion induced capture reactions and application to astrophysics, I. Mazumdar9pdf
I5. Fusion and quasifission dynamics in heavy nuclei, E. Prasad11pdf
I6. Computing Atomic Nuclei Using New Approaches : Recent Shell Model Results From IIT-Roorkee , P. C. Srivastava13pdf
I7. Negative-parity high-spin band structure in $^{135}$Pr, R. Garg,S. Kumar,Mansi Saxena,Savi Goyal,Davinder Siwal,Sunil Kalkal,S. Verma,R. Singh,S.C. Pancholi,R. Palit,Deepika Choudhury,S. S. Ghugre,G. Mukherjee,R. Kumar,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar,R. K. Bhowmik,S. Mandal15pdf
I8. Structure of $^{132}$Te: The two-particle and two-hole spectrum of $^{132}$Sn, S. Biswas,R. Palit,A. Navin,M. Rejmund,Abhijit Bisoi,M. Saha Sarkar,S. Sarkar,S. Bhattacharya,D. C. Biswas,M. Caamano,M. P. Carpenter,D. Choudhury,E. Clement,L. S. Danu,O. Delaune,F. Farget,G. De France,S. S. Hota,B. Jacquot,A. Lemasson,S. Mukhopadhyay,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay,S. Saha,J. Sethi,Purnima Singh,P. C. Srivastava,S. K. Tandel17pdf
I9. Interplay of shapes through non-collective excitations in neutron deficient $A$ $\sim$ 120 in perspective of $^{122}$Te, Somnath Nag19pdf
I10. Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions and Quark-Gluon Plasma --- An Overview and Recent Advances , Rajeev S. Bhalerao21pdf
I11. Nuclear astrophysics with indirect methods, Shubhchintak23pdf
I12. Studies of Baryon Structure and Baryon Interactions at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Yordanka Ilieva25pdf
I13. Reactions studies in relation to upcoming FRENA facility: Indirect Method & R-matrix phenomenology, Sucheta Adhikari27pdf
I14. High precision study of multiple-humped fission barrier landscape with the GBS facility at ELI-NP, Deepika Choudhury,A. Krasznahorkay,L. Csige,D.L. Balabanski,S. Coban,P. Constantin,M. Csatlos,J. Gulyas29pdf
I15. Why better theoretical models are needed to understand nuclear medium effect in the DIS region ?, M. Sajjad Athar31pdf
I16. Are there nuclear structure effects on the isoscalar giant monopole resonance and nuclear incompressibility near A~ 90?, Y. K. Gupta33pdf
I17. $J/\psi$ suppression in relativistic heavy-ion collisions, Partha Pratim Bhaduri35pdf
I18. Clustering in light nuclei, C. Bhattacharya37pdf
I19. Studies in Nuclear Structure relevant to Astrophysics: experimental efforts, M. Saha Sarkar39pdf
I20. A Helium-Jet Ion Source for commensal operation at NSCL/FRIB, Jiban Jyoti Das,Remco Zegers,Georg Bollen,Andreas Stolz,Antonio Villari41pdf
I21. Open problems in Nuclear Level Density, P. C. Rout43pdf
I22. Search for Critical End Point at Relativistic heavy-ion collider, D. K. Mishra45pdf
I23. Large back angle quasi-elastic scattering for weakly bound systems at near-barrier energies, Anjali Mukherjee47pdf
I24. FRENA: An upcoming facility for experimental Nuclear Astrophysics , A. Goswami49pdf
I25. Statistical ensembles and fragmentation of finite nuclei, G. Chaudhuri, P. Das,S. Malik51pdf
I26. Some Aspects of Anisotropic Quark-Gluon Plasma, P. K. Roy53pdf
I27. Characterising the QCD plasma with the ALICE experiment, Federico Antinori55pdf
I28. Quasi-elastic, break-up and fusion reactions, S. Mukherjee57pdf
I29. One small strain in LIGO, one giant leap for Gravitational Wave astronomy $($Evening Talk$)$ , Bala Iyer59pdf

Contributory Papers

a. Nuclear structure      Top

A1. The influence of thermal fluctuation on the nuclear shape at low temperatures via the GDR gamma rays , D. Pandit,Srijit Bhattacharya,D. Mondal,Mukhopadhyay S,Surajit Pal,A. De,S R Banerjee62pdf
A2. Backbending phenomena in deformed even-even nuclei at $A^{160}$ mass region, G.H. Bhat,J.A. Sheikh,S. Jehangir,P.A. Ganai,R. Palit64pdf
A3. Sensitivity analysis of optimized nuclear energy density functional, C. Mondal,B. K. Agrawal,J. N. De,S. K. Samaddar66pdf
A4. $Ab ~ initio$ no core shell model results for $sd$ shell nuclei, Archana Saxena,P. C. Srivastava68pdf
A5. Restoration of isospin symmetry in $^{32}$S at finite temperature, D. Mondal,D. Pandit,S. Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,Srijit Bhattacharya,A. De,Soumik Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,Pratap Roy,K. Banerjee,S. R. Banerjee70pdf
A6. A search for Hyper-deformed minimum in the Am isotopes, Bhoomika Maheshwari,Ashok Kumar Jain72pdf
A7. Purity of Isospin and its importance in n-rich Systems, Swati Garg,Ashok Kumar Jain74pdf
A8. Spectroscopy of low lying states of $^{132,134}$Xe from $\beta$-Decay, R. Banik,S. Bhattacharyya,Soumik Bhattacharya,D. Banerjee,S.K. Das,R. Guin,G. Mukherjee,Sangeeta Das,T. Bhattacharjee,A. Choudhury,P. Das,A. Saha76pdf
A9. Shell Model Calculation of Cluster correlation in $^{ 36}$Ar and $^{34}$S, Abhijit Bisoi,M. Saha Sarkar,S. Sarkar78pdf
A10. Study of Unbound States of $^{15}$Be using Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics , S. K. Dutta,D. Gupta,Swapan K. Saha80pdf
A11. Gamma Spectroscopy of $^{64}$Cu, S. Samanta,S. Das,R. Bhattacharjee,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,A. K. Sinha,U. Garg82pdf
A12. Study of double beta decay of $^{94}$Zr to the first excited state of $^{94}$Mo, N. Dokania,V. Nanal,G. Gupta,S. Pal,R. G. Pillay,P. K. Rath,V.I. Tretyak,A. Garai,H. Krishnamoorthy,C Ghosh,P.K. Raina,K.G. Bhushan84pdf
A13. Investigation of High Spin Level Structure of $^{186}$Pt, A.K. Mondal,S. Mukhopadhyay,A. Chakraborty,D. C. Biswas,L. S. Danu,B. N. Joshi,G. K. Prajapati,Somnath Nag,T. Trivedi,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. Palit,P. K. Joshi86pdf
A14. Infuence of triaxiality on yrast and excited Superdeformed bands , Neha Sharma,H.M. Mittal,A. K. Jain88pdf
A15. Fission half-life calculation using simple effective interaction, L. M. Robledo,T.R. Routray,X. Vinas,S. P. Pattnaik,M. Centelles,B. Behera90pdf
A16. Coulomb excitation measurement of $^{132}$Ba at IUAC, New Delhi, S. Dutt,M. Saxena,R. Kumar,A. Jhingan,Avinash Agarwal,A. Banerjee,R. K. Bhowmik,C. Joshi,J. Kaur,A. Kumar,M. Matejska-MindaMishra,V. Mishra,I. A. Rizvi,A. Stolarz,H. J. Wollersheim,P. J. Napiorkowski92pdf
A17. Excited 0$^+$ states and deformed structures in the transitional nucleus $^{98}$Zr, S. Mukhopadhyay,D. C. Biswas,L. S. Danu,A. K. Kumawat,Abhilasha Singh,A. Blanc,G. de France,M. Jentschel,U. Koster,S. Leoni,P. Mutti,G. Simpson,T. Soldner,C. A. Ur,W. Urban94pdf
A18. Decay Study of Neutron-rich $^{43}$K using Total Absorption $($TAGS$)$ and High Resolution $($HRGS$)$ Gamma Spectroscopy Methods, A. Dhal,G. Mukherjee,M. Bhattacharjee,V. Naik,S. Mukhopadhyay,D. Pandit,S. Pal,D. Mondal,P. Karmakar,T. Roy,Md. A. Asgar,Soumik Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,C. Bhattacharya,S. R. Banerjee,A. Chakrabarti96pdf
A19. VECC array for NUclear Spectroscopy $($VENUS$)$, Soumik Bhattacharya,R. Banik,S. S. Alam,A. Saha,Md. A. Asgar,T. Roy,A. Chowdhury,I. Sheikh,P. Mukhopadhyay,A. Dhal,T. Bhattacharjee,S. Bhattacharyya,G. Mukherjee,S. Mukhopadhyay,D. Mondal,D. Pandit,S. Pal,S.R. Banerjee98pdf
A20. Study of Jacobi shape transition in $\alpha$ cluster and non-$\alpha$ cluster nuclei, Balaram Dey,C Ghosh,S Pal,D. Pandit,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay,H. Krishnamoorthy,G. Gupta,P. C. Rout,E. T. Mirgule,Sukanya De,M.S. Pose,Surajit Pal100pdf
A21. Continuous evolution from quasi particle excitation mode to collective excitation: study of +ve parity band in $^{106}$Ag nucleus, B Das,N Rather,P Datta,S. Chattopadhyay,S Rajbanshi,A Gowswami,S. Roy,R. Palit,S Pal,S. Saha,J. Sethi,S. Biswas,P Singh,H.C Jain102pdf
A22. Polarization asymmetry measurements of the $^{76}$Ge$(^{13}$C,xn$)$ reaction at beam energy of 45 MeV in Indian National Gamma Array $($INGA$)$, Suresh Kumar,Naveen Kumar104pdf
A23. High spin states in $^{38}$K, Abhijit Bisoi,S Ray,M Ray Basu,D Kanjilal,Somnath Nag,K Selva Kumar,A. Goswami,N. Madhavan,S. Muralithar,R. K. Bhowmik,S Sarkar,M. Saha Sarkar106pdf
A24. Nature of $\gamma$-band staggering in $^{122-128}$Ba nuclei, G.H. Bhat,J.A. Sheikh,R. Palit108pdf
A25. Quadrupole moments of $\frac{11}{2}^{-}$ and $\frac{23}{2}^{+}$ isomeric states in $^{135}$La, Neeraj Bansal,J. Kaur,K. Kapoor,A. K. Bhati,R. Kumar110pdf
A26. Fission fragment mass distribution in thermal neutron induced fission of $^{235}$U, Abhilasha Singh,D. C. Biswas,S. Mukhopadhyay,L. S. Danu,A. Blanc,G. De France,M. Jentschel,U. Koster,S. Leoni,P. Mutti,G. Simpson,T. Soldner,C. A. Ur,W. Urban112pdf
A27. Nuclear level density variation with angular momentum induced shape transition, Mamta Aggarwal114pdf
A28. Search For Hyperdeformation Through Jacobian Instability In Excited Medium Mass Nuclei, J.M. Beula ,V Selvam116pdf
A29. Shape Coexistence and bubble structure in Iodine isotopes, Afaque Karim,Shakeb Ahmad118pdf
A30. Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov description of Thorium and Uranium isotopes, Tabassum Naz,Shakeb Ahmad120pdf
A31. Study of Some properties of Superheavy Nuclei With Z=124, Tasleem Ahmad Siddiqui,Shakeb Ahmad122pdf
A32. New effective interaction for $fpg_{9/2}d_{5/2}$ space: collectivity around $N\sim40$, Vikas Kumar,P. C. Srivastava124pdf
A33. Study of band structure of some odd proton Eu isotopes, Rakesh K. Pandit,Rani Devi,S.K. Khosa126pdf
A34. Shape Coexistence in N = 28 Isotones, G. Saxena,M. Kaushik,M. Kumawat,S. K. Jain128pdf
A35. Temperature evolution of GDR width in very light nucleus, Debasish Mondal ,D. Pandit,S. Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,Srijit Bhattacharya,A. De,Soumik Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,Pratap Roy,K. Banerjee,S. R. Banerjee130pdf
A36. Spins of superdeformed rotational bands in A $\sim$ 190 mass region, Anshul Dadwal,H.M. Mittal132pdf
A37. Signature partner pairs of superdeformed rotational bands in $^{192}$Tl, H.M. Mittal,Anshul Dadwal134pdf
A38. Mass Excesses of very neutron rich Ga, Ge, As, Se and Br nuclei from Local extrapolations of AMC2012 Atomic Mass Data: a comparison with Global Mass Models , B. Pfeiffer,K. Venkataramaniah,U. Czok,C. Scheidenberger136pdf
A39. A simplistic approach to alpha decay of superheavy nuclides, S.I.A. Philominraj,G. Naveya,A. Stephen138pdf
A40. Signature Reversal in $K_- = 2^-,\{h_{11/2}\bigotimes d_{5/2}\}_p$ band of $^{170}$W, Kawalpreet Kalra,Alpana Goel140pdf
A41. Study of the product $($R$_{4/2}*$B$($E2$)$$\uparrow)$ through Asymmetric rotor model, H.M. Mittal,Parveen Kumari142pdf
A42. A study of fusion cross section for different target projectile combinations of $^{297}$Uus , Manjunatha H.C.,Sridhar K.N.144pdf
A43. A comparitive study of alpha ternary fission of $^{251}$Es nuclei, Manjunatha H.C.,Sowmya N146pdf
A44. $Q_\alpha$ and $T_{1/2}^{\alpha}$ values in Superheavy elements using Relativistic mean field model, Suchitra Mahapatro148pdf
A45. Excited states in $^{100}$Pd, M. Kaur,S. Sihotra,V. Singh,N. Singh,J. Sethi,S. Saha,S. Roy,R. Palit,D. Mehta150pdf
A46. Structure of degenerate bands in $^{120}$I, S. Sihotra,M. Kaur,V. Singh,S. Kumar,N. Singh,N. Kaur,J. Goswamy,J. Sethi,S. Saha,S. Biswas,R. Palit,R. Kumar,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar152pdf
A47. Pairing Effects in Super-deformed Rotational Bands, Uma V.S,Poonam Jain,Alpana Goel154pdf
A48. Study of low-lying positive parity bands of $^{125}$Cs, Barun Slathia,Rani Devi,S.K. Khosa156pdf
A49. A study of neutron skin thickness in different models, S. Chakraborty,M. Pal,B. Sahoo,S. Sahoo158pdf
A50. Shape transition above the yrast line for $^{136}$La nuclei, Muhila / A Suba Janani,Dhivya / J Saranya160pdf
A51. Existence of neutron halo nuclei against cluster decay, R. K. Biju,M. K. Preethi Rajan,K. P. Santhosh162pdf
A52. A simple yet efficient correction to the Bethe-Weizsacker semi-empirical mass formula, Bijan Kumar Gangopadhyay164pdf
A53. Investigation of High Spin Band of N or Z = 28 Nuclei by DHF Model, S. Pattnayak,Z. Naik166pdf
A54. Level Structures in the Odd-Odd Nucleus $_{75}^{186}$Re$_{111}$ , R Gowrishankar,K Vijay Sai ,P. C Sood168pdf
A55. High Spin States in $^{41}$Ca, R. Bhattacharjee,S. Das,S. Samanta,S. S. Bhattacharjee,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,A. K. Sinha,U. Garg,S. Mukhopadhyay,R. Chakrabarti,A. Dhal,N. Madhavan,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar170pdf
A56. Gamma Spectroscopy of $^{61}$Ni, S. Das,S. Samanta,R. Bhattacharjee,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,A. K. Sinha,U. Garg172pdf
A57. Investigation of nuclear structure of Cu nuclei, Anuradha Gupta,Surbhi Gupta,Suram Singh,Arun Bharti174pdf
A58. Analysis of nuclear structure of doubly-odd $^{92,94}$Rb isotopes, Surbhi Gupta,Anuradha Gupta,Arun Bharti176pdf
A59. Search For $\Lambda$ Shell Closures in Multi-$\Lambda$ Hypernuclei, Asloob A. Rather,M. Ikram,M. Imran,Bharat Kumar,S. K. Biswal,S. K. Patra178pdf
A60. Superallowed $\alpha$-decay transitions, Monika Patial180pdf
A61. 3qp IBs based on different bandhead spin, Harjeet Kaur,Pardeep Singh,Satnam Singh,Rahul Khanna182pdf
A62. One quasiparticle configurations in Lanthanum isotopes, Nithu Ashok,Deepthy Maria Joseph,Antony Joseph184pdf
A63. Behaviour of entrance channel potential energy in heavy ion induced fusion reactions, Shabnam Mohsina,J. Sadhukhan186pdf
A64. Oblate band structure based on $\pi$h$_{9/2}$ orbital in $^{199}$Tl, Soumik Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,R. Banik,G. Mukherjee,S. Das Gupta,S. S. Alam,A. Dhal,Md. A. Asgar,T. Roy,A. Saha,T. Bhattacharjee,S. Mukhopadhyay,D. Pandit,D. Mondal,S. Pal,S. R. Banerjee188pdf
A65. Prediction of temperature limit for hot rotating magic SHN , P Preetha,S Santhosh Kumar190pdf
A66. Rigid Rotor Like Dipole Band Structure in $^{29}$Al, H. Sultana,R. Bhattacharjee,S. Samanta,S.K. Das,S.S. Bhattacharjee, A. Chakraborty,R. Chakrabarti,U. Garg,S. S. Ghugre,R. Raut,A. K. Sinha, T. Trivedi,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. Palit192pdf
A67. Magic number in the super-heavy region, T. Sahoo,S. K. Biswal,R.L. Nayak,A. Acharya194pdf
A68. Evolution of N = 32,34 shell closure in relativistic mean field theory, Bharat Kumar,S. K. Biswal,S. K. Patra196pdf
A69. Cluster Radioactive Decay from Superheavy Nuclei , D.R. Roshlin Sheeba Rani,V Selvam198pdf
A70. Microscopic rotation particle coupling for triaxial proton emitters, Swati Modi,Monika Patial,P. Arumugam,E. Maglione,L.S. Ferreira200pdf
A71. Competition between $\alpha$, $\beta$ decay and Spontaneous Fission in Z=132 Superheavy Nuclei, Asloob A. Rather,M. Ikram,Bharat Kumar, S. K. Biswal,S. K. Patra202pdf
A72. Shape Evolutions in Hot Rotating $^{92}$Mo Nucleus, D.R. Jayahar Devadhason ,V. Selvam204pdf
A73. Band structure of proton-hole $^{111,113}$In nuclei, Suram Singh,Amit Kumar,Arun Bharti206pdf
A74. Magic numbers of superdeformed nuclei using Nilsson potential, Poonam Jain,Uma. V. S,Alpana Goel208pdf
A75. Cluster decay of Ra isotope, Rashmirekha Swain,Bidhubhusan Sahu210pdf
A76. Study of F- spin symmetry and identical spectra in Superdeformed nuclei in A~ 130 mass region, Honey Sharma,Neha Sharma,H.M. Mittal212pdf
A77. Global features of band moment of inertia and softness parameter of superdeformed bands , Neha Sharma,H.M. Mittal,AK Jain214pdf
A78. Search for unobserved transitions in $^{142}$Eu, Sajad Ali,S. Rajbanshi,Abhijit Bisoi,Somnath Nag,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,T. Bhattacharjee,S. Bhattacharyya,S. Chattopadhyay,G. Gangopadhyay,G. Mukherjee,R. Palit,R. Raut,M. Saha Sarkar,A.K. Singh,A. Goswami216pdf
A79. Phenomenological description of even-even isotopes in the A < 100 mass region, V. Devi,H.M. Mittal218pdf
A80. Yrast band description of $^{80-82}$Sr and $^{82-84}$Zr nuclei using two and three parameter formula, V. Devi220pdf
A81. The empirical study for superdeformed band in $^{131,133}$Ce nuclei, V. Devi222pdf
A82. The study of $^{108}$Cd and $^{110}$Cd isotopes in the frame work of interacting boson model, V. Devi,J. B. Gupta224pdf
A83. Evolution of preformation probability of alpha particles in the decay of trans-lead nuclei 83$\leq$Z$\leq$92 with N=126, Rupinder Kaur,BirBikram Singh,B.S. Sandhu,Maninder Kaur226pdf
A84. Shell-model studies of nuclei around A$\simeq 130$ , Sangeeta Das,Abhijit Bisoi,S. Sarkar,M. Saha Sarkar228pdf
A85. Nuclear structure study of $^{66}_{31}$Ga$_{35}$ at high spin, S. S. Bhattacharjee,I. Bala,R. Garg,R. K. Gurjar,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar,D. Singh,A. Dhal,M. K. Raju,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. Palit230pdf
A86. Preformation probability of alpha-particle using proximity potential, C. K. Phookan232pdf
A87. Study of nuclear structure of $^{146}$Sm from asymmetric rotor model , Satendra Sharma,L. Agada Emeka,Rajesh Kumar,Vikas Katoch,Reetu Kaushik, J. B. Gupta234pdf
A88. Energy ratio of $\beta$-band and co-relation with ground band , Vikas Katoch,Satendra Sharma236pdf
A89. Predicting low - lying level structure of exotic nuclei using Pandya theorem, Anik Adhikari ,S. Sarkar,M. Saha Sarkar ,Abhijit Bisoi238pdf
A90. In-beam $\gamma$ ray spectroscopy of $^{63,64}$Cu, S. Rai,B. Mukherjee,A. Biswas,U.S. Ghosh,A. Mondal,K. Mandal,A. Chakraborty,S. Chakraborty,A. Sharma,G. Mukherjee,S. Nandi,S.S. Bhattacharjee,I. Bala,R. Garg,S. Muralithar,R. P. Singh240pdf
A91. Breakdown in N$_{p}$N$_{n}$ Scheme- evidence and proposed solution, AK Varshney,M Singh,Y Singh ,DK Gupta242pdf
A92. Band structure of $^{109,111}$Tc isotopes, Amit Kumar,Dhanvir Singh ,Suram Singh,Arun Bharti244pdf
A93. Shell Model Study of Exotic Nuclei near $^{132}$Sn, Rakhi Mukhopadhyay,S Sarkar,M. Saha Sarkar246pdf
A94. Identification of levels above 6$^-$ isomeric state in $^{66}$Cu using prompt-delayed coincidence technique, Purnima Singh,R. Palit,S. Biswas,S. Saha,J. Sethi,D. Choudhury248pdf
A95. Systematic dependence of SFE$*$B$($E2$)$$\uparrow$ and ROTE$*$B$($E2$)$$\uparrow$ on N$_{p}$N$_{n}$ in A = 100-200 mass region, Amit Bindra,H.M. Mittal250pdf
A96. The properties of hot and dense asymmetric nuclear matter , S. Chakraborty,S. C. Mohanta,B. Sahoo,S. Sahoo252pdf
A97. Structure of $^{192}$Pt nucleus and staggering in $\gamma$-band, M Singh,Pradeep Kumar ,Rajesh Kumar ,KK Gupta ,DK Gupta254pdf
A98. Observation of band structure and new isomeric levels in $^{204}$At, S. K. Dey,D. Kanjilal,Abhijit Bisoi,Mala Das,C. C. Dey,S. Ray ,R. Palit,S. Saha,J. Sethi,Somnath Nag,S. Saha256pdf
A99. Measurement of prompt emission energy spectrum of gamma-rays and neutrons in spontaneous fission of $^{252}$Cf, Sukanya De,R. G. Thomas,P. C. Rout,S.V. Suryanarayana,B. K. Nayak,A. Saxena258pdf
A100. Study of A=79 Isobars in a microscopic framework of calculations, Chetan Sharma,Dhanvir Singh,Arun Bharti260pdf
A101. Role of Fluctuations in the Structural Transitions of Hot Rotating Transitional Nucleus, V. Selvam R. Hemalin Subala262pdf
A102. Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in $^{76}$Ge and $^{82}$Se, Amrendra Kumar,B.M. Dixit,P. K. Raina,P. K. Rath264pdf
A103. Half-life and $\beta$-feeding measurements of $^{207}$Po by $\gamma$-spectroscopy method, A. Dhal,R. Ghosh,A. G. Nair,G. Mukherjee,Md. A. Asgar,T. Roy,T. K. Rana,T. K. Ghosh,K. Banerjee,S. Kundu,R. Pandey,Pratap Roy,S. Manna,A. Sen,A. Dey,J. K. Meena,J. K. Sahoo,A. K. Saha,R. Banik,Soumik Bhattacharya,A. Saha,S. S. Alam,D. Mondal,D. Pandit,S. Mukhopadhyay,S. Pal,T. Bhattacharjee,S. Bhattacharyya,C. Bhattacharya,S. R. Banerjee266pdf
A104. Single-particle and Collective structure in $^{51}$Cr, R. Chakrabarti,S. Mukhopadhyay,D.C. Biswas,S. K. Tandel,L. S. Danu,B. N. Joshi,G. K. Prajapati,Y. K. Gupta,B. V. John,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. Palit268pdf
A105. Study of multi-quasiparticle band structures in $^{197}$Tl using $\alpha$ beam, G. Mukherjee,S. Nandi,H. Pai,T. Roy,Md. A. Asgar,A. Dhal,R. Banik,Soumik Bhattacharya,A. Saha,S. S. Alam,S. Bhattacharyya,C. Bhattacharya,Pratap Roy,T. K. Ghosh,S. Kundu,K. Banerjee,T. K. Rana,R. Pandey,S. Manna,A. Sen,S Pal,S Mukhopadhyay,D. Pandit,D. Mondal,T. Bhattacharjee,A. Dey,J. K. Meena,A. K. Saha,J. K. Sahoo,R. Mondal Saha,A. Choudhury,S.R Banerjee270pdf
A106. $R_{DCO}$ and Polarization measurements in $^{133}$Ba, K. Rojeeta Devi,R. Palit,Naveen Kumar, Neelam,P Singh,S. Saha,S. Biswas,F. Babra,Md. Sazedur R. Laskar,S. Samanta,S. Das,Suresh Kumar272pdf
A107. Description of Long-Lived Isomers in $_{101}^{254}$Md$_{153}$, P. C Sood,R Gowrishankar,K Vijay Sai274pdf
A108. Structure of $^{152}$Nd nucleus in IBM, H.M. Mittal,Parveen Kumari,Monica Karday276pdf
A109. Study of $ \nu h_{11/2} $ Band in $ ^{127} $Xe, S. Chakraborty,S. S. Tiwary,C. Majumder,P. K. Prajapati,H. P. Sharma,S. Rai,P. Popli,M. Singh,S. S. Bhattacharjee,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar,P. Banerjee,S. Ganguly,S. Kumar,A. Kumar,R. Palit278pdf
A110. Abrupt Change in the rotational behaviour of a negative-parity band in the $^{85}$Sr nucleus, Naveen Kumar,S. Kumar,S. K. Mandal,V. Kumar,R. Palit,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,P. C. Srivastava280pdf
A111. RDM Lifetime measurement in $^{100}$Ru, C.K. Gupta,Aman Rohilla,R. P. Singh,S. Murlithar,S. Chakraborty,S. Rai,H. P. Sharma,A. Kumar,I.M. Govil,S.K. Chamoli282pdf
A112. Semiclassical triton, Nishchal Dwivedi,Harjeet Kaur,Sudhir Jain284pdf
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b. Nuclear reactions      Top

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B119. Fusion cross-sections for $^6$Li +$^{90}$Zr reaction studied using Skyrme Energy Density Formalism, Shivani Jain,Gurvinder Kaur,Manoj K. Sharma580pdf
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B127. Role of entrance channel mass asymmetry in the decay of $^{80}$Zr$^{*}$, $^{80}$Kr$^{*}$ and $^{80}$Sr$^{*}$ formed at same $E_{CN}^{*}$$\sim$47 MeV in low energy heavy ion reactions, Manpreet Kaur,BirBikram Singh,Varinderjit Kaur596pdf
B128. Energy dissipation in heavy-ion collision in the 3S-CMD model, Mitul R. Morker,Subodh S. Godre598pdf
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B147. Role of continuum couplings in the fusion of $^{15}$C with $^{232}$Th nucleus, V. Jha,A. Mitra636pdf
B148. Few-body aspects of nuclear interaction in the alpha-induced break-up of deuteron at 13 and 15 MeV , A. De,Sushovan Paul,Debakinandan Majee,S. R. Banerjee ,Surajit Pal,S. Mukhopadhyay,D. Pandit,D. Mondal,Srijit Bhattacharya,Balaram Dey638pdf
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B151. The Effect of Anisotropy of Elastic Scattering of Neutrons in the DPA Cross Sections of Light and Medium Mass Nuclei, Uttiyoarnab Saha,K. Devan644pdf

c. Radioactive ion beams: production and utilization      Top

C1. Yields of n-rich nuclei in P-and $\gamma$ - induced $^{238}$U fission, F. A. Khan,Debasis Bhowmick,D.N. Basu,M Farooq,A. Chakrabarti648pdf

d. Hadron physics      Top

D1. Theoretical estimation of $Z^{\prime}$ boson mass, P. Maji,Debika Banerjee,S. Sahoo652pdf
D2. Signature of new Physics in rare radiative $B_s^0\rightarrow\tau^+\tau^-\gamma$ decay, D. Banerjee,P. Maji,S. Sahoo654pdf
D3. A field theoretical insight of weak mesonic decay of $\Lambda$ from hypernuclei, Sabyasachi Ghosh,Gastao Krein656pdf
D4. Mass spectra of Charmonia using Martin-like potential in a Relativistic Dirac formalism, P.C. Vinodkumar,Manan Shah,Tanvi Bhavsar,Bhavin Patel658pdf
D5. Masses of P and D wave $c\bar{b}$ states in relativistic model, Antony Prakash Monteiro,Manjunath Bhat,K.B Vijaya Kumar660pdf
D6. $Z$-expansion Analysis of the Proton Magnetic Radius, Joydeep Roy662pdf
D7. $\nu_l-^{208}Pb$ deep inelastic scattering at MINER$\nu$A energies , Farhana Zaidi,Huma Haider,M. Sajjad Athar,S.K. Singh664pdf
D8. $\rho$ meson spectral function in weak magnetic field, Snigdha Ghosh,Arghya Mukherjee,Mahatsab Mandal,Sourav Sarkar,Pradip Roy666pdf
D9. D wave mass spectra and triple gluon decay of Charmonia, Raghav Chaturvedi,Ajay Kumar Rai668pdf
D10. Nucleon - Nucleon Interaction with One - Pion Exchange and Instanton Induced Interaction, C.S. Vanamali,K.B Vijaya Kumar670pdf
D11. Substantiation of Meson mass quantization from phenomenological Regge Trajectories, Navjot Hothi,Shuchi Bisht672pdf
D12. Regge Trajectories of $\Xi_{bb}$ baryon in$ ($n, $M^2)$ and $($J,$M^2)$ planes, Zalak Shah,Kaushal Thakkar,Ajay Kumar Rai674pdf
D13. Decay constants of $D_d$, $D_s$, $D^*_d$ and $D^*_s$ mesons in the light-cone quark model, Nisha Dhiman,Harleen Dahiya676pdf
D14. Mass and Regge Trajectories for Heavy Pentaquarks, R. Ghosh,A. Bhattacharya678pdf
D15. Status of Zc$(4050)$, Y$(4140)$ and Y$(4360)$ states as mixed P wave states of charmonium, Tanvi Bhavsar,Manan Shah ,P.C. Vinodkumar680pdf
D16. Study of doubly heavy flavour baryons in analogy with H$^{+}_ {2}$ ion, Alice K M,Keval Gandhi,Tanvi Bhavsar,Ajay Majethiya,P.C. Vinodkumar682pdf
D17. $D_{s0}$ and $B_{s0}$ mesons in hot and dense symmetric nuclear medium, Rahul Chhabra,Arvind Kumar684pdf
D18. Correlation between $pp\rightarrow \Delta^{+}$p and $pp\rightarrow pp\pi^{0}$ amplitudes, Venkataraya,G Ramachandran686pdf
D19. Mass spectra of orbitally excited $c\bar{b}$ states in a non-relativistic quark model, Antony Prakash Monteiro,Manjunath Bhat,K.B Vijaya Kumar688pdf
D20. Radiative decays of $c\bar{b}$ states in a non-relativistic quark model, Antony Prakash Monteiro,Manjunath Bhat,K.B Vijaya Kumar690pdf
D21. Radiative decays of $c\bar{b}$ states in a relativistic quark model, Manjunath Bhat,Antony Prakash Monteiro,K.B Vijaya Kumar692pdf
D22. Weak decays and life time of $B_c$ meson, Manjunath Bhat,Antony Prakash Monteiro694pdf
D23. Deuteron as a di-baryonic molecule, D. P. Rathaud,Ajay Kumar Rai696pdf
D24. Masses and magnetic moment of doubly heavy baryons, A. N. Gadaria,N. R. Soni,J. N. Pandya698pdf
D25. The $\rho$ and $\omega$ mesons production in the $\gamma$p reaction, Swapan Das700pdf
D26. Effect of weak magnetic field on pion mass in vacuum, S. Biswas,S. P. Adhya,M. Mandal,P. K. Roy702pdf
D27. S-wave Masses of B Meson in a Non relativistic Quark Model with Hulthen Potential, Praveen P D'Souza,Antony Prakash Monteiro,Manjunath Bhat,K. B Vijayakumar704pdf
D28. Qurakonia in Poschl-Teller Potential using Supersymmetric $($SUSY$)$ Quantum Mechanics, Anurag Singh,P.C. Vinodkumar706pdf
D29. Mass spectra of hidden-charm molecular pentaquark states, Patel Smruti,P. C. Vinodkumar708pdf
D30. Magnetic Moments of Triply Heavy Baryons in Quark-Diquark Model, Kaushal Thakkar,Ajay Majethiya,P. C. Vinodkumar710pdf
D31. Coupled channel effects in $c\bar{b}$ spectra, Manjunath Bhat,Antony Prakash Monteiro712pdf
D32. Fluctuations of Voids in pp Collisions at LHC Energies, Shakeel Ahmad,Shaista Khan,Anisa Khatoon714pdf
D33. Masses and Decays of 2P family of charm mesons, P. Gupta,A. Upadhyay716pdf
D34. Charge radii of nucleons in statistical model, A. Kaur,P. Gupta,A. Upadhyay718pdf
D35. Ground State Charmed Meson Spectra in a Non Relativistic Quark Model, Antony Prakash Monteiro,Manjunath Bhat,Praveen P D'Souza,K. B. Vijaya Kumar720pdf
D36. Annihilation decays of bottomonium, Antony Prakash Monteiro,Manjunath Bhat,Praveen P D'Souza,K.B Vijaya Kumar722pdf
D37. Study of $B_s \to K^0 \nu \bar{\nu}$ decay in the light-cone quark model, Nisha Dhiman,Navdeep Kaur,Harleen Dahiya724pdf
D38. Longitudinal momentum distributions in transverse coordinate space, Narinder Kumar,Chandan Mondal726pdf
D39. Signal of light $Z^{\prime}$ boson from the study of $ B^0_{s,d} \rightarrow \mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ decays, M. Kumar,D. Banerjee,S. Sahoo728pdf
D40. Relastic Results of Low-Lying Charmonium Masses Using Instanton Potential, Praveen P D'Souza,Antony Prakash Monteiro,Manjunath Bhat,K. B Vijayakumar730pdf

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and Quark Gluon Plasma      Top

E1. Probing heavy-ion collisions through initial state observables, Vipul Bairathi,Sandeep Chatterjee,Md. Rihan Haque,Bedangadas Mohanty734pdf
E2. Nuclear Modification factor of heavy flavours using Tsallis Statistics, Sushanta Tripathy,Trambak Bhattacharyya,Prakhar Garg,Prateek Kumar,Raghunath Sahoo,Jean Cleymans736pdf
E3. Susceptibilities of conserved quantities in relativistic heavy-ion collisions at RHIC, Arghya Chatterjee,Sandeep Chatterjee,Nihar Ranjan Sahoo,T. K. Nayak738pdf
E4. Probing the particle production mechanism at intermediate $p_{T}$ through identified triggered correlations in p-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 5.02 TeV, Debojit Sarkar,Subikash Choudhury,Subhasis Chattopadhyay740pdf
E5. High p$_{T}$ $\Upsilon(3S)$ production at LHC energies, Vineet Kumar,Prashant Shukla742pdf
E6. Thermal photons from U+U collsions at RHIC, Pingal Dasgupta,Rupa Chatterjee,Dinesh Kumar Srivastava744pdf
E7. Nuclear shadowing with $\Upsilon$ photoproduction in PbPb collisions at 5 TeV, Dipanwita Dutta,Ruchi Chudasama746pdf
E8. Prototype tests of full-depth Si-W electromagnetic calorimeter for ALICE upgrade at CERN, Sanjib Muhuri,Sourav Mukhopadhay,Sumit Saha,Sanchari Thakur,V.B. Chandratre,Shuaib A. Khan,T. K. Nayak,Jogender Saini,R.N. Singaraju,Menka Sukhwani748pdf
E9. Properties of quarkonium states in moving thermal bath, Lata Thakur,Najmul Haque,Hiranmaya Mishra750pdf
E10. Resonance Production in pp Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV with ALICE at the LHC, Sourav Kundu752pdf
E11. Contribution from fluid-jet interaction towards ridge in p-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 5.02 TeV, Debojit Sarkar,Subhasis Chattopadhyay754pdf
E12. Study of light-by-light scattering with PbPb collisions at 5.02 TeV with CMS, Ruchi Chudasama,David d'Enterria,Dipanwita Dutta756pdf
E13. Charged particle multiplicity fluctuations in high energy heavy-ion collisions, Maitreyee Mukherjee,Sumit Basu,Sanchari Thakur,Subikash Choudhury,Sandeep Chatterjee,T. K. Nayak758pdf
E14. Event-by-event charge separation in Au-Au collisions at ${\sqrt{s_{NN}}}$ = 200 GeV, Anjali Attri760pdf
E15. Conductivity using `no-wall' holographic QCD model, Neha Bhatnagar762pdf
E16. Charged hadron production for asymmetric and deformed nuclear collisions in Wounded Quark Model, O. S. K. Chaturvedi,P. K. Srivastava,Ashwini Kumar,B. K. Singh764pdf
E17. One Dimensional Multifractal Study of Singly Charged Particles Produced in $^{32}$S - AgBr Interactions at CERN SPS Energies, Mir Hashim Rasool,M. Ayaz Ahmad,Ishfaq Majeed,Shafiq Ahmad766pdf
E18. Fractality in multiparticle production-a graph theoretical approach, P. Mali,S.K. Manna,A. Mukhopadhyay,P.K. Haldar,G. Singh768pdf
E19. Equation of state of spin asymmetric QGP matter, Kausik Pal770pdf
E20. Correlation study of projectile fragment proton with secondary particle multiplicity in $^{84}Kr_{36}$ + emulsion interactions at $\sim$1 A GeV, N Marimuthu,Venktesh Singh,S. S. R Ibanathan,Ramji Pathak772pdf
E21. KNO Scaling Analysis of Singly Charged Projectile Fragments at Relativistic Energies , N Marimuthu,Venktesh Singh,S. S. R Ibanathan774pdf
E22. Initial fluctuations and triangular flow in AMPT Model at FAIR Energy, Soumya Sarkar,Amitabha Mukhopadhyay776pdf
E23. A Comparative Study of Heavy Quark Potential with KMS Model in a Hot QCD medium within a Quasi Particle Model, Indrani Nilima,Vineet Kumar Agotiya778pdf
E24. Strange hadron production in high multiplicity pp collision at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV, Kapil Saraswat,Prashant Shukla,Vineet Kumar,Venktesh Singh780pdf
E25. Freeze-out Conditions in proton-proton Collisions From SPS to LHC Energies, Sabita Das,Debadeepti Mishra,Sandeep Chatterjee,Bedangadas Mohanty782pdf
E26. Bulk Viscosity for Quark-Gluon Plasma using Dual QCD Thermal Bag, Garima Punetha,H. C. Chandola784pdf
E27. Study of Dependence of normalized multiplicity and reduced multiplicity on centre of mass system of charged secondaries in high energy heavy ion interactions at 4.5 A GeV , M Saleem Khan,Praveen Prakash Shukla,Khushnood Husain786pdf
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E32. Target Excitation Dependence Study of Multidimensional Void Scaling in $^{32}$S-AgBr Interactions at 200 AGeV, Mitali Mondal,Arindam Mondal,Arindam Naskar,Dipak Ghosh,Argha Deb796pdf
E33. Wavelet based fluctuation analysis in $^{16}$O-AgBr interactions at different energies, Gopa Bhoumik,Argha Deb,Swarnapratim Bhattacharyya,Dipak Ghosh798pdf
E34. Evidence of Forward-Backward Multiplicity Correlations In Ring Like And Jet Like Events, Mitali Mondal,Soma Biswas Ghosh,Saheli Chowdhury,Dipak Ghosh,Argha Deb800pdf
E35. Some Energy-Angular Correlations of Secondary Charged Particles Produced in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions , M. Ayaz Ahmad,Mir Hashim Rasool,Shafiq Ahmad,R. Dobra,D. Pascluescu802pdf
E36. Energy and centrality dependence of dynamical charge fluctuation at FAIR energies, Somnath Ghosh,Amitabha Mukhopadhyay804pdf
E37. Phenomenon of Longitudinal Scaling at LHC in a Thermal Model with Flow , Swatantra Kumar Tiwari,Raghunath Sahoo806pdf
E38. Detection of low mass vector mesons with realistic Muon Detector system at 8 AGeV Au$+$Au collisions in CBM experiment at FAIR, Ekata Nandy,Subhasis Chattopadhyay808pdf
E39. Multiplicity Correlations in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions, Khushnood Husain810pdf
E40. In-house work on characterization of pixel chip pALPIDE, T. Sinha,A. Biswas,A. Roy,D. Das,Dipankar Das,S. Chattopadhyay812pdf
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E42. Study of Initial conditions for Pb-Pb Collisions, Snigdha Ghosh,Sushant K. Singh,Sandeep Chatterjee,Jane Alam,Sourav Sarkar816pdf
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E45. Correlations of conserved number mixed susceptibilities in a hadron resonance gas model, P. K. Netrakanti,D. K. Mishra,Bedangadas Mohanty822pdf
E46. $\Upsilon$ photoproduction in proton-proton collisions at LHC energies, Dipanwita Dutta,Ruchi Chudasama824pdf
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E50. A model study of D-h and D-$\bar{D}$ azimuthal correlation at LHC energies , S.K. Tripathy,M. Younus,Z. Naik,P. K. Sahu832pdf
E51. Multifractality in pp Collisions at LHC Energies, N. Ahmad,Omveer Singh834pdf
E52. Effect of neutron skin-thickness on prompt photon production at the LHC experiment, Somnath De836pdf
E53. Angular characteristics of particles produced in pion-nucleus interactions, Tufail Ahmad838pdf
E54. Improved intermittency analysis of charged particle density fluctuations in Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 2.76$ TeV, M. Mohisin Khan,Tahir Hussain,I Das,S Ahmad,S. Chattopadhyay,M Irfan840pdf
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E57. Quark-Hadron phase transition at high chemical potential in relativistic heavy-ion collision, Y. Kumar,S.S. Singh846pdf
E58. Event-by-event charge separation in Pb-Pb collisions at $\it {\sqrt{s_{NN}}}$ = 2.76 TeV with ALICE, Sonia Parmar848pdf
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E60. Study of mass ordering of $v_{2}^{hadron}$ from hadronic interactions in AMPT in p-Pb collisions at LHC energy, Debojit Sarkar,Subikash Choudhury,Subhasis Chattopadhyay852pdf
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E62. Chemical freeze-out temperature from slope parameters in high energy heavy-ion collisions, Sanchari Thakur,T. K. Nayak,Sumit Basu856pdf
E63. Entropy scaling in hadron-nucleus interactions , Sitaram Pal,Dipak Ghosh,Argha Deb858pdf
E64. Charged particle fluctuations using factorial moments at LHC energies, Mona Sharma,Ramni Gupta860pdf

f. Electroweak interaction in nuclei and nuclear astrophysics      Top

F1. Microscopic $(n,\gamma)$ rates with astrophysical relevance near the $N=50$ neutron core, Saumi Dutta,G. Gangopadhyay,Abhijit Bhattacharyya864pdf
F2. Quasi elastic sacttering of neutrino with nuclei, Kapil Saraswat,Prashant Shukla,Vineet Kumar,Venktesh Singh866pdf
F3. Tidal effects in equal-mass binary neutron stars, Bharat Kumar,S. K. Biswal,S. K. Patra868pdf
F4. Deformation effects in $^{36}$Mg$($n,$\gamma$$)$$^{37}$Mg radiative capture reaction, Shubhchintak,R. Chatterjee,R. Shyam870pdf
F5. Modified chiral potential and neutron stars, Tuhin Malik,Kinjal Banerjee,T.K. Jha,B. K. Agrawal872pdf
F6. Measurement of cross sections and S factors for d$($p,$\gamma)^{3}$He at astrophysically relevant energies, M. Dhibar,G. Anil Kumar,I. Mazumdar,A. K. Rhine Kumar,S. M. Patel,P .B. Chavan,C .D Bagdia,K. V. Thulasi Ram,W. A. Fernandes,L. C. Trivedi874pdf
F7. Monte Carlo studies towards a Measurement of the $\nu_{\mu}$ Induced Neutral Current $\pi^{0}$ Production Cross-section in the NOvA Near Detector, Daisy Kalra,Giulia Brunetti876pdf
F8. A new cosmic-ray composition sensitive observable in air shower studies, Rajat K. Dey878pdf
F9. Properties of rotating equilibrium sequences of compact stars, M. Bhuyan,S. K. Patra,Shan-Gui Zhou880pdf
F10. Microscopic analysis of astrophysical $($p,$\gamma)$ reaction cross sections in A = 40-54, Dipti Chakraborty,Saumi Dutta,G. Gangopadhyay,Abhijit Bhattacharyya882pdf
F11. Taylor expansion in the study of neutron star crust-core transition density, T.R. Routray,X. Vinas,D.N. Basu,S.P. Pattnaik,M. Centelles,L. M. Robledo,K. Madhuri,B. Behera884pdf
F12. Resonance excitation in $^7$Be+d reaction to study the cosmological lithium problem, Mandira Sinha,D. Gupta,Swapan K. Saha886pdf
F13. Coherency in Low Energy Neutrino Nucleus Elastic Scattering, Vivek Sharma,Venktesh Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam,H. T. Wong888pdf
F14. Interacting $\&$ non-interacting fermionic dark matter and quark matter compact stars, Debasis Atta,Somnath Mukhopadhyay,D.N. Basu,C. Samanta890pdf
F15. Neutron Stars with Delta Isomers, Debashree Sen,T.K. Jha892pdf
F16. Hyperon Matter in Neutron Star, Debashree Sen,T.K. Jha894pdf
F17. Non-cyclic geometric phases for neutrino oscillations in uniformly twisting magnetic fields, S. Joshi,S.R. Jain896pdf
F18. Effects of $\Delta$ baryon in hyperon stars in a Modified Quark Meson Coupling Model, H. S. Sahoo,R. N. Mishra,P. K. Panda,N. Barik898pdf
F19. Emergence of new correlations between neutron star radii and nuclear matter properties, N. Alam,B. K. Agrawal,H. Pais,C. Providencia,A. Sulaksono900pdf
F20. Simulation of threshold of superheated liquid detector for dark matter search, Sana Ahmed,Susnata Seth,Mala Das902pdf
F21. Development of a recirculating superheated liquid detector for dark matter search , Jisnu Basu,Sundeep Ghosh,Prasanna Mondal,Nilanjan Biswas ,Sarbajit Pal,Tapas Samanta,Mala Das904pdf
F22. Probing the existence of Axion Like Particles using observations of very high energy $\gamma -$ rays from distant blazars, K. K. Singh,S. Bhattacharyya,A. K. Tickoo,N. Bhatt906pdf
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F27. Curvature of a neutron star, Bharat Kumar,S. K. Biswal,S. K. Patra916pdf
F28. Precise Kinetic Energy Measurement in Penning Trap, A.K. Sikdar,Rishav Hui,Pralay Kumar Das,A. Ray918pdf
F29. Optimization of neutron and gamma shielding for reactor antineutrino measurement at DHRUVA, S. P. Behera,D. K. Mishra,V. Jha,V. K. S. Kashyap,A. Mitra,P. K. Netrakanti,L. M. Pant920pdf
F30. Validity of Parabolic approximation in the study of crust-core transition density using Skyrme interaction, K. Madhuri,S.P. Pattnaik,T.R. Routray,D.N. Basu,B. Behera922pdf
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F32. Leptonic origin of the IceCube detected PeV neutrinos, Rajat K. Dey926pdf
F33. Universality of different properties of rotating neutron stars with realistic equation of state, Smruti Smita Lenka,Prasanta Char,Sarmistha Banik928pdf
F34. Astrophysical S-factor for sub-barrier Fusion Reaction, Vinay Singh,Debasis Atta,Md. A. Khan930pdf
F35. Study of dark matter distribution in spiral galaxy and galaxy clusters , Shailesh Pincha,Venktesh Singh932pdf
F36. Simulation of neutron background for DINO Dark Matter search experiment, K.K Meghna,Pijushpani Bhattacharjee,Satyaki Bhattacharya,Debasish Das,Mala Das,C. C. Dey,Biswajit Karmakar,Debasish Majumdar,Bedangadas Mohanty,Pratik Majumdar,Manoj Kumar Sharan,Satyajit Saha934pdf
F37. Effect of compression on X-ray intensity associated with nuclear decay of Hafnium , P. Das,G. Mandal,A. Kumar,B. S. Tomar936pdf
F38. Density Slope Parameter at subsaturation densities from electric dipole polarisability, S. K. Tripathy,D Behera938pdf
F39. Recoil neutron polarization with circularly polarized photons in photodisintegration of deuteron at astrophysical energies, Shilpashree S P,Kusuma M,Ramachandran Gowravram940pdf
F40. Understanding the basics of final unification with three gravitational constants associated with nuclear, electromagnetic and gravitational interactions, U.V.S Seshavatharam,S Lakshminarayana942pdf

g. Instrumentation for nuclear physics      Top

G1. Characterization of Prototype Oil-free Bakelite RPC for High Rate Experiments, Mitali Mondal,Rajesh Ganai,Zubayer Ahmmed,Subhasis Chattopadhyay946pdf
G2. Epics Based Control System For BARC-TIFR LINAC Booster, S K Singh ,A Basu ,Sherry Rosilly ,J N Karande ,Sanjoy Pal,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay ,P V Bhagwat948pdf
G3. Geant4 Simulation of VECC array for Nuclear Spectroscopy $($VENUS$)$, Md. A. Asgar,G. Mukherjee,T. Roy ,Soumik Bhattacharya,A. Dhal950pdf
G4. PRIN - A Facility for neutron production using Accelerator, E. Vardaci,L. Campajola,P. K. Rath,G. Larana,MD. Assaduzzaman,B. De. Canditiis,F, Di Capua952pdf
G5. Progress in VECC Penning Trap Development, A.K. Sikdar,Febin Saji,Vaibhav Bhardwaj,A. Reza,P. Das,A. Ray954pdf
G6. Time Correlation Experiment with Timestamping module for Heterogeneous VME & CAMAC Data Acquisition System, Ram Kumar Paul,Partha Dhara,Pintu Maity,Pranab Singha Roy,K. Banerjee,A. K. Saha,Amitava Roy956pdf
G7. Charged Particle detectors for LEB-NUSTAR, J. Vesic,M. Gorska,A. Jhingan,P. Boutachkov,I. Kojouharov,H. Schaffner,S. Saha ,M. Cappellazzo,E. Kluge,P. Koseoglou,J. Gerl,H. J. Wollersheim958pdf
G8. Gain uniformity and gain dependence on T/P for real size prototype triple GEM for CBM experiment, Ajit Kumar,Anand Kumar Dubey,Subhasis Chattopadhyay960pdf
G9. A Micromegas-based TPC for the International Linear Collider, Deb Sankar Bhattacharya,Purba Bhattacharya,Supratik Mukhopadhyay,Nayana Majumdar,Sandip Sarkar,Paul Colas,David Attie,Serguei Ganjour,A. Bhattacharya962pdf
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G12. In-beam test of PARIS mini-cluster, S Pal,Balaram Dey,C Ghosh,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay,D. Pandit,M.S. Pose968pdf
G13. First signals from indigenously produced GEM foils, Anand Kumar Dubey,S. Nagarajan,Veera Prasad,Subhasis Chattopadhyay970pdf
G14. Studies on UV Photon Detector with double thick GEM, Puspita Ray,Radhakrishna Vatedka,Baishali Garai,Koushal Vadodariya,Rajanna Konandur972pdf
G15. De-noising of Nuclear spectra by Employing Spencer and Savitzky-Golay FIR Filters, Garvita Khajuria,Vansha Kher,Vinod Madan974pdf
G16. Gamma-ray responses of organic single crystal grown by unidirectional Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy technique, N Durairaj,S Kalinathan,M. Saha Sarkar,C. C. Dey976pdf
G17. Epics-Qt Based Graphical User Interface for Accelerator Control, A Basu,S. K. Singh978pdf
G18. Development of 5-gap Glass Multi-gap Resistive Plate Chamber for Time of Flight Positron Emission Tomography $($TOF-PET$)$ Imaging, Rajesh Ganai,Arindam Roy,Shaifali Mehta,Mitali Mondal,Zubayer Ahammed,Subhasis Chattopadhyay980pdf
G19. Design and fabrication of a MHz scaler module, D. Nag,S. Biswas,S. Das982pdf
G20. Study of Silicon Fiber Sheet based readout strips panel impedance , Manoj Kumar Singh,Abhishek Kumar,N Marimuthu,Venktesh Singh984pdf
G21. Detection of Fissile Material using Active Neutron Interrogation, Tushar Roy,Yogesh Kashyap,Mayank Shukla,Tarun Patel,S. C. Gadkari986pdf
G22. Characterization of the BC501A Neutron Detector, Manoj Kumar Singh,Venktesh Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam,Henery Tsz-king Wong988pdf
G23. Preliminary Test of 5-gap Glass Multi-gap Resistive Plate Chamber for Photon Detection for Time of Flight Positron Emission Tomography $($TOF-PET$)$ Imaging, Rajesh Ganai,Mitali Mondal,Shaifali Mehta,Subhasis Chattopadhyay990pdf
G24. Temperature Response and Intrinsic Background Radiation Studies of a LaBr$_3($Ce$)$ Scintillation Detector for its use in Environmental Gamma Spectrometry, Pratip Mitra,Amit K. Verma,S. Anilkumar,D. D. Rao,A. Vinod Kumar992pdf
G25. Building of a 4-GEM prototype for ALICE-TPC upgrade, S. Swain,R. P. Adak,S. Biswas,Rajendra Nath Patra,S. Rudra,P. K. Sahu,S. Sahu994pdf
G26. R&D on Straw Tube detector for CBM Muon Chamber, R. P. Adak,S. Biswas,S. Chattopadhyay,S. Das,D. Ghosal,P. Ghosal,A. Mondal,D. Nag,S. Roy,Jogender Saini996pdf
G27. Stability test of the GEM detector, R. P. Adak,S. Biswas,S. Das,D. Ghosal,S. K. Ghosh,A. Mondal,D. Nag,T. K. Nayak,Rajendra Nath Patra,S.K. Prasad,S. Raha,P. K. Sahu,S. Sahu,S. Swain998pdf
G28. Low Dose Measurement of 150 ns Pulsed X-Ray Source with Silver Doped $Li_2B_4O_7$ Single Crystals, G.D. Patra,S.G. Singh,B. Tiwari,M. Tyagi,R. M. Agarwal,A. Sharma,S. Sen,S. C. Gadkari1000pdf
G29. Building of Gas Flow Monitor for GEM Detector, S. Sahu ,P. K. Sahu,S. Swain,S. Biswas1002pdf
G30. High Voltage Distribution scheme for large size GEM detector, Jogender Saini,Ajit Kumar,Anand Kumar Dubey,V. S. Negi,Subhasis Chattopadhyay1004pdf
G31. FTIR spectra of UV induced CR-39 Plastic Detector, R K Jain,Ashok Kumar,R N Chakraborty,B K Singh1006pdf
G32. Detection Of Multiple Radiation Sources Using Multi Anode PMT and CsI:Tl scintillator crystal, Rishabh Agarwal,S. Sen,Shiv Govind Singh,M. Tyagi,P S Sarkar,T Roy,S. C. Gadkari1008pdf
G33. Response of CR-39 SSNTD to high energy neutrons using zirconium convertors - A Monte Carlo and experimental study, R. Pal,K. Biju,B.K. Sapra,S.V. Suryanarayana,B. K. Nayak,A.K. Bakshi,D. Datta1010pdf
G34. Detection threshold of a SSNTD, Rupamoy Bhattacharyya,S Dey,S. K. Ghosh,A Maulik,S. Raha,D Syam1012pdf
G35. Estimation of Neutron flux in TIFR Low background Experimental Setup $($TiLES$)$, H. Krishnamoorthy,A. Garai,G. Gupta,N. Dokania,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay,A. Shrivastava1014pdf
G36. Study of a cylindrical single wire gas ionization detector, Sreelakshmi J.,C. Basu,S. Adhikari,A. K. Mitra,J. Panja1016pdf
G37. Simulation of a proposed Multiplicity filter for INGA, S. Saha,R. Palit1018pdf
G38. Intrinsic resolution of Compton electrons in LaBr$_{3}$:Ce and LaCl$_{3}$:Ce detectors using Compton Coincidence Technique, Snigdha Sharma,V. Ranga,M. Dhibar,S. Rawat,Anil Kumar Gourishetty1020pdf
G39. Characterization of NaI$($Tl$)$ Sum Spectrometer and its utilization, M. Saha Sarkar,Arkabrata Gupta,Sangeeta Das,Sayantani Datta,Toshali Mitra,Indrani Ray,Yajnya Sapkota,J. Panja,Sujib Chatterjee,Ajay Mitra1022pdf
G40. Feasibility Study of Using RPCs in CBM Muon Chamber, Ekata Nandy,Mitali Mondal,Rajesh Ganai,Zubayer Ahammed,Subhasis Chattopadhyay1024pdf
G41. Improvements to Tifr Low background Experimental Setup $($TiLES$)$, G. Gupta,N. Dokania,H. Krishnamoorthy,A. Garai,C Ghosh,M.S. Pose,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay1026pdf
G42. In-beam Tests of PIXIE-16 Digitizer based Data Acquisition System at VECC, S. Das,S. Samanta,R. Bhattacharjee,A. Ghosh,D. Arora,S. Chatterjee,K. Basu,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,A. K. Sinha,R. Banik,S. Bhattacharya,A. Dhal ,S. Imran,S. Bhattacharyya,G. Mukherjee,A. Goswami,R. Palit,H. Tan1028pdf
G43. Measuring the distributions of atmospheric muons at sea level, Prashant Shukla,Vineet Kumar1030pdf
G44. A novel self-sustained digital acquisition system employing multi-frequency digitizers for the BARC Clover + LaBr$_3$ array, S. Mukhopadhyay,D. C. Biswas,L. A. Kinage,C. Tintori,F. Pepe,A. Lucchesi,M. Venaruzzo1032pdf
G45. Simulations and Track Reconstruction for Muon Tomography using Resistive Plate Chambers , R Sehgal,V. K. S. Kashyap,S T Sehgal,A Bhattacharyya,P Kanavi,I Kanungo,V Singh,G Kekre,A Jindal,A Jain,L. M. Pant,A. Saxena1034pdf
G46. Photoemission and morphological studies of KBr thin film photocathode for astrophysics application, Richa Rai,Triloki Triloki,B. K. Singh1036pdf
G47. Composition Profile of Thin Film Target by Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry , G. R. Umapathy,Sunil Ojha,Kavita Rani,Meenu Thakur,Ruchi Mahajan,Neeraj Kumar ,S. Chopra,D. Kanjilal1038pdf
G48. Study of neutron interaction in PARIS phoswich detector, Balaram Dey,C Ghosh,S Pal,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay,K.V. Anoop,M.S. Pose1040pdf
G49. $\gamma$-ray and neutron rate measurements at Dhruva reactor for the ISMRAN experiment, P. K. Netrakanti,A. Mitra,V. K. S. Kashyap,S. P. Behra,V. Jha,D. K. Mishra,B. K. Nayak,L. M. Pant,A. Saxena,V.M. Datar1042pdf
G50. Characterization and utilization of a small volume cadmium-zinc-telluride detector, Tathagata Pal,Payel Das,Maitreyee Nandy1044pdf
G51. Channel Processor in 2D Cluster Finding Algorithm for High Energy Physics Application, Rourab Paul,Amlan Chakrabarti,J. Mitra, Shuaib Ahmad Khan ,Sanjoy Mukherjee,T.K. Nayak1046pdf
G52. The Characterization of THGEM using Ar/CH$_4 ($95:5$)$, T. Sinha,A. Biswas,A. Roy,Dipankar Das,D. Das,L. Das,S. Chattopadhyay1048pdf
G53. Characteristics of triple GEM detector for the ALICE TPC upgrade at CERN, Rajendra Nath Patra,R.N. Singaraju,S. Biswas,Z. Ahammed,T. K. Nayak,Y.P. Viyogi1050pdf
G54. Study of Multiwire Proportional Chambers $($MWPC$)$ detector using NIM and MANAS electronics, Rajendra Nath Patra,R.N. Singaraju,T. K. Ghosh,S. Biswas,T. K. Nayak,Y.P. Viyogi1052pdf
G55. Framing and testing of large GEM foils for ALICE TPC upgrade, Rajendra Nath Patra,J. Hehner,D. Miskowiec1054pdf
G56. Large Area Multi Wire Proportional Counters for Fission fragment Detection, N. Saneesh,Mohit Kumar,A. Jhingan,P. Sugathan1056pdf
G57. Fabrication of 1m x 1m readout strips panel and quality verification of new set of SFS dielectric material, Abhishek Kumar,Akash Pandey,Hariom Sogarwal,N Marimuthu,Venktesh Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam1058pdf
G58. Automation for Measuring the Surface Resistivity of RPC by Arduino Motor Shield, Akash Pandey,Abhishek Kumar,Manoj Kumar Singh,N Marimuthu,Venktesh Singh1060pdf
G59. Recent target development activities at IUAC , Abhilash S.R,D. Kabiraj1062pdf
G60. Pulse shape discrimination in Boron codoped Gd$_{3}$Ga$_{3}$Al$_{2}$O$_{12}($Ce$)$ and CsI$($Tl$)$: A comparative study, S. Rawat,M. Tyagi,V. K. S. Kashyap,P. K. Netrakanti, A. K. Singh,D. G. Desai,A. Mitra,G. Anil Kumar,S. Sen,S. C. Gadkari1064pdf
G61. Calibration of silver lined proportional counter for yield measurement of 14 MeV pulsed neutron source, P.M. Dighe,Ankita Pathak,L.P. Kamble,R. Pal,A.K. Bakshi,P.V. Bhatnagar,D. Das1066pdf
G62. Study of radioactive impurities in NTD Ge sensors for mK thermometry, A. Garai,G. Gupta,H. Krishnamoorthy,N. Dokania,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay,A. Shrivastava,K. C. Jagadeesan,S. V. Thakare1068pdf
G63. Implementation of I2C bus master controller for CRU Slow Control in ALICE at LHC, Shuaib Ahmad Khan,F. Costa,Erno David,J. Mitra,Tivadar Kiss,S. Mukherjee,Rourab Paul,Tushar K. Das,A. Chakrabarti,T. K. Nayak1070pdf
G64. MANAS based Readout of Avalanche Photodiodes for particle detectors, R.N. Singaraju,P. Bhaskar,Shuaib Ahmad Khan,Rajendra Nath Patra,T. K. Nayak1072pdf
G65. Performance of waveform digitizers as a compact data acquisition system for the ISMRAN experiment, A. Mitra,P. K. Netrakanti,V. K. S. Kashyap,S. P. Behera,V. Jha,D. K. Mishra,L. M. Pant1074pdf
G66. Comparative Study of Radiation damage in Si, Ge and Diamond used as Detector, Shyam Kumar1076pdf
G67. An efficient approach to evaluate PCIe DMA design and DMA performance for Common Readout Unit$($CRU$)$, S. Mukherjee,F. Costa,R. Paul,A. Chakrabarti,S.A. Khan,J. Mitra,T. Nayak1078pdf
G68. Testing and characterization of a scintillator based position sensitive detector assembly for a one-shot gamma ray scanning setup, A. Banerjee,S. Mandal1080pdf
G69. Design of Large Size Segmented GEM foils and Drift PCB for CBM MUCH, Jogender Saini,Anand Kumar Dubey,Subhasis Chattopadhyay1082pdf
G70. Understanding Muon Scattering Using GEANT4 for Tomographic Application, Sridhar Tripathy,Abhik Jash ,Nayana Majumdar ,Supratik Mukhopadhyay,Sandip Sarkar,Satyajit Saha1084pdf
G71. Electronic Data Aggregation Architecture for High Energy Physics Big data taking Experiments, J. Mitra,Swagata Mandal,Shuaib Ahmad Khan,Jogender Saini,Subhasis Chattopadhyay,T. K. Nayak1086pdf
G72. GATE Simulation of Coded Mask Aperture for near field gamma ray imaging application, Subam Rai, Murali Ravi, Vijay Sai K, Siva Sankara Sai S1088pdf
G73. Radiation hardness testing of Low Voltage Distribution Board for CBM-MUCH Experiment, V. S. Negi,Jogender Saini,Anand Kumar Dubey,P. Bhaskar,V Jain,S. Chattopadhyay1090pdf
G74. Numerical studies on transport properties of gas mixtures for triple GEM detectors in CMS experiment, Prasant Kumar Rout,Deb Sankar Bhattacharya,Purba Bhattacharya,A. R. Sahasransu,Supratik Mukhopadhyay,Nayana Majumdar1092pdf
G75. Performance study of automatic connection scanner for readout strips panel of RPC Detector, N Marimuthu,Akash Pandey,Abhishek Kumar,Manoj Kumar Singh,Venktesh Singh1094pdf
G76. Design and fabrication of a water based cooling system for the CBM Muon Chamber, D. Nag,A Kumar,S Biswas,S. Chattopadhyay,S Das,Anand Kumar Dubey,C Ghosh,S.K. Prasad,J Saini1096pdf
G77. Fabrication and Characterization of Diamond as Detector for Future Collider , Bilal Ahmad Reshi,Amrendra Narayan,Shyam Kumar,Raghava Varma1098pdf
G78. Design of gas jet based high energy proton beam diagnostic instruments, Sherry Rosilly .,Jose V. M.,Krishnagopal S.,Singh S. K.,Bhagwat P. V.1100pdf
G79. Conduction mechanism in electron beam irradiated Al/n-Si Schottky diode, Indudhar Panduranga Vali,Pramoda Kumara Shetty,Mahesha M.G.,Vikash C Petwal1102pdf

T. Thesis Presentations      Top

T1. Study Of Nuclei Using Infinite Nuclear Matter Model Of Atomic Nuclei, Simanchala Pattnaik1106pdf
T2. Studies of Nuclear Isomers From Medium Mass to Heavy Mass Nuclei, Bhoomika Maheshwari,Ashok Kumar Jain1108pdf
T3. Global and systematic study of nuclear Structure of even-even nuclei of A=100-200 mass region, Parveen Kumari1110pdf
T4. Lifetime measurements probing nuclear structure issues at high spins in $^{167}$Lu an $^{188}$Pt, Aman Rohilla1112pdf
T5. Generation of angular momentum in weakly deformed nuclei in mass $\sim$ 140 region, S. Rajbanshi1114pdf
T6. Structural Properties of Finite and Infinite Nuclear Systems and Related Phenomena, S. K. Biswal1116pdf
T7. Theoretical studies on the decay of heavy nuclei from ground state and as an excited compound system formed in heavy ion reaction, B Priyanka,K. P. Santhosh1118pdf
T8. Study of asymmetric and neutron-rich heavy-ion collisions using isospin-dependent quantum molecular dynamics model, Arun Sharma1120pdf
T9. Nuclear Structure of Transitional Strontium $($Sr$)$ Nuclei near Shell Closure N = 50, Naveen Kumar1122pdf
T10. Nuclear reaction and Structure effects near and beyond the $\beta$-stability line, Mahesh Kumar1124pdf
T11. Statistical and dynamical model studies of nuclear multifragmentation reactions at intermediate energies, S Mallik1126pdf
T12. Fusion cross section measurements induced by heavy ions, T. Rajbongshi1128pdf
T13. Neutron Induced Cross Section and Fission Yield Measurements for Thorium and Uranium, Sadhana Mukerji1130pdf
T14. Cross sections and neutron emission spectra in fission of unstable actinide nuclei using surrogate reactions and direct neutrons, V. V. Desai1132pdf
T15. Study of nuclear fragmentation and associated phenomena with thermal binding energies, Rohit Kumar1134pdf
T16. Study of the Ground-state configuration of neutron-rich Aluminium isotope through Electromagnetic excitation, Santosh Chakraborty,Ushasi Datta1136pdf
T17. Conceptual Design of the Lambda Disks Detector for the PANDA Experiment, Ajay Kumar1138pdf
T18. Measurement of angular correlations between D$^0$ mesons and charged particles in p-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC, Somnath Kar1140pdf
T19. Multihadron production in high-energy collisions and forward rapidity measurement of inclusive photons in Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}} = 2.76$ TeV in ALICE experiment at LHC, Aditya Nath Mishra1142pdf
T20. Studies on Resistive Plate Chambers $($RPC$)$ for INO and scintillators for reactor antineutrino detection, V. K. S. Kashyap1144pdf