I. Invited Talks

a. Nuclear structure

b. Nuclear reactions

c. Nuclear astrophysics

d. Hadron physics

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and QGP

f. Electroweak interaction in nuclei

g. Nuclear instrumentation, techniques and applications

T. Thesis Presentations

S. Special Session

Author Index

I. Invited Talks      Top

I1. Chirality, wobbling and chiral wobblers , Umesh Garg3pdf
I2. The Low Energy High Intensity Proton Accelerator (LEHIPA): Status and Plans , S. Krishnagopal5pdf
I3. The Digital Highway to Nuclear Excitations: Of Milestones Covered & the Miles Ahead , S. S. Ghugre7pdf
I4. Unveiling new features in rare isotopes with direct reactions , Rituparna Kanungo9pdf
I5. Investigation of triaxiality in the Ba nuclei near N=82 shell closure , Suresh Kumar11pdf
I6. Structural evolution and symmetry breaking features of exotic nuclei , T. Trivedi13pdf
I7. Nuclear Structure Aspects of Exotic Weak Decays , P. K. Rath15pdf
I8. Puzzling features in reactor antineutrino measurements : role of ISMRAN detector , V. Jha17pdf
I9. Systematic of Incomplete fusion with strongly and weakly bound projectiles , V. V. Parkar19pdf
I10. Does neutron transfer influence sub-barrier fusion ? , Pushpendra P. Singh21pdf
I11. Methods for the production of radioactive ion beams , Pascal Jardin 23pdf
I12. Fusion fission dynamics in Super Heavy Element synthesis , K Banerjee25pdf
I13. Understand of the collective enhancement in the nuclear level density , Deepak Pandit27pdf
I14. Recent developments in Hadron Spectroscopy , Ajay Kumar Rai 29pdf
I15. Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock Theory and Its Extensions for Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions: Recent Progress , K. Sekizawa31pdf
I16. Nuclear inputs in astrophysical s-process nucleosynthesis , G. Gangopadhyay33pdf
I17. Quarkonium measurements at forward rapidity with ALICE at the LHC , Indranil Das35pdf
I18. Attractors in higher-order viscous hydrodynamics for Bjorken flow , Amaresh Jaiswal37pdf
I19. Color Glass Condensate and Glasma , Raktim Abir39pdf
I20. Probing Quark Gluon Plasma in PbPb collisions at LHC , Prashant Shukla41pdf
I21. Recent results from RIBRAS (Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil) facility , S. Appannababu43pdf
I22. Superfluidity in neutron stars , S. Ramanan45pdf
I23. Systematic study of the $\gamma$-ray strength function of samarium isotopes , F. Naqvi47pdf
I24. Nuclear collective excitations in hot and fast rotating nuclei , S. Mukhopadhyay49pdf
I25. Study of some light, medium and heavy-ion induced reactions at the cyclotron energies , I. A. Rizvi51pdf
I26. Nuclear Data Requirements, Challenges and need for New Experimental Measurements , S. V. Suryanarayana53pdf

Contributory Papers

a. Nuclear structure      Top

A1. Studies on the existence of 1p halo isotopes via cluster decay of nuclei in super heavy region, K P Anjali, K Prathapan, R K Biju, K P Santhosh56pdf
A2. Onset of exotic shape in $^{31}$P, Debasish Mondal, Deepak Pandit, S. Mukhopadhyay, Surajit Pal, Balaram Dey, A. De, Srijit Bhattacharya, Pratap Roy, K. Banerjee, Soumik Bhattacharya, S. R. Banerjee58pdf
A3. A new weighted-slope method for extrapolation of Experimental Masses of Nuclei far from the valley of stability, C. Scheidenberger, D.S. Shreesha Rao, Sagar Venkatesh Prasad, C.V. Nithishkumar, K. Venkataramaniah, K. Vijay Sai, B. Pfeiffer60pdf
A4. Shape evolution and coexistence in Hg isotopes, Nithu Ashok, Simji P, Antony Joseph 62pdf
A5. Study of deformed band spectra of odd mass neutron rich $^{153,155,157}$Pm isotopes, R K Pandit, Rani Devi, S K Khosa64pdf
A6. Revisiting the high-spin states in $^{54}$Mn reveals its new structure, S. Basu, G. Mukherjee, S. Nandi, A. Dhal, R. Banik, S. Bhattacharya, S. Bhattacharyya, C. Bhattacharya, S. Kundu, D. Paul, Sajad Ali, S. Rajbanshi, H. Pai, P. Ray, S. Chatterjee, S. Das, S. Samanta, A. Goswami, R. Raut, S.S. Ghugre, S. Biswas66pdf
A7. Presence of transverse and longitudinal wobbling in $^{183}$Au, S. Nandi, G. Mukherjee, Q.B. Chen, R. Banik, S. Bhattacharya, Shabir Dar, S. Bhattacharyya, C. Bhattacharya, S. Rajbanshi, Sajad Ali, H. Pai, S. Chatterjee, S. Das, S. Samanta, R. Raut, S.S. Ghugre, P. Chowdhury, S. Das Gupta68pdf
A8. Shell model study of $^{118}$Sn with excitations across N=82 shell gap, Sangeeta Das, M. Saha Sarkar70pdf
A9. Rotation-particle coupling and the triaxiality in $^{167}$Lu, Swati Modi72pdf
A10. Isospin Dependence in Fission Fragment Yields, Swati Garg, Bhoomika Maheshwari, Deepika Choudhury, Ashok Kumar Jain74pdf
A11. Alpha decay Q-value as a probe to study shell evolution, Snigdho Chakraborty, M. Saha Sarkar76pdf
A12. Isospin mixing in the first 3$^{-}$ state of $^{36}$Ar, Y. Sapkota, S. Sarkar, Abhijit Bisoi78pdf
A13. Triaxial projected shell model study of $\gamma$-vibrational band in $^{122,124}$Ba isotopes, Ridham Bakshi, Surbhi Gupta, Suram Singh, Arun Bharti80pdf
A14. Bandhead Energies of 3QP Quadruplets in $^{175}$Lu and $^{177}$Lu, Sushil Kumar, Sukhjeet Singh, S.S. Malik, A.K. Jain82pdf
A15. Measurement of $2_1^+$ level lifetime in $^{120}$Sn} by DSAM, A. Kundu, S. Santra, A. Pal, D. Chattopadhyay, R. Raut, R. Palit, Md. S. R. Laskar, F. S. Babra, C. S. Palshetkar, B. K. Nayak, S. Kailas84pdf
A16. Neutron Skin thickness evaluation for exotic Kr isotopes, Deepika Pathak, Saniya Monga, R.Nishchal Dwivedi, Harjeet Kaur, R.Sudhir Jain86pdf
A17. Search for $\gamma$- softness $\&$ Z(4) symmetry in $^{68}$Ge., S. Bhattacharya, T. Trivedi, A. Mukherjee, R. Palit, Md. S. R. Laskar, J. Sethi, S. Saha, D. Negi, S. Nag, S. Rajbanshi, M. Kumar Raju, B. Naidu, R. Dhonti, S. Jadhav, S. S. Bhattacharjee88pdf
A18. Influence of the functional form of the Finite range interaction in the predictions of finite Nuclei, P Bano, C Gonzalez-Boquera, T R Routray, X Vi\ nas, M Centelles, D Behera90pdf
A19. Signature inversion in $ \nu g_{7/2} $ band of $ ^{127} $Xe, S Chakraborty, H P Sharma, S S Tiwary, C Majumder, P Banerjee, S Ganguly, S Rai92pdf
A20. Effect of pairing on bubble structure in superheavy nuclei, Mamta Kumawat, G. Saxena, S. K. Jain, Mamta Aggarwal94pdf
A21. A study of Strutinsky Shell Correction for Z=122 \& 128, Tasleem Ahmad Siddiqui, Abdul Quddus, Shakeb Ahmad, S.K. Patra96pdf
A22. $\alpha$-decay series of $^{298}124$ isotope with CEDF , Tasleem Ahmad Siddiqui, Abdul Quddus, Shakeb Ahmad98pdf
A23. Occurrence of low-lying K=8 2qp structures in actinides and beyond, Sood P. C., Gowrishankar R100pdf
A24. A Search for shell closure in isotopic series of Z=124 \& 126, Abdul Quddus, Tasleem Ahmad Siddiqui, Shakeb Ahmad, Suresh Kumar Patra102pdf
A25. Model dependant Q-value for $\alpha$-decay, B. Sahu, Y.K. Gambhir, M. Gupta104pdf
A26. Shell model study of different band structures for $^{67}$As, Vikas Kumar, Praveen C. Srivastava106pdf
A27. Study of cluster emission process in view of different binding energy sets, Navjot K Virk, Manoj K Sharma, Raj Kumar108pdf
A28. Hadron-hadron scattering by velocity-dependent potential, Jhasaketan Bhoi, Madhura Majumder, Ujjwal Laha110pdf
A29. Neutron-Carbon scattering by Manning-Rosen potential, A.K Behere, P Sahoo, B Khirali112pdf
A30. Study of B isotopes within the framework of No Core Shell Model , Priyanka Choudhary, Praveen C. Srivastava114pdf
A31. Role of central, spin-orbit and tensor part of SDPF-MU interaction in Mg isotopes, Vikas Kumar, Praveen C. Srivastava, Anil Kumar 116pdf
A32. Possibility for the existence of 2n halo isotopes via cluster decay of nuclei in super heavy region, K. Prathapan, K. P. Anjali, R. K. Biju, K. P. Santhosh118pdf
A33. Understanding nuclear stability and binding energy with Up and Down quarks via 5 terms having single energy coefficient, UVS Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana120pdf
A34. Study of Spectroscopic Factor Strengths Using Ab Initio Approach, Anindita Karmakar, Praveen C. Srivastava122pdf
A35. Semiclassical level density parameter with collective enhancement, Saniya Monga124pdf
A36. Survey of half-life, spin, parity measurements of nuclear levels, for A=1-260, P.K. Joshi, Rahul Pandey, Yash Jain, Sukhjeet Singh126pdf
A37. Effective and collective level density parameters for thorium isotopes, E. Ummukulsu, J. Antony 128pdf
A38. Validity of Grodzins linearity relation for 4$_{1}^{+}$, 6$_{1}^{+}$ states, J. B. Gupta, Vikas Katoch130pdf
A39. Comparison of ab formula and Soft rotor formula , Vikas Katoch, J. B. Gupta132pdf
A40. Test for validity of rotational energy formulae for SD band , H.M. Mittal, Monica Karday, Anshul Dadwal134pdf
A41. Spin determination and role of pairing correlations in the SD band of Hg isotopes, Monica Karday, Anshul Dadwal, H.M. Mittal136pdf
A42. Study of neutron star radius with skin thickness and slope parameter by using finite range effective interaction, M. Pal, S. Chakraborty, B. Sahoo, S. Sahoo138pdf
A43. Study of collectivity in Ti isotopes and new realistic interaction for the $fpg_{9/2}d_{5/2}$ model space, Bharti Bhoy, Praveen C. Srivastava, Vikas Kumar140pdf
A44. A study on nuclear binding energy based on neural network, A De, Deepak Pandit, Balaram Dey, Debasish Mondal, S Mukhopadhyay, Surajit Pal, S.R. Banerjee, Srijit Bhattacharya142pdf
A45. Garvey-Kelson relations revisited for Masses of Nuclei far from the valley of stability, B. Pfeiffer, D.S. Shreesha Rao, K. Vijay Sai, K. Venkataramaniah, C. Scheidenberger144pdf
A46. Role of quantum phase transition in spontaneous fission, Sham Malik, I Mazumdar146pdf
A47. Competition between $\alpha$-decay and Spontaneous Fission (SF) in Z = 126 Superheavy Nuclei, Usuf Rahaman, M. Ikram148pdf
A48. Lifetime measurement for the high spin states of $^{88}$Sr nucleus, B Das, Md. S. R. Laskar, S Rajbanshi, R Palit, F. S. Babra, S Biswas, C Palshetkar, P Dey, L. P. Singh, Biswajit Das, R Donthi, S Jadhav, Abraham. T. Vazhappilly, S Nandi, G Mukherjee, S Bhattacharya, T Trivedi, E Ideguchi, M. Kumar Raju150pdf
A49. Band structures in $^{116}$Sb, Shabir Dar, Soumik Bhattacharya, S. Bhattacharyya, R. Banik, S. Nandi, G. Mukherjee, S. Das Gupta, Sajad. Ali, S. Chatterjee, S. Das, A. Dhal, S. S. Ghugre, A. Goswami, D. Mondal, S. Mukhopadhyay, S. Pal, D. Pandit, R. Raut, P. Ray, S. Samanta152pdf
A50. Alpha decay of Z = 130 element, R. R. Swain, B. B. Sahu 154pdf
A51. Insight into Nuclear Structure by Studying Isomer in A$\sim$90, Y. P. Singh, V Kumar, D. Negi156pdf
A52. Critical parameters of liquid-gas phase transition in symmetric nuclear matter, Vishal Parmar, Manoj K. Sharma, S. K. Patra158pdf
A53. Stability condition in hot symmetric nuclear matter, Vishal Parmar, Manoj K. Sharma, S. K. Patra160pdf
A54. Odd even staggering in rigid triaxial rotor model, M. Singh, Y. Singh, Devendra Singh, A. K. Varshney, K. K. Gupta 162pdf
A55. On nuclear shapes of $^{170}$Er, Y. Singh, M. Singh, Mani Varshney, Devendra Singh, A. K. Varshney, K. K. Gupta 164pdf
A56. Correlation between symmetry energy and deformed magic number in some rare earth nuclei, Manpreet Kaur, Abdul Quddus, Ankit Kumar, M. Bhuyan, S. K. Patra166pdf
A57. The $\alpha-$decay properties of $^{296,298,300,302,304}$120 using relativistic mean field formalism, A S Pradeep, M Bhuyan168pdf
A58. Cluster radioactivity in superheavy nuclei Z=124, H. C. Manjunatha170pdf
A59. Decay properties of superheavy element $^{285}$Cn, H. C. Manjunatha172pdf
A60. Decay modes of Berkelium, H. C. Manjunatha174pdf
A61. Decay properties of hyperheavy nuclei Z = 164, G. Naveya, S. Santhosh Kumar, A. Stephen176pdf
A62. Study of spectroscopic properties of some Ni, Cu and Zn isotopes in nuclear shell model, Priti Pandey, Vivekanand, K. Chaturvedi, R. Gautam, R. Chandra178pdf
A63. Dominant decay modes of SHN Z = 118 -130, G. Naveya, S. Santhosh Kumar, A. Stephen, S. I. A. Philominraj180pdf
A64. Spectroscopic study of $^{197}$Hg , S. Das Gupta, Soumik Bhattachraya, S. Bhattacharyya, R. Banik, G. Mukherjee, R. Raut, S. Ghugre, S. Das, S. Samanta, S. Chatterjee, S. Rajbanshi, S. Nandi, Shabir Dar, Sneha Das, A. Goswami, Sajad Ali, Sudatta Ray, Rupsa Banik, Sangeeta Majumdar182pdf
A65. Systematic study of rotational properties for triaxial superdeformed band of $^{164}Lu(1,2)$, Honey Sharma, H. M Mittal184pdf
A66. Systematic study of rotational energy formulae in superdeformed band of $^{86}Zr$, Honey Sharma, H. M. Mittal186pdf
A67. Band head moment of inertia of superdeformed band in La-Nd in A$\sim$130 mass region, Honey Sharma, H. M. Mittal188pdf
A68. Signature splitting in $\bm{\pi d_{frac{5}{2}}}$ band of $^{183}$Ir, A. Sharma, Shashi K. Dhiman, Pankaj Kumar, S. Muralithar, R. P. Singh, Yashraj, K. Katre, R. K. Gurjar, Kusum Rani, R. Kumar, S. S. Tiwary, Neelam, Anuj, S. Kumar, Saket Suman, S. K. Tandel, S. Bhattacharya, U. Lamani, Subodh190pdf
A69. Spin assignment of a dipole band in $^{\text{104}}$Ag, Kaushik Katre, K. Suryanarayana, A. Tejaswi, M. Kumar Raju, M. Ratna Raju, D. Vijaya Lakshmi, T. Seshi Reddy, J. Matta, A .D. Ayangeakaa, U. Garg, R. Bhattacharjee, S. S. Bhattacharjee, S. Samanta, S. Das, N. Ghosh, R. Raut, S. S. Ghugre, A. K. Sinha, S. Mukhopadhyay, L. Dhanu, B. K. Nayak, D. C. Biswas, A. Y. Deo, S. K. Tandel, N. Kaur, Ashok Kumar, S. Saha, J. Sethi, R. Palit, S. Chattopadhyay, S. Chakraborty, S. Muralithar, R. P. Singh192pdf
A70. Study of ground-state properties of neutron-rich Magnesium isotopes within covariant density functional theory, Shivali Sharma, Rani Devi, S.K. Khosa194pdf
A71. Program to adjust the calibration parameter during drift and create runwise input file for INGASORT, CANDLE and LAMPS, Anuj, Suresh Kumar196pdf
A72. Estimation of Relative Cross-Sections from Activation Analysis, Kshyanaprava Pradhan, Sangeeta Das, Sathi Sharma, Dipayan Chattopadhyay, Indrani Ray, M. Saha Sarkar198pdf
A73. Spectroscopic study of $^{32}$S, Ananya Das, Abhijit Bisoi, S. Ray, M. Roy Basu, D. Kanjilal, S. Nag, K. Selva Kumar, A. Goswami, N. Madhavan, S. Muralithar, R. K. Bhowmik, S. Sarkar200pdf
A74. Lifetime measurement of $^{130}$Cs in picoseconds, A Saha, Pragya Das, U Lamani, R Palit202pdf
A75. Isospin Conservation in the fission dynamics of $^{235}$U(n$_{th}$, f), Aniruddha Dey, A. Chakraborty, D.C. Biswas, S. Mukhopadhyay, B. Mukherjee, S. Garg, B. Maheshwari, A.K. Jain204pdf
A76. Revisiting isomeric states in $^{215}$Fr, Khamosh Yadav, A. Y. Deo, Pragati, Madhu, S. K. Tandel, S. S. Bhattacharjee, S. Chakraborty, S. Rai, S. G. Wahid, S. Kumar, S. Muralithar, R. P. Singh, Indu Bala, Ritika Garg, A. K. Jain206pdf
A77. Study of ground-state properties of even-even Polonium isotopes, Deby Treasa K. M., Rhine Kumar A. K., Arumugam P.208pdf
A78. Search for non-natural parity states in $^{213}$At, Madhu, A. Y. Deo, Pragati, Khamosh Yadav, S. K. Tandel, S. S. Bhattacharjee, S. Chakraborty, S. Rai, S. G. Wahid, S. Kumar, S. Muralithar, R. P. Singh, Indu Bala, Ritika Garg, A. K. Jain210pdf
A79. Alpha decay half-life and ground state properties of superheavy nuclei in RMF description, A.K. Yadav, A. Shukla212pdf
A80. Temperature-dependence of symmetry energy and its volume and surface components in some rare earth nuclei, Manpreet Kaur, Abdul Quddus, Harish Chandra Das, M. Bhuyan, S. K. Patra214pdf
A81. Neutron magicity for Z = 120 using mass models, G. Naveya, S. Santhosh Kumar, A. Stephen216pdf
A82. Evidence of rotational behavior in $^{86,88}$Zr, Surbhi Gupta, Ridham Bakshi, Suram Singh, Arun Bharti218pdf
A83. Projected shell model studies on tantalum isotopes, Athira P.S, Antony Joseph220pdf
A84. Probing the short range effect of n-Core interaction in $^{20}$C halo nucleus, V.S. Bhasin, I. Mazumdar222pdf
A85. Quasiparticle structure of some odd mass Palladium isotopes, Suram Singh, Amit Kumar, Chetan Sharma, Dhanvir Singh, Arun Bharti224pdf
A86. High-$K$ states and band structures in Yb isotopes, Saket Suman, S.K. Tandel, S.G. Wahid, Poulomi Roy, A. Chakraborty, K. Mandal, A.K. Mondal, G. Mukherjee, S. Bhattacharyya, Soumik Bhattacharya, R. Banik, S. Nandi, Shabir Dar, A. Asgar, S. Samanta, S. Das, S. Chatterjee, R. Raut, S.S. Ghugre, A. Sharma, Sajad Ali, P. Chowdhury226pdf
A87. Study of octupole correlations in neutron deficient Xe nuclei with mass A $<$ 120 , Anand Pandey, S. C. Chamoli, Ravi Bhushan, Aman Rohilla, Bharti Rohila, C. Majumder228pdf
A88. Study of Pairing Correlations in Neutron-rich Nuclei, Anjana A V, Nicemon Thomas, Antony Joseph230pdf
A89. Theoretical study of band structure of even-even $^{54,56}$Cr isotopes, Simi Gupta, Rajat Gupta, Suram Singh, Arun Bharti232pdf
A90. Machine learning predictions of nuclear level density parameters, Nishchal Dwivedi234pdf
A91. Neutron skin in neutron-rich nuclei, M. Ikram, Usuf Rahaman236pdf
A92. Lifetime measurement in $^{122}$Ba and $^{122}$Cs using Doppler Shift Attenuation Method (DSAM), Anwesha Basu, A. K. Singh, K. Selvakumar, S. Nag, A. Goswami, G. Gangopadhyay, S. Rajbanshi, P. Singh, R. Palit, C. Ghosh, J. Sethi, S. Saha, S. Biswas, S. V. Jadhav, R. Dhonthi, L. S. Danu238pdf
A93. Alpha-decay energy ($Q_{\alpha}$) land cape of heavy and superheavy nuclei, V Saranya, R Monisha240pdf
A94. Observation of Magnetic Rotational band in $^{131}$Xe, R. Banik, S. Rajbanshi, S. Bhattacharyya, G. Mukherjee, S. Bhattacharya242pdf
A95. Shell Model Calculation of $^{39}$K, Rozina Rahaman, S. Sarkar, Abhijit Bisoi244pdf
A96. Study of negative parity band structures in $^{167}$Lu, Mohd Faisal, Rani Devi246pdf
A97. Spectroscopy of $^{126}$Te, Atreyee Dey, Anwesha Basu, A. K. Singh, S. Nag, G. Mukherjee, S. Bhattacharyya, R. Banik, S. Nandi, S. Bhattacharya, R. Raut, S. S. Ghugre, S. Das, S. Samanta, S. Chatterjee, A. Goswami, S. Ali, H. Pai, S. Rajbanshi248pdf
A98. Semiclassical calculation of activation energies of fission in superheavy nuclei, Saniya Monga, Deepika Pathak, R. Nishchal Dwivedi, Harjeet Kaur, R. Sudhir Jain250pdf
A99. Oblate deformed band structures in $^{199}$Tl, Manu Thulaseedharan, S.G. Wahid, Saket Suman, S.K. Tandel252pdf
A100. A Study on pairing correlation in Ni isotopes, Nicemon Thomas, Anjana A. V, Antony Joseph254pdf
A101. Study of quasiparticle structure of odd-mass $^{165,167}$Tb nuclei, Arun Gupta, Amit kumar, Surbhi Gupta, Suram Singh, Arun Bharti256pdf
A102. High spin spectroscopy of $^{90}$Zr, P. Dey, R. Palit, Md S. R. Laskar, F. S. Babra, S. Biswas, N. Chaudhury, B. Das, Biswajit Das, R. Gala, C. S. Palshetkar, L. P. Singh, P. Singh, R. P. Singh, S. Muralithar, E. Ideguchi, K. Raja, S. Kumar, K. Rojeeta Devi, Neelam, T. Trivedi, S. Bhattacharya, G. Mukherjee, S. Nandi, S. Sihotra, A. Sharma, R. Raut, S. S. Ghugre, S. Nag, A. K. Singh, P. C. Srivastava258pdf
A103. Numerical simulation of $^{208}Pb$ neutron states using fourier basis functions in Scilab, swapna gora, aditi sharma, osks sastri260pdf
A104. Spins of superdeformed band in Zr isotopes, Vidya Devi, H.M. Mittal262pdf
A105. Study of long-lived activities from fast neutron-induced reactions in tin-bismuth alloys, A. Mazumdar, Rebecca Pachuau, V. Vatsa, H. Krishnamoorthy, A. Garai, A. Reza, V. Nanal, R.G. Pillay, A. Shrivastava, A. Thamizhavel264pdf
A106. High spin structure of $^{84}Sr$ using triaxial projected shell model, N. Behera, G. H. Bhat, Z. Naik, R. Palit, Y. Sun, J. A. Sheikh266pdf
A107. Structure of multiple band in $^{135}$Pm, F.S. Babra, S. Jehangir, R. Palit, S. Biswas, B. Das, S. Rajbanshi, G.H. Bhat, J.A. Sheikh, P. Dey, U. Garg, Md. S.R. Laskar, C. Palshetkar, S. Saha, L.P. Singh, P. Singh268pdf
A108. Octupole correlations in neutron deficient light Se and Br isotopes, A. Mukherjee, T. Trivedi, S. Bhattacharya, D. Negi, R.P. Singh, S. Muralithar, R. Palit, S. Nag, S. Rajbanshi, M. Kumar Raju, V.V. Parkar, G. Mohanto, S. Kumar, D. Choudhury, R. Kumar, R.K. Bhowmik, S.C. Pancholi, A.K. Jain270pdf
A109. Odd-even staggering of superdeformed band of $^{80,81,83}$Sr and $^{89,91}$Tc nuclei, Vidya Devi, J.B. Gupta272pdf
A110. Spectroscopy of $^{196}$Hg, S. Das, S. Chatterjee, S. Samanta, R. Raut, S. S. Ghugre, A. K. Sinha, S. Ali, P. Ray, A. Goswami, S. Nandi, R. Banik, S. Bhattacharya, S. Bhattacharyya, G. Mukherjee, S. Rajbanshi, S. Dasgupta, H. Pai274pdf
A111. Near-yrast exotic structure in $^{199}$Hg , Soumik Bhattacharya, S. Bhattacharyya, S. Das Gupta, R. Banik, G. Mukherjee, A. Dhal, S. Nandi, Md. A. Asgar, T. Roy, R. Raut, S. S. Ghugre, S. K. Das, S. Chatterjee, S. Samanta, Shabir Dar, A. Goswami, Sajad Ali, S. Mukhopadhyay, Debasish Mondal, S. S. Alam, T. Bhattacharjee, A. Saha, Deepak Pandit, Surajit Pal, S. R. Banerjee, S. Rajbanshi276pdf
A112. $\gamma$-$\gamma$ fast timing measurements in neutron rich Xenon nuclei , S. S. Alam, Devesh Kumar, Shefali Basak, D. Banerjee, S.K. Das, M. Saha Sarkar, T. Bhattacharjee 278pdf
A113. Lifetime measurements in neutron rich $^{129}$Sn and $^{130,132}$Te , Devesh Kumar, T. Bhattacharjee, L. Gerhard, L. Knafla, A. Esmaylzadeh, F. Dunkel, K. Schonaker, J. -M. Regis, S.S. Alam, S. Basak, D. Banerjee, Y.H. Kim, U. Koster, M. Saha Sarkar280pdf
A114. Lifetime measurement in N = 88 Sm using VENTURE array, Shefali Basak, S. S. Alam, D. Kumar, A. Saha, D. Banerjee, T. Bhattacharjee 282pdf
A115. Study of superdeformed band in $^{58}Ni$ in the framework of VMI model, Tapan Sharma, Honey Sharma284pdf
A116. Precise measurement of decay half lives of n-rich iodine isotopes after radiochemical separation, D. Banerjee, D. Kumar, T. Bhattacharjee, S. Basak, S.S. Alam286pdf
A117. The study of HPGe detector efficiency using Unscented Transformation Method, J.S. Matharu, Vidya Devi288pdf
A118. Semiclassical aspects of cluster decay in $^{252}Cf$, Saniya Monga290pdf
A119. Surface properties of Z=124 isotopic series, Tasleem Ahmad Siddiqui, Abdul Quddus, Shakeb Ahmad292pdf
A120. Decay properties of Z = 122 isotopic chain, G. Saxena, M. Kumawat, M. Kaushik, Mamta Aggarwal294pdf
A121. Excited states of $^{145}$Eu, C. Majumder, H. P. Sharma, S. Chakraborty, S. S. Tiwary, K. Katre296pdf
A122. Low-lying structures in neutron rich $_{99}^{256}$Es$_{157}$ , Gowrishankar R., Venkatesh Prasad M., Nitishkumar C. V., Sood P. C. 298pdf
A123. Competition between $\alpha$ decay and spontaneous fission modes for the $\alpha$ decay chain isotopes of $^{306}$122, Abdul Quddus, Tasleem Ahmad Siddiqui, Shakeb Ahmad 300pdf
A124. Mass dependence of proton and neutron spin-orbit splitting, N. S. Rajeswari, B Keerthika302pdf
A125. Study of exotic decay near proton drip-line, Priyabrata Das, Ushasi Datta, Santosh Chakraborty, Anisur Rahaman, Maria Borge, Tengblad Olof, A.N. Andreve, A. Becerril, A. Bhattacharya}\hfill304pdf
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b. Nuclear reactions      Top

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B107. Analysis of $^{113}$In($\alpha$, n)$^{116g /(or) m}$Sb reaction within collective clusterization approach, Pooja Kaushal533pdf
B108. Charge exchange reactions induced by $^{3}$He on medium and heavy mass targets at 140AMeV and 115AMeV beam energies , Pardeep Singh, Monika Singh, Rajesh Kharab, R. G. T. Zegers, Pawel Danielewicz535pdf
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B124. Reaction cross section for p-Fe, Namrata Maladkar, M Hemalatha, Sohan Kewat567pdf

c. Nuclear astrophysics      Top

C1. Resonance excitations in the $^{7}$Be + d experiment at CERN$-$ISOLDE, Sk M. Ali, D. Gupta, K. Kundalia, Swapan K. Saha, O. Tengblad, J.D. Ovejas, A. Perea, I. Martel, J. Cederkall, J. Park, S. Szwec570pdf
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C3. Measurement of $\gamma$ rays from the giant resonances in $\rm^{12}C$ and $\rm^{16}O$ excited by the ($p,p^\prime$) reaction, M.S. Reen, T. Sudo, I. Ou, M. Sakuda, D. Fukuda, A. Ali, Y. Koshio, M. Yosoi, A. Tamii, N. Aoi, E. Ideguchi, T. Suzuki, T. Yamamoto, C. Iwamoto, T. Kawabata, S. Adachi, T. Tsumura, M. Mueata, T. Furuno, H. Akimune, T. yano, T. Suzuki, R. Dhir574pdf
C4. The r-mode instability of the neutron star matter under the influence of URCA reactions, T R Routray, S P Pattnaik, X Vi\ nas, D N Basu, M Centelles, K Madhuri576pdf
C5. Measurement of Radiative Capture Cross-section relevant in Astrophysical Scenarios, Arnab Bhattacharya, Ushasi Datta, ANisur Rahaman, Santosh Chakraborty, T. Aumann, K. Boretzky, G. Cortina578pdf
C6. Large Increase of $^{7}$Be Decay Rate Under Compression, A. Ray, A. K. Sikdar, P. Das, S. Pathak, J. Datta580pdf
C7. Study of $\alpha$-cluster transfer reaction with $^{7}$Be, K. Kundalia, Swapan K. Saha, Sk M. Ali, D. Gupta, O. Tengblad, J. D. Ovejas, A. Perea, I. Martel, J. Cederkall, J. Park, S. Szwec582pdf
C8. Minimum WIMP-mass detectable by C$_{2}$H$_{2}$F$_{4}$ superheated liquid detector, Sunita Sahoo, Mala Das584pdf
C9. Study of Nuclear matter properties for Hybrid EoS, Ishfaq A. Rather, M. Ikram, A. A. Usmani, S. K. Patra586pdf
C10. Shell model study of astrophysically important resonant states of $^{15}$O, Sathi Sharma, M. Saha Sarkar588pdf
C11. Photo-neutron calibration of SuperCDMS detectors, Vijay Iyer590pdf
C12. Collapse of White Dwarf Stars in Strong Quantizing Magnetic Field- A Thomas - fermi Approach, Sanchita Das, Sutapa Ghosh, Somenath Chakrabarty592pdf
C13. Cross-couplings matters to matter at high densities, Naresh Kumar Patra, Tuhin Malik, T. K. Jha, B. K. Agrawal594pdf
C14. The properties of massive compact stars using a geometrically deduced equation of state, A.C. Khunt, V.O. Thomas, P.C. Vinodkumar596pdf
C15. R-matrix analysis and the astrophysical S-factor calculation for E2 capture data of $^{12}$C($\alpha$,$\gamma$) reaction at 300 keV , Ashok Kumar Mondal, Chinmay Basu598pdf
C16. Thermonuclear $^{6}$Li(n,$\gamma$)$^{7}$Li reaction rate: A revisit, Vinay Singh, Joydev Lahiri, D. N. Basu600pdf
C17. Pion-Photon mixing in magnetized vacuum , Ankur Chaubey, Manoj Kumar Jaiswal, Avijit Kumar Ganguly602pdf
C18. $^{19}F(p,\alpha)^{16}O$ reaction in Nuclear astrophysics, Lalit Kumar Sahoo, Chinmay Basu 604pdf
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C20. Review of Proton and Alpha Capture reaction cross-section of the p-Nucleus $^{106}$Cd , Indrani Ray, M. Saha Sarkar, Argha Deb, Mitali Mondal, P. Banerjee608pdf
C21. Tidal Deformability in Compact Star Merger Events, Sujan Kumar Roy, Joydev Lahiri, Somnath Mukhopadhyay610pdf
C22. Muon distributions at Earth: A study with CORSIKA, Hariom, Prashant Shukla612pdf
C23. Gravitational waves from non-radial perturbations in neutron stars, Sujan Kumar Roy, Somnath Mukhopadhyay, Joydev Lahiri, D. N. Basu614pdf
C24. The hyperonic volume of MSP J0740+6620, Jaikhomba Singha, Ankit Kumar, Abhishek, Swati Modi, P. Arumugam616pdf
C25. Protoneutron Star rotating with keplerian frequency with in relativistic mean field model, Gulshan Mahajan, Anuj Sharma, Shashi K. Dhiman618pdf
C26. Mass composition of cosmic rays from slope parameters of lateral density distributions of muons in EAS, Rajat Kumar Dey620pdf
C27. Multi-pronged tracks observed in a Rutherford scattering experiment, Sandhya Dey, S K Ghosh, A Maulik, S Raha, D Syam622pdf

d. Hadron physics      Top

D1. Insight into $\phi$ meson production in small systems with ALICE at the LHC, Sandeep Dudi625pdf
D2. Trace anomaly property in dense quark matter, Manisha Kumari, Arvind Kumar627pdf
D3. Resonances in $K\Lambda$ production, A. Fatima629pdf
D4. Unpolarized TMD of $\rho$ meson in light-front holographic model, Navdeep Kaur, Shubham Sharma, Harleen Dahiya631pdf
D5. Strong decay of singly heavy baryon in the relativistic quark model, Manan Shah, Nirali Bhavsar, Tanvi Bhavsar, P. C. Vinodkumar633pdf
D6. Masses and decay properties of $\Sigma_c$ baryons, A. N. Gadaria, J. J. Patel, N. R. Soni, J. N. Pandya635pdf
D7. Charmonium and Upsilon states in Magnetized Hadronic Matter, Amal Jahan CS, Sushruth Reddy P, Nikhil Dhale, Shivam Kesarwani, Amruta Mishra637pdf
D8. Charmonium and Upsilon States in Magnetized Hadronic Matter, Amal Jahan CS, Sushruth Reddy P, Nikhil Dhale, Shivam Kesarwani, Amruta Mishra639pdf
D9. T-even gluon TMDs of proton in light-cone spectator model, Navdeep Kaur, Harleen Dahiya641pdf
D10. Tensor Analyzing Powers in $\gamma + d \to d + \pi^0$, S P Shilpashree, Venkataramana Shastri, G Ramachandran643pdf
D11. Comparative study of energy for DNM with perturbative to mean field results within Fermi liquid theory approach, Kausik Pal645pdf
D12. Model independent approach to inelastic photo pion production on deuteron, Rao Venkataraya, S P Shilpashree, G Ramachandran647pdf
D13. Final state spin polarization in $pp \to p\Delta^+$, Rao Venkataraya, S P Shilpashree, G Ramachandran649pdf
D14. Mass spectra of strangeonium (P-wave) using Variational technique in a nonrelativistic formalism., Shefali Prabhakar, Vinodkumar P. C., Tanvi Bhavsar651pdf
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D17. Leptonic decays of the charged pseudoscalar mesons using Instanton liquid model, Bhoomika Pandya, Manan N Shah, P. C. Vinodkumar657pdf
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D22. Photon induced associated production near threshold, A. Fatima, Zubair Ahmad Dar667pdf
D23. Magnetic field induced decay constant of vector D* meson in hot asymmetric nuclear matter, Rajesh kumar, Rahul Chhabra, Arvind Kumar669pdf
D24. Spin-parity assignment of $\Lambda_c(2765)^+$ baryon, Keval Gandhi, Amee Kakadiya, Ajay Kumar Rai671pdf
D25. Spectroscopy of $\Delta$ Baryon, Chandni Menapara, Ajay Kumar Rai673pdf
D26. Study of the state Z(4430) in tetraquark model, Rohit Tiwari, D. P. Rathaud, A. K. Rai675pdf
D27. Mass spectra of $\mathit c\bar{\mathit b}$ meson in framework of pNRQCD, Raghav Chaturvedi, N. R. Soni, J. N. Pandya, Ajay Kumar Rai677pdf
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D31. Calculations of Mass Splittings in $B$ and $B_s$ meson systems in NRQM with Hulthen Potential, Vipin Naik N. S., Praveen P DSouza, A.P. Monteiro, K. B. Vijaya Kumar685pdf
D32. Instanton Contribution to Bottomonium Mass Spectra, Praveen P. D Souza, A.P. Monteiro, Vipin Naik N. S., K. B. Vijaya Kumar687pdf
D33. Decay constants of Pseudoscalar and Vector D, $D_s$, B and $B_s$ Mesons, K.B. Vijaya Kumar, Praveen P DSouza, Vipin Naik N. S., A.P. Monteiro, E. Deepak DSilva689pdf
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D36. Revisited: the spectra of doubly heavy $\Xi_{cc}$ baryon, Zalak Shah, Ajay Kumar Rai695pdf
D37. Orbitally excitation of $\Lambda_b^0$ baryon, Amee Kakadiya, Keval Gandhi, Ajay Kumar Rai697pdf

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and QGP      Top

E1. Recent results on event shape and multiplicity dependent identified particle production in pp collisions with ALICE at the LHC, Sushanta Tripathy, Adrian Fereydon Nassirpour700pdf
E2. Multiplicity dependence of $\pi$, K and p production in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV with ALICE at the LHC, Pranjal Sarma702pdf
E3. Multi-strange Baryon Productions at LHC Energy, Jajati K. Nayak, Purabi Ghosh, Sushant K Singh, Sushant Agarwalla704pdf
E4. Recent results on hadronic resonance production with ALICE at the LHC, Dukhishyam Mallick706pdf
E5. Susceptibility of quark matter at non-zero temperature, Kausik Pal708pdf
E6. Energy and system-size dependence of neutral mesons production at the Large Hadron Collider with ALICE, Pooja Pareek710pdf
E7. Multiplicity, energy and event-shape dependence of freeze-out parameters at the LHC energies, Rutuparna Rath, Arvind Khuntia, Sushanta Tripathy, Raghunath Sahoo712pdf
E8. Understanding medium formation in small systems using heat capacity at the Large Hadron Collider Energies, Suman Deb, Sarwar Golam, Raghunath Sahoo, Jan-e Alam714pdf
E9. Heavy quark energy loss and heavy meson spectra in pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}$ = 5.02 TeV, Kapil Saraswat, Prashant Shukla, H. C. Chandola716pdf
E10. Charge and thermal transport properties of a hot QCD matter in a strong magnetic field, Shubhalaxmi Rath, Binoy Krishna Patra718pdf
E11. Spin alignment measurements of vector mesons with ALICE at the LHC, Sourav Kundu (for the ALICE Collaboration)720pdf
E12. Effect of anomalous magnetic moment of quarks on chiral and de-confinement transition in pNJL model, Nilanjan Chaudhuri, Snigdha Ghosh, Sourav Sarkar, Pradip Roy722pdf
E13. Projectile fragmentation characteristics in peripheral collision at relativistic energy, U. Singh, M. K. Singh, V. Singh724pdf
E14. Study of the intermediate mass fragments produced in $^{84}$Kr emulsion interactions at 1 GeV per nucleon, M. K. Singh, U. Singh, V. Singh726pdf
E15. Vorticity with varying collision energy in relativistic heavy ion collisions, Abhisek Saha, Soma Sanyal728pdf
E16. On lower bound of relaxation time for massless fluid in presence of magnetic field, Sarthak Satapathy, Jayanta Dey, Sabyasachi Ghosh, Prashant Murmu730pdf
E17. Causal aspects of effective QCD models, Jayanta Dey, Sabyasachi Ghosh, Aminul Islam Chowdhury732pdf
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E19. Fluid property of QGP in presence of magnetic field, Souvik Paul, Ankita Mishra, Jayanta Dey, Sarthak Satapathy, Sabyasachi Ghosh736pdf
E20. Mapping QGP interaction through its temperature dependent degeneracy factor., Ranjesh kumar, Ankit Anand, Souvik Paul, Sarthak Satapathy, Sabyasachi Ghosh738pdf
E21. Role of interaction on electrical conductivity of QGP in the presence of magnetic field, Ankita Mishra, Souvik Paul, Jayanta Dey, Sarthak Satpathy, Sabyasachi Ghosh740pdf
E22. Renyi entropy analysis of compound hadrons in hadron-nucleus interaction, Sitaram Pal742pdf
E23. Pair production from bremsstrahlung photon, and two-photon bremsstrahlung in relativistic ion-ion collision, Vaishali Guleria, Poonam Rani, Shashank Bhatnagar744pdf
E24. Higgs in Quark-Gluon Plasma, Sarthak Satapathy, Sabyasachi Ghosh, Santosh Das, Ralf Rapp, Nihar Sahoo746pdf
E25. Initial state longitudinal asymmetry at FAIR-CBM energy, Soumya Sarkar, Provash Mali, Amitabha Mukhopadhyay748pdf
E26. Centrality dependence of Identified charged Particle Production in Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt$ s = 2.76 TeV, Pramod Kumar, Kapil Saraswat, Venktesh Singh750pdf
E27. Enhancement in the rapidity width of $\Lambda$ in pp and heavy-ion collisions at the LHC energies, Nur Hussain, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee752pdf
E28. Hadronic Phase Lifetime and QCD Phase boundary in Ultra-relativistic Collisions at the RHIC and LHC: Collision System and Event Multiplicity Dependence, Dushmanta Sahu, Sushanta Tripathy, Girija Sankar Pradhan, Raghunath Sahoo754pdf
E29. Characteristics of the charged particle production in interaction of $^{84}$Kr$_{36}$ with nuclear emulsion detector at relativistics energy, S. Kumar, M. K. Singh, R. K. Jain, V. Singh756pdf
E30. Cumulant ratios of conserved charges in the UrQMD model, Somnath Ghosh, Provash Mali, Amitabha Mukhopadhyay758pdf
E31. Study of quark star using quasiparticle model, P Simji, Ashok Nithu760pdf
E32. A Calculation of Mean Normalized Multiplicity For Hadron-Hadron Collisions, Rishi Kant Saxena, K Y Singh, Anil Kumar, Jai Prakash Gupta762pdf
E33. NJL model estimation of anisotropic electrical conductivity for quark matter in presence of magnetic field, Jayanta Dey, Sabyasachi Ghosh, Aritra Bandyopadhyay, Ricardo L. S. Farias, Gast\ ao Krein764pdf
E34. Transport properties for Hot Hadronic Matter using Non-extensive statistics, Sushanta Tripathy, Rutuparna Rath, Swatantra Kumar Tiwari, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Raghunath Sahoo766pdf
E35. Energy and rapidity dependence of J/$\psi$ production as function of charged-particle multiplicity in different event shapes, Anisa Khatun, Dhananjaya Thakur, Suman Deb, Raghunath Sahoo768pdf
E36. Forward-backward correlation at FAIR energy in UrQMD, Indranil Pal, Joydeep Thakur, Amitabha Mukhopadhyay, Provash Mali770pdf
E37. AMPT simulation of $\Phi$-measure in Au+Au collision at $30A$ GeV, Joydeep Thakur, Indranil Pal, Amitabha Mukhopadhyay, Provash Mali772pdf
E38. Evidence of Correlation and Clusterization in Multiparticle Production in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions, A. Kamal, N. Ahmad774pdf
E39. Measurement of cumulants of net-proton distributions in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 54.4 GeV at RHIC, Ashish Pandav776pdf
E40. Deuteron production in Au + Au collisions at RHIC energies , P. K. Khandai, Kapil Saraswat 778pdf
E41. Non-perturbative effects on heavy quark drag, Balbeer Singh, Aman Abhishek, Santosh K Das, Hiranmaya Mishra780pdf
E42. Fractional energy loss of heavy mesons at the LHC energies, Somnath De, Sudipan De782pdf
E43. Intermittency in hybrid UrQMD-hydro data, Somen Gope, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee784pdf
E44. Modeling initial condition for Proton-Proton collisions at LHC energies, Suman Deb, Golam Sarwar, Dhananjaya Thakur, Pavis S., Jan-e Alam786pdf
E45. Role of effective quark mass on lepton pair production in the presence of magnetic field, Pradyumna Kumar Sethy, Yogesh Kumar, S. S. Singh 788pdf
E46. Multiplicity fluctuations of identified hadrons in heavy-ion collisions from the beam energy scan at FAIR., Bushra Ali, Anuj Chandra, Shakeel Ahmad790pdf
E47. Event by Event Particle Yield Ratio Fluctuations in Heavy-Ion Collisions at FAIR energies., Bushra Ali, Shaista Khan, Shakeel Ahmad792pdf
E48. Flow correlation as a measure of phase transition, Ashutosh Dash, Victor Roy794pdf
E49. Viscous coalescence model for relativistic heavy-ion collisions, Sumana Bhattacharyya, Amaresh Jaiswal796pdf
E50. A root finding method for parametrizing the chemical freeze-out surface in heavy-ion Collision Experiments, Deeptak Biswas, Rajarshi Ray, Sumana Bhattacharyya, Sanjay. K Ghosh, Pracheta Singha798pdf
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E52. Search for the chiral magnetic effect with the ALICE experiment, Md Rihan Haque802pdf
E53. Multiplicity and Pseudorapidity Distributions of relativistic charged particles in Pb-Pb Collisions at 158A GeV/c, Danish F. Meer, M. Mohsin Khan804pdf
E54. On fluctuations and phase transition in experimental and AMPT simulated $^{16}$O-AgBr Interactions at 200A GeV/c., M Mohisin Khan, Danish F Meer, MD Azmi, N Ahmad, W Bari806pdf
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E58. Wiedemann-Franz Law for Strongly Interacting Matter in a Color String Percolation Approach, Swatantra Kumar Tiwari, Pragati Sahoo, Raghunath Sahoo814pdf
E59. Event-by-Event study of charge separation effect with ALICE, Anjali Sharma816pdf
E60. Searching CME using Sliding Dumbbell Method in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\mathrm {NN}}} = 2.76$ TeV using AMPT, Anjali Sharma, Sonia Parmar, Madan M. Aggarwal 818pdf
E61. Nuclear modification factor of average D meson in an anisotropic quark-gluon plasma at the LHC energies, Wadut Shaikh, Mahatsab Mandal, Pradip Roy, Sukalyan Chattopadhyay820pdf
E62. Magnetized equation of state of QGP at RHIC and LHC, Yogesh Kumar, P.K. Sethy, S. Somorendro Singh, Poonam Jain822pdf
E63. Multiplicity and $\sqrt{s}$ dependent study of jet properties in pp collisions at LHC energies, Prottoy Das, Abhi Modak, Rathijit Biswas, S. K. Prasad, Supriya Das, S. K. Ghosh, S. Raha824pdf
E64. A Study on Forward-Backward Multiplicity Correlation for Charged Particles at FAIR Energies, K. Dey, B.B. Brahma826pdf
E65. Thermal dimuon signal extraction with the Muon Detector setup of CBM experiment at FAIR at 8 AGeV, Ekata Nandy, Partha Pratim Bhaduri, Subhasis Chattopadhyay828pdf
E66. Charge dependent azimuthal correlations using Sliding Dumbbell Method to search CME in Au+Au Collisions with AMPT, Jagbir Singh, Anjali Attri, Madan M. Aggarwal 830pdf
E67. Effect of evolution on energy loss of heavy quarks in QGP, Sujit Phadtare, Dipanwita Dutta832pdf
E68. Heavily ionizing particles, Apar Agarwal834pdf

f. Electroweak interaction in nuclei       Top

F1. Quantifying multinucleon effect in the Ar-target using High Pressure gas TPC DUNE Near Detector, Jaydip Singh, Srishti Nagu, Jyotsna Singh, R.B. Singh837pdf
F2. DUNE potential for direct detection of sub-GeV dark matter, Sabeeha Naaz, Jyotsna Singh, R.B. Singh839pdf
F3. Impact of nuclear effects on the DUNE long-baseline oscillation analysis, Srishti Nagu, Jaydip Singh, Jyotsna Singh, Roberto Petti841pdf
F4. Breaking the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy Problem, S Pincha, A. K. Rai843pdf
F5. Coherence measure of neutrino oscillations, S. Joshi, S. R. Jain 845pdf

g. Nuclear instrumentation, techniques and applications      Top

G1. Application of Machine learning in Muon Tomography, Raman Sehgal, Aniket Shinde, L. M. Pant, B. K. Nayak848pdf
G2. Simulating measurement of differential quasi-elastic scattering cross-sections in an RMS, Rohan Biswas, S. Nath850pdf
G3. Design and optimization of a collimator for a New PET system using GATE simulation, R Sai Santosh, D Sai Shyam, Tomonori Fukuchi, Chary Rangacharyulu, K Venkataramaniah, K Vijay Sai852pdf
G4. Development of MWPC for detection of evaporation residues in GPSC at IUAC, Mohit Kumar, Honey Arora, N. Saneesh, K. S. Golda, B. R. Behera, A. Jhingan, P. Sugathan854pdf
G5. Prior estimation of covariance matrix of reaction cross sections using Unscented Transform Method, Aman Sharma, A. Gandhi, A. Kumar856pdf
G6. A new technique to measure the number of trapped particles in a Penning Trap, A. K. Sikdar, Joydip Nandi, P. Das, A. Ray858pdf
G7. Low-gain operation of low resisitivity glass Resistive Plate Chamber (RPC), S. Chandra, V. K. S. Kashyap, B. Mohanty, S. C. Rout860pdf
G8. Anti-neutrino like events from mini-ISMRAN at Dhruva reactor, P. K. Netrakanti, D. Mulmule, S. P. Behera, D. K. Mishra, V. Jha, L. M. Pant, B. K. Nayak862pdf
G9. Improvements in prompt and delay event selection in ISMRAN using artificial neural networks, D. Mulmule, P.K. Netrakanti, L.M. Pant, B.K. Nayak864pdf
G10. Study of light propagation in scintillator-fibre configurations, Hariom, Prashant Shukla, Gobinda Majumder866pdf
G11. A real time system for energy spectrum measurement in nuclear pulse processing application, Krati, Saurabh Neema, Shibshankar Sikder, Saju Joy868pdf
G12. A compact thermal neutron detector based on Gd$_{3}$Ga$_{3}$Al$_{2}$O$_{12}$:Ce single crystal scintillator and silicon photo-sensors, Kalyani, S. Rawat, A. K. Singh, P. S. Sarkar, Tarun Patel, G. Anil Kumar, Mohit Tyagi870pdf
G13. Study of neutron production from stopping muons, H. Krishnamoorthy, G. Gupta, A. Garai, A. Mazumdar, A. Reza, V. Vatsa, R. Pachuau, S. Pal, V. Nanal, R.G. Pillay, A. Shrivastava872pdf
G14. Charge sharing in Gas Electron Multipliers, P. Roy, P. Bhattacharya, S. Mukhopadhyay, N. Majumdar874pdf
G15. Identification of bulk and surface events in p-type point contact germanium detectors, M. K. Singh, V. Singh, H. T. Wong876pdf
G16. Dependence of gamma spectra from a CsI(Tl) scintillator on the quantum efficiency of the coupled photodetector: A GEANT4-based study, Pratip Mitra, R. G. Thomas, Mohit Tyagi, A. Vinod Kumar, S. C. Gadkari878pdf
G17. Efficiency Calibration of Scintillation Detector using Compact Compton Coincidence Technique : GEANT4 simulations, V. Mendiratta, Ajit. Sindhav, V. Ranga, S. Panwar, G. Anil Kumar880pdf
G18. Proposal for a compact ECR+RFQ based neutron Time-of-Flight facility at BARC for fast neutron induced fission, (n,Xn) reactions and applications, R.G. Thomas, Ajay Kumar, Gaurav Mishra, Sukanya De, Arunodoy Mitra, B.K. Nayak, R.K. Choudhury882pdf
G19. Determination of Quantum Efficiency of LaBr$_{3}$:Ce Crystal using SiPM, R. Sariyal, I. Mazumdar, S.M. Patel, P.B. Chavan884pdf
G20. Design of Flexible Gamma Ray Shielding Material Composite of Natural Rubber with Coconut Shell/Clay Powder, C V Vishnu, Joseph Antony, T A Sajith, Thomas Sabu886pdf
G21. Study of CeBr$_{3}$:Ce crystal for $\gamma$-ray measurements, Y. M. Sharma, I. Mazumdar, R. Sariyal, S.M. Patel, P.B. Chavan, V. Ranga, S. Panwar, A.K. Gourishetty888pdf
G22. Characterization of LaBr3:(Ce+Sr) crystal for gamma-ray spectroscopy, Shikha Panwar, Indranil Mazumdar, Ranjan Sariyal, S. M. Patel, P. B. Chavan890pdf
G23. NPTool simulations for $^{7}$Be + d experiment at CERN$-$ISOLDE, Sk M. Ali, D. Gupta, K. Kundalia, Swapan K. Saha892pdf
G24. Simulation and prototype design of window-less gas-jet target, Balaram Dey, Deepak Pandit, Subinit Roy, P Y Nabhiraj894pdf
G25. Data based approach for magnet design, Siddhant Mishra, Raman Sehgal, Vikas Teotia, Sanjay Malhotra896pdf
G26. Scanning for fault detection of the Cathode Pad Chambers of ALICE second muon tracking station using an Amptek Mini X-ray source, Wadut Shaikh, Tinku Sinha, Indranil Das, Sukalyan Chattopadhyay898pdf
G27. Radioactivity Measuements in Commonly used Granites, K N Suhara Beevi, A M Vinodkumar900pdf
G28. Compact dual-parameter MCA for $\gamma-\gamma$ Coincidence Measurements, Jithin B.P., O.S.K.S Sastri902pdf
G29. Elimination of the effect of alpha contamination in LaCl$_{3}$ scintillators by pulse shape discrimination, Dipayan Chattopadhyay, Maitrayee Saha Sarkar, Sathi Sharma904pdf
G30. Neutron spectral measurements with a BSS: A Computational approach, Jasmeet Kaur, Vijay R Sharma, E F Aguilera, Lakhwant Singh906pdf
G31. Charged particle detection with the low-cost BPW21 Si Photodiode , H. Pai, Rajkumar Santra, Sujib Chatterjee, Dwijendra Das, Subinit Roy908pdf
G32. Monitor Controlled Single Projection Approach for Cross Section Unfolding, C.V Midhun, M.M Musthafa, Shaima Akbar, S.V Suryanarayana, K.C Jagadeesan, N.T Rijin910pdf
G33. Production and Transport of Low Emittance Proton Beam, Gokul Das, C V Midhun, Fathima Shalu, M. M. Musthafa912pdf
G34. A suitable RNG for simulation of experimental Nuclear Physics, M. Mishra, Vikas M Shelar, S. Shet, P. K. Rath 914pdf
G35. Calculation of lining parameters for Cryostat designing , Damini Singh, Akash Pandey, Venktesh Singh916pdf
G36. Characteristic study of plastic sheet based RPC detector, Akash Pandey, Abhishek Kumar, Pramod Kumar, Damini Singh, Manoj Kumar Singh, Shashak Mishra, Venktesh Singh918pdf
G37. Background Gamma Radiation Surveying in the Indian Peninsula with a Portable USB Spectrometer, Jithin B.P., O.S.K.S. Sastri920pdf
G38. Preparation of $^{187}$Re targets for nuclear reaction experiment, K. Hajara, M. M. Musthafa, S. R. Abhilash, D. Kabhiraj922pdf
G39. Design of Read-Out Boards for ME0 Upgrade of the CMS Experiment at LHC facility, Afaash Mohammad, Shailesh Khole, Lalit Pant, Makarand Dixit, Gopal Joshi924pdf
G40. Simulation studies for optimization of geometrical parameters of 3D neutron detectors, Arvind Singh, Anita Topkar926pdf
G41. LAMPS DAQ Software for new CAMAC Controllers, R.Ruby Santhi, Dr.Ambar Chatterjee928pdf
G42. Elemental microanalysis using Silicon Drift Detector- Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (SDD-EDS): Spatial high spectral resolution in Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Anit Dawar, Leema Saikia, Meenakshi, Deeksha Khandelwal, G R Umapathy930pdf
G43. Design and Characterization of a Monolithic Non-delay Line Constant Fraction Discriminator for In-house Nuclear Physics Experiments with CPDA at VECC, Piyush Bahre, Manish Kumar Jha, Tanushyam Bhattacharjee, Susanta Kumar Pal932pdf
G44. Optimization and characterization of Penning Trap at room temperature, Antara Ghosh, A.K. Sikdar, Joydip Nandi, P. Das, A. Ray934pdf
G45. Measurement of fast neutron background in ISMRAN experimental site at Dhruva reactor, R. Dey, P.K. Netrakanti, D. Mulmule, D.K. Mishra, V. Jha, S.P. Behera, L.M. Pant, B.K. Nayak936pdf
G46. A low noise high gain differential amplifier for bolometric detector, A. Reza, V. Vatsa, M.S. Pose, A. Mazumdar, A. Garai, H. Krishnamoorthy, G. Gupta, R. Pachuau, V. Nanal, R.G. Pillay938pdf
G47. Synchronization of ISMRAN digitizer based DAQ system and its test using cosmic muons, P. K. Netrakanti, R. Dey, D. Mulmule, S. P. Behera, D. K. Mishra, V. Jha, L. M. Pant, B. K. Nayak940pdf
G48. GeV range particle accelerators using laser wakefield acceleration in plasma, Bhupesh Kumar, Saumya Singh, Dinkar Mishra942pdf
G49. Gamma-ray shielding study of different concrete compositions as a reactor shielding, Bhargav Soni, Rajnikant Makwana, S. Mukherjee, S. S. Barala, V. Vashi, S. Parashari, Rakesh Chauhan, K. Katovsky944pdf
G50. Angular distribution of neutron yield and dose from thick targets in energy range ~7.6 MeV/A - 10 MeV/A, Vitisha Suman, D S Joshi, M S Kulkarni946pdf
G51. The In-house design validation of new version of electronic Read-Out (Bending Plane) of the Second Tracking Station of ALICE-MS , S. Chattopadhyay, A. Das, Dipankar Das, L. Das, D. Das, W. Shaikh, J. Ghosh, I. Das, T. Sinha948pdf
G52. The influence of various parting agents on self-supporting targets of Zn, H. Arora, Abhilash S.R., D. Kabiraj, G. R. Umapathy, B. R. Behera, Amit, Subodh950pdf
G53. $^{48}$Ti Target Preparation at IUAC, H. Arora, Abhilash S.R., D. Kabiraj, G. R. Umapathy, B. R. Behera952pdf
G54. Fabrication of sandwiched thin targets of isotopically enriched $^{144}$ Sm using evaporation technique., Kavita Rani, B.R. Behera, Abhilash S.R., G.R. Umapathy, D. Kabiraj954pdf
G55. Design and Development of a Prototype Low-Cost Data Acquisition Readout Electronics Board for Medical Imaging System, Santu Ghosh, Shantonu Sahoo, Madhusudan Dey956pdf
G56. Prototype development of Digital Pulse processing system & its Data Acquisition system for nuclear physics experiments, Ayan Banerjee, Ram Kumar Paul, Partha Dhara, Pintu Maity958pdf
G57. Prototype development of VME 64 stand rd general purpose 6U module and its application for Timestamping, Ram Kumar Paul, Pintu Maity, Partha Dhara, Ayan Banerjee960pdf
G58. EDS and SEM Analysis to Expound Nuclear Target at IUAC,, G. R. Umapathy, Sunil Ojha, Rudra N Sahoo, A Banerjee, Pankaj K Giri, Nabendhu K Deb, M. M. Hosamani, S Chopra, D Kanjilal962pdf
G59. Design of Multichannel Readout ASIC for particle tagged gamma spectroscopy at VECC, Manish Kumar Jha, Tanushyam Bhattacharjee964pdf
G60. Implementation of Tagged Neutron Method with in-house developed D-T Neutron Generator for Explosive detection, S. Bishnoi, T. Patel, R. G. Thomas, P. S. Sarkar, R. Jilju966pdf
G61. Fabrication of $^{93}$Nb target on lead backing using cold rolling, Anand Pandey, S. C. Chamoli, Ravi Bhushan, Aman Rohilla, C. Majumder, S. Chakraborty, R. P. Singh, S. R. Abhilash968pdf
G62. A Direct Mathematical Method to Calculate the Efficiency of 4$\pi$ Sum-Spin Spectrometer, A. Srivastava, S. Panwar, V. Ranga, G. Anil Kumar970pdf
G63. Design of CMOS peak detector for ASIC integrated with independent digital DAQ for nuclear spectroscopy , Manish Kumar Jha, Tanushyam Bhattacharjee972pdf
G64. Rutherford backscattering spectroscopic analysis for thick nuclear targets, A. Sharma, Abhilash S. R., Sunil Ojha, S. Chopra, D. Kanjilal, S. Muralithar, Shashi K. Dhiman, Umapathy G. R. 974pdf
G65. Study of charging up effect in GEM detector, Krishana Nivedita G, Ayushi Paul, Sayak Chatterjee, Shreya Roy, Arindam Sen, Saikat Biswas, Supriya Das976pdf
G66. Target Thickness Measurement Using X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Arkabrata Gupta, Arna Ghosh, Rajib Kumar, Abhijit Bisoi, S. Sarkar978pdf
G67. Estimation of carrier concentration of a NTD Ge from the resistivity measurement at 4K , V. Vatsa, A. Reza, S. Saraf, A. Mazumdar, A. Garai, H. Krishnamoorthy, V. Nanal, R.G. Pillay, A. Shrivastava980pdf
G68. Bolometer pulse analysis using optimal filter, A. Garai, V. Vatsa, A. Mazumdar, A. Reza, H. Krishnamoorthy, G. Gupta, V. Nanal, R.G. Pillay982pdf
G69. Pulse Shape Discrimination and Time of Flight measurements for n/$\gamma$ with CAEN digitizer, Sathi Sharma, Shruti De, Dipayan Chattopadhyay, Sangeeta Das, M. Saha Sarkar984pdf
G70. Energy resolution and efficiency measurements of a 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch CeBr3 scintillator , S. Das, S. Bhattacharyya, Soumik Bhattacharya, R. Banik, A. Choudhury, Shabir Dar986pdf
G71. Coincidence Study between internal conversion electrons and $\gamma$-rays in $^{152}$Eu, Sangeeta Das, Sathi Sharma, Shruti De, M. Saha Sarkar988pdf
G72. R $\&$ D of Straw Tube detector for High Energy Physics experiments, S. Roy, S. Jaiswal, S. Chatterjee, A. Sen, S. Biswas, S. Das, S. K. Ghosh, S. Raha, V. M. Lysan, G. D. Kekelidze, V. V Myalkovsky990pdf
G73. Performance study of low background co-axial HPGe detector , S. Thakur, H. Krishnamoorthy, V. Nanal, Pushpendra P. Singh, R.G. Pillay992pdf
G74. Development of an FPGA-based Readout for Particle Tracking, Subhendu Das, Ayanendu Dutta, Dhritimalya Roy, Sandip Sarkar, Nayana Majumdar, Supratik Mukhopadhyay994pdf
G75. Development and issues of bakelite RPC, Arindam Sen, Rituparna Banerjee, Abhisek Roy, Sayak Chatterjee, Shreya Roy, Saikat Biswas, Supriya Das996pdf
G76. Simulation to design the target cooling arrangement for high current Nuclear Astrophysics experiments, Tanmoy Bar, Chinmay Basu, Mithun Das, A.K. Santra, S. Sen998pdf
G77. Optimization methodology of high speed transceivers for interfaces in HEP Experiments, Shuaib Ahmad Khan, Subhasis Chattopadhyay1000pdf
G78. GEM Detector Simulation, Aritra Bal, Anand Dubey1002pdf
G79. Ion Beam Optics Elements of 50 keV Table-Top Ion Accelerator, Manish K. Vishwakarma, P. Jain1004pdf

T. Thesis Presentations      Top

T1. Systematic study of some universal features of superdeformed nuclei, Anshul Dadwal1007pdf
T2. Studies on the Modes of Decay of Normal and Hypernuclei, C Nithya1009pdf
T3. Novel shapes and symmetries in heavy nuclei, S.G. Wahid1011pdf
T4. Ab initio No Core Shell Model Study for Lighter Nuclei, Archana Saxena1013pdf
T5. Multi-faceted study of the nuclear structure of deformed nuclei, Poonam Jain1015pdf
T6. Collective and Non-collective States in Transitional Nuclei, S. Chakraborty1017pdf
T7. Study of Exotic Properties of Neutron Rich Nuclei around N$\sim$20 using Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB), Anisur Rahaman1019pdf
T8. Decay and structure studies of drip line and unstable nuclei in various mass regions, I. Sreeja1021pdf
T9. Role of Projectile Break-up in Heavy-Ion Interactions at Low Energies, Mohd. Shuaib1023pdf
T10. Role of Neutron Transfer in Sub-barrier Fusion, Rudra Narayan Sahoo1025pdf
T11. Decay of heavy and superheavy nuclei formed in a variety of nuclear reactions, Amandeep Kaur1027pdf
T12. Theoretical study of cluster emission and fission dynamics using Binary Fragmentation Approach, Kanishka Sharma1029pdf
T13. Scaling properties of nuclei away from stability, Manju Yadav1031pdf
T14. Dynamics of different fission mechanisms using fragmentation approach, Amandeep Kaur1033pdf
T15. Study of electric multipole transition probabilities and their importance in reaction dynamics, Ananya Kundu1035pdf
T16. Nuclear Reaction Studies in Heavy Ion Induced Reactions, Suhail A. Tali1037pdf
T17. Study of fission reactions involving weakly bound projectiles, A. Pal1039pdf
T18. Fission studies using dynamical and statistical models, M. T. Senthil Kannan1041pdf
T19. Study of Fission Dynamics using Neutron Multiplicity & Mass Distribution Measurements and through Dynamical Model Calculations, Neeraj Kumar1043pdf
T20. Study of some Heavy-Ion Reactions with stable and weakly bound projectiles using Coupled-Channel formalisms, Nisha Chauhan1045pdf
T21. Study of Fusion, Resonance and Decay in Heavy Ion Collision, Swagatika Bhoi1047pdf
T22. Equations of States for White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars, Somnath Mukhopadhyay1049pdf
T23. T-invariance in weak interaction induced processes, Atika Fatima1051pdf
T24. Collective excitations of the hot QCD medium and quark-gluon plasma in relativistic heavy-ion collisions, Mohammad Yousuf Jamal1053pdf
T25. Heavy Quarkonium Spectra and its Decays in the Framework of Quark Models, Praveen D Souza1055pdf
T26. Event shape and Multiplicity dependence of $\phi$ meson production in pp collisions with ALICE at the LHC and Characterization of Heavy-ion Collisions using Relativistic Kinetic Theory, Sushanta Tripathy1057pdf
T27. The Study of Multiparticle Production in High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions, Praveen Prakash Shukla1059pdf
T28. Studies on Pulse Shape Discrimination and Efficiency of GGAG:Ce Scintillators, Sheetal Rawat1061pdf
T29. A Study of High-Energy Cosmic Ray Showers by Extending the Dynamic Range of Scintillator Detectors in GRAPES-3 Experiment, Anuj Chandra1063pdf

S. Special Session      Top

S1. Accelerators \& experimental nuclear physics facilities at VECC , C. Bhattacharya1066pdf
S2. Neutron induced reaction data at extreme energies - status and demands , M. M. Musthafa1068pdf
S3. Facilities and instrumentations for future nuclear physics research in India , B.R. Behera1070pdf
S4. Opportunities and challenges for studying rare events in nuclear physics using existing and future ion beam accelerators , R. Palit1072pdf
S5. Gamma Tracking Array: A new generation high resolution $\gamma$- ray spectrometer for exotic nuclear structure studies , Samit Kr. Mandal1074pdf
S6. Future Facility for Nuclear Physics in India? , A. Shrivastava1076pdf
S7. The FRENA facility and sub-Coulomb transfer reactions , Chinmay Basu1078pdf
S8. Precise measurements on very heavy nuclei separated by HYRA using an Ion trap and the facilitation of low energy nuclear astrophysics experiments , N. Madhavan 1080pdf
S9. Possibilities for an Inverse Compton Scattering (ICS) setup using Indus Synchrotrons facility at RRCAT, Indore for creating MeV $\gamma$-ray beams based nuclear facility , Ajit Kumar Sinha1082pdf