I. Invited Talks

a. Nuclear structure

b. Nuclear reactions

c. Nuclear astrophysics

d. Hadron physics

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and Quark Gluon Plasma

f. Electroweak interaction in nuclei

g. Nuclear instrumentation and techniques

T. Thesis Presentations

Author Index

I. Invited Talks      Top

I1. Probing exotic structures with electromagnetic dissociation: Applications in Nuclear Astrophysics , Rajdeep Chatterjee3pdf
I2. An overview of J-PARC science, N. Saito5pdf
I3. Recent Results in Neutrino Physics and Future Prospects, Brajesh C. Choudhary7pdf
I4. Status of Helium-Jet Ion-Source development at NSCL/FRIB, J. J. Das9pdf
I5. Fission Dynamics Study of Heavy and Super-heavy Nuclei through Neutron Multiplicity and Mass Distribution Measurements, B.R. Behera 11pdf
I6. New Horizons at GANIL, A. Navin13pdf
I7. Physics Highlights from Digital INGA and Future Developments, R. Palit15pdf
I8. Insight the nuclear structure from isomer and decay spectroscopy, R. Lozeva17pdf
I9. Gaseous Detectors for Nuclear and particle physics: Fundamentals and beyond, Archana Sharma19pdf
I10. Underwater threats detection with neutrons: the SABAT project, Michal Silarski21pdf
I11. Towards a nuclear optical clock based on $^{229}$Th, L. von der Wense,B. Seiferle,I. Amersdorffer,P.G. Thirolf23pdf
I12. The Value of Electromagnetic Transition Form Factors of Light Mesons, Susan Schadmand25pdf
I13. Search for the exotic nuclear matter with WASA-at-COSY, P. Moskal27pdf
I14. Digital Pulse Processing and Data Acquisition for Gamma-ray Spectroscopy: Perspectives, Developments and Applications, R. Raut29pdf
I15. Using Fast Neutrons to Probe the Structure of Candidates for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay, S.W. Yates,S. Mukhopadhyay,B.P. Crider,E.E. Peters31pdf
I16. Non-equilibrium processes in nuclear reactions with heavy ions, Olga V. Fotina 33pdf
I17. Radiochemical studies on fission dynamics and nuclear decay data , R. Tripathi35pdf
I18. Shell effects in the fission of nuclei around Mercury, E. Prasad37pdf
I19. Fission reactions involving weakly bound stable projectiles, S. Santra39pdf
I20. Test of CPT symmetry with the KLOE detector, Eryk Czerwinski41pdf
I21. Studies of the decay of positronium atoms with the J-PET detector , Sushil Sharma43pdf
I22. Particle production in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions at the LHC, Enrico Fragiacomo45pdf
I23. Recent progress of experimental nuclear physics facilities and research at VECC, Amitava Roy47pdf
I24. Facilities of Nuclear Physics Research at Mumbai, B. K. Nayak49pdf
I25. Hybrid Recoil mass Analyzer (HYRA) at IUAC, New Delhi: the path traveled so far and the way ahead, N. Madhavan51pdf
I26. FRENA - A low energy, high current accelerator facility for research in Nuclear Astrophysics at SINP, Kolkata, Subinit Roy53pdf
I27. Searches for New Physics through Dark Matter and Neutrino Interactions, R. Mahapatra55pdf
I28. Revisiting Neutrino Oscillation Physics in presence of Nuclear Effect, Jyotsna Singh57pdf
I29. CERN openlab: driving innovation in HEP computing, Federico Carminati59pdf
I30. Superheavy Elements - Synthesis and Modes of Decay, K. P. Santhosh61pdf
I31. Signature of α-clusters in light nuclei, Tapan Kumar Rana63pdf
I32. (Evening Lecture), S. Banerjee65pdf

Contributory Papers

a. Nuclear structure      Top

A1. Half Lives of the $\alpha$ - Decay Chains of Recently Reported New Isotopes, H. M. Devaraja,Y.K. Gambhir,A. Bhagwat,M. Gupta,S. Heinz,G. Muenzenberg68pdf
A2. Relativistic Mean Field Description of the Ground State Properties of Nuclei Appearing in the $alpha$ - Decay Chains of Recently Reported New Isotopes, H.M. Devaraja,Y.K. Gambhir,A. Bhagwat,M. Gupta,S. Heinz,G. Muenzenberg70pdf
A3. Fermi scale applications of strong (nuclear) gravity-1 , U.V.S Seshavatharam,S. Lakshminarayana72pdf
A4. Shape evolution in semi-magic Sn-isotopes: A recent scenario, S. Dutt,M. Saxena,P. Doornenbal,A. Jhingan,A. Banerjee,R. K. Bhowmik,R. Garg,C. Joshi,V. Mishra,P. J. Napiorkowski,S. Prajapati,I. A. Rizvi,P. A. S\"{o}derstr\""""{o}m,H. J. Wollersheim,R. Kumar"""74pdf
A5. Study of high spin states in neutron deficient 133-Sm isotope , Rakesh K. Pandit,Rani Devi,S. K. Khosa76pdf
A6. Study of 116Sb: an ensemble of single particle as well as collective structure, Shabir Dar,Soumik Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,R. Banik,S. Nandi,G. Mukherjee,S. Das Gupta,Sajad. Ali,S. Chatterjee,S. Das,A. Dhal,S. S. Ghugre,A. Goswami,D. Mondal,S. Mukhopadhyay,S. Pal,D. Pandit,R. Raut,P. Ray,S. Samanta78pdf
A7. Identification of new partner band. . based on g7/2 in 117Sb, R. Banik,S. Bhattacharyya,Soumik Bhattacharya,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,R. Goswami,D. Choudhury,S. Das,A. Dhal,A. Goswami,G. Mukherjee,S. Samanta80pdf
A8. $\gamma$-ray spectroscopy of $^{131}$Xe from $\alpha$-induced reaction, R. Banik,S. Bhattacharyya,S. Biswas,Soumik Bhattacharya,G. Mukherjee,Shabir Dar,S. Das Gupta,S. Nandi,Sajad Ali,P. Ray,S. Chatterjee,S. Samanta,S. Das,A. Goswami,S. Ghugre,R. Raut,H. Pai,A. Lemasson,A. Navin,M. Rejmund,D. Mondal,S. Mukhopadhyay,S. Pal,D. Pandit,S. Rajbanshi82pdf
A9. Ab-initio results of $\beta^{-}$-decay properties of Z=8-15 nuclei, Anil Kumar,Praveen C. Srivastava84pdf
A10. Nonadiabatic quasiparticle approach for neutron-rich nuclei, Swati Modi, Pooja,M. Patial,P. Arumugam86pdf
A11. Study of Nitrogen Isotopes with No Core Shell Model, Archana Saxena,Praveen C. Srivastava88pdf
A12. Triaxial Projected Shall Model study of low excitation of the second 0$^+$ state in $^{72}$Ge, G. H. Bhat,S. Jahangir,J. A. Sheikh,R. Palit90pdf
A13. Backbending region study in $^{160}$Dy nuclues using triaxial projected shell model, G. H. Bhat,S. Jahangir,J. A. Sheikh,R. Palit92pdf
A14. Description and.. prediction of Long-lived Isomers in the $_{101}Md Isotopic Chain, P C Sood,M Jodidar Praveen,R Gowrishankar94pdf
A15. Multi-quasiparticle structure of 80Se, Rajat Gupta,Arun Gupta,Surbhi Gupta,Suram Singh,Arun Bharti96pdf
A16. Structural evolution of proton-hole Indium nuclei, Surbhi Gupta,Ridham Bakshi,Amit Kumar,Suram Singh,Arun Bharti98pdf
A17. Validity of Grodzins relation in high mass region of nuclear chart, Vikas Katoch,J. B. Gupta100pdf
A18. Doubly open-shell nuclei with $ab~initio$ approaches, Archana Saxena,Anil Kumar,Vikas Kumar,Praveen C. Srivastava102pdf
A19. N=90 shape phase transition, Tabassum Naz,Shakeb Ahmad,G. H. Bhat,S. A Sheikh104pdf
A20. Shell model results of Gamow-Teller transition strengths for $^{48}$Ti$(^{3}He,t)^{48}$V reaction , Vikas Kumar,Anil Kumar,Archana Saxena,Praveen C. Srivastava106pdf
A21. Empirical evidence of super-rigid structure in superdeformed band.. of A ~ 190 mass region, H.M. Mittal,Anshul Dadwal108pdf
A22. Isomers in $^{130}$Cd and.. $^{206}Hg, Bhoomika Maheshwari,Ashok Kumar Jain110pdf
A23. A simplistic approach to study the alpha decay chain of Z = 120 isotopes within A = 298 -308, G. Naveya,A. Stephen,S.I.A. Philominraj112pdf
A24. Nuclear structure near N=108 deformed shell gap: case of 187Os, S. Nandi,G. Mukherjee,A. Dhal,R. Banik,S. Bhattachaaya,C. Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,S. Kundu,D. Paul,Sajad Ali,S. Rajbanshi,H. Pai,P. Ray,S. Chatterjee,S. Das,S. Samanta,A. Goswami,R Raut,S. Ghugre,S. Biswas114pdf
A25. Evolution of fluctuation and. thermal phase transition in nuclei, Deepak Pandit,Srijit Bhattacharya,Debasish Mondal,Balaram Dey,S Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,A De,S R Banerjee116pdf
A26. Evaporation of Neutrons from Alpha Induced reactions on 55Mn and.. 209Bi Nuclei, A Srinivasa Pradeep,Reda Megos 118pdf
A27. {\Large Band.. Structure in $^{120}$I}, M. Kaur,S. Sihotra,J. Rather,V. Singh,S. Kumar,N. Singh,N. Kaur,J. Goswamy120pdf
A28. Deviation from the Schmidt value for the magnetic moments of mirror hypernuclei with closed core+N+Lambda configuration , Madhulika Mehrotra,Indira Mehrotra122pdf
A29. Identical band.. in superdeformed A = 190 mass region, Poonam Jain,Alpana Goel,S.K. Mandal124pdf
A30. Land.. ark role of Z=101/100 nuclides in the transuranic region, K. Vijay Sai,R. Gowrishankar,P.C. Sood126pdf
A31. Prediction of decay modes of $Z=128$ superheavy nuclei within the mass range 301$\leq$A$\leq$338, Usuf Rahaman,M. Ikram128pdf
A32. In-beam $\gamma$ - ray spectroscopy of $^{63}$Zn, U. S. Ghosh,S. Rai,B. Mukherjee,A. Biswas,A. K. Mondal,K. Mandal,A. Chakraborty,G. Mukherjee,S. Nandi,S. Chakraborty,A. Sharma,S. S. Bhattacharjee,I. Bala,R. Garg,S. Muralithar,R. P. Singh130pdf
A33. Level structures in the odd-odd heavy actinide $_{103}^{254}Lr_{151} , R Gowrishankar,M Jodidar Praveen,P C Sood132pdf
A34. Test for the global validity of Grodzins product rule, H. M. Mittal,Monica Karday134pdf
A35. Signature partners pairs in triaxial superdeformed band.. of 164Lu isotopes, H.M. Mittal,Honey Sharma136pdf
A36. Non-central forces of effective interactions, Pawan Kumar,Shahariar Sarkar,P. K. Raina,Pushpendra P. Singh,P. K. Rath 138pdf
A37. Possibility for the existence of various 6-9B, 16-19Ne, 8-11 C, 23-30P and.. 26-32S proton halo nuclei via cluster decay process , K. P. Anjali,K. Prathapan,R. K. Biju,K. P. Santhosh140pdf
A38. Possible shell or sub-shell closure around A= 220, R. R. Swain,C. Dash,P. K. Moharana,I. Naik,B. B. Sahu142pdf
A39. Role of Triaxiality in decay chain of $^{298}120$, Tasleem Ahmad Siddiqui,Shakeb Ahmad144pdf
A40. Systematics of Exotic Superheavy Nuclei (Z=116, 118, 120 and.. 122) and.. their alpha decay half lives, Akhilesh Yadav,A. Shukla146pdf
A41. Nuclear transition matrix elements of neutrinoless double beta decay including V+A current, Yash Kaur Singh,V.K. Nautiyal,R Chandra,P.K. Rath,P.K. Raina148pdf
A42. $\Delta$I=2 staggering in superdeformed band.. of different mass regions, Honey Sharma,H.M. Mittal150pdf
A43. Study of backbending in superdeformed band.. of $^{36}Ar$ through two parameter formula, Honey Sharma,H.M. Mittal152pdf
A44. Role of Nuclear Matter Saturation Properties in the Predictions of Finite Nuclei Bulk Properties, T.R. Routray,P. Bano,X. Vi$\ n$as,M. Centelles,L.M. Robledo,S.K. Pattnaik154pdf
A45. Lifetime measurement of nuclear levels of 37Ar, Ananya Das,R. Rahaman,Abhijit Bisoi,S. Sarkar,S. Ray,D. Pramanik,R. Khestri,S. Nag,P. Singh ,K. Selvakumar,A. Goswami,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,B. S. Naidu,R. Donthi,V. Nanal,R. Palit156pdf
A46. Lifetime measurement in $^{103}$Pd, A. Sharma,S. Muralithar,R.P. Singh,I. Bala,S.S. Bhattacharjee,Ritika Garg,S.S. Tiwary, Neelam,S. Das,S. Samanta,S.S. Ghugre,P.V. Madhusudhana Rao,R. Palit,S.K. Dhiman,U. Garg158pdf
A47. Systematic shell model study of 1f7/2-shell V isotopes, Y. Sapkota,Abhijit Bisoi160pdf
A48. Role of Compositeness in Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay of 76Ge and. . 82Se Isotopes, Amrendra Kumar,B.M. Dixit,P.K. Raina,P.K. Rath162pdf
A49. Scenario of weakening of spin-orbit splitting of proton states in exotic Scand.. um isotopes , Rupayan Bhattacharya,Rajen Sarkar164pdf
A50. Study of ground-state shapes of even-even tellurium isotopes in relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov model, Shivali Sharma,Rani Devi,S.K. Khosa166pdf
A51. E(5) critical symmetry, Tabassum Naz,Shakeb Ahmad,G. H. Bhat,S. A Sheikh168pdf
A52. Modification of pairing energy term in the liquid drop model, Saniya Monga,Nishchal R. Dwivedi,Deepika Pathak,Harjeet Kaur170pdf
A53. Cluster Radioactivity Study of Pt Isotopes, Rashmirekha Swain,B.B. Sahu,P.K. Moharana172pdf
A54. Semiclassical calculation of pairing correlations in deformed nuclei, Saniya Monga,Harjeet Kaur,Sudhir R. Jain174pdf
A55. High spin study of neutron-rich $^{198,200,202}$Hg, Saket Suman,S.K. Tandel,A.K. Kumawat,S.G. Wahid176pdf
A56. Shell model results with $NN+NNN$ interaction for Ca isotopes and.. role of $d_{5/2}$ orbital, Bharti Bhoy,Praveen C. Srivastva178pdf
A57. Theoretical study of high spin structure of $^{145,147,149}$Pm isotopes, Suram Singh,Amit Kumar,Arun Bharti180pdf
A58. Evidence of high-spin isomers in $^{216}$Fr, Khamosh Yadav,A. Y. Deo182pdf
A59. {High spin structure of $^{80}Kr$ using Triaxial Projected Shell Model, N. Behera,G. H. Bhat,Z. Naik,R. Palit,Y. Sun,J. A. Sheikh184pdf
A60. Description of superdeformed band.. in even-even $A<100$ mass region nuclei, Vidya Devi,J B Gupta186pdf
A61. Band.. head spin assignment of Sr isotopes of superdeformed band.. , Vidya Devi,Jagjit Singh Matharu188pdf
A62. Study of $\Delta I=2$ staggering in Eu and.. Dy isotopes, Vidya Devi,H.M. Mittal190pdf
A64. Local gauge invariance of Dyon, Ila Joshi,J. S. Garia194pdf
A65. Alpha accompanied ternary fission of even-even $^{250-256}$Fm isotopes using unified ternary fission model, Sreejith Krishnan,K. P. Santhosh196pdf
A66. Microscopical approach to study K-Selection Rule violation in K=10$^+$ Isomer decay of $^{182}$W, C. R. Praharaj,S. Bhoi,Z. Naik,S. K Ghorui,S. K. Patra 198pdf
A67. Competition between different decay modes in 279Ds, N Sowmya,HC Manjunatha200pdf
A68. Study of newly appeared $\gamma-gamma$ band.. in 104-108Mo , M SINGH,MANI VARSHNEY,Y SINGH,A K VARSHNEY,K K GUPTA 202pdf
A69. 58Fe induced fusion to synthesis Superheavy element Z=120, KN Sridhar,HC Manjunatha, Ramalingam204pdf
A70. On electric Quadrupole Transition between rotational states of 188-192Os , Y Singh,Mani Varshney,M Singh,A K Varshney ,K K Gupta 206pdf
A71. Parity assignment of a dipole band. in $ ^{\text{139}} $Pm, S.S. Tiwary,H.P. Sharma,S. Chakraborty,C. Majumder,P. Banerjee,S. Ganguly,A. Kumar,S. Kumar,S. K. Chamoli,K. Rojeeta Devi208pdf
A72. Deexcitation of three particle - three hole structure in $^{142}$Eu, Sajad Ali,S. Rajbanshi,Prithwijita Ray,Abhijit Bisoi,Somnath Nag,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,T. Bhattacharjee,S. Bhattacharyya,S. Chattopadhyay,G. Gangopadhyay,G. Mukherjee,R. Palit,R. Raut,M. Saha Sarkar,A. K. Singh,A. Goswami210pdf
A73. Contribution of central and. non-central components of N-N force in monopole elements, Kanhaiya Jha,P. Kumar,S. Sarkar,P. K. Raina,P. K. Rath212pdf
A74. Systematics of Superdeformed band.. in the isotopes of Zn and.. Ge in A=60 Mass region, Neha Sharma,H.M. Mittal214pdf
A75. DSAM analysis of $ ^{\text{104}} $Pd, C. Majumder,H. P. Sharma,S. Chakraborty,S. S. Tiwary,S. S. Bhattacharjee,R. Garg,I. Bala,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar216pdf
A76. A contribution of isovector-scalar meson on $\Sigma-$hypernuclei , M Ikram,Usuf Rahaman218pdf
A77. Observation of a rotational band.. at 19/2$^{\text{+}} $ state in $ ^{\text{127}} $Xe, S. Chakraborty,H.P. Sharma,S.S. Tiwary,C. Majumder,P. Banerjee,S. Ganguly,S. Rai220pdf
A78. Study of Yrast spectra, Band.. structure and.. Backbending in $^{76}$Ge and.. $^{76}$Se within the framework of Projected Shell Model., Pankaj Kumar,Vikesh Kumar,Shashi K Dhiman222pdf
A79. Structural properties of Super-heavy Nuclei with Z = 126, Swain R.R.,Sahu B.B. ,Patra S.K.224pdf
A80. J Selection Rule and.. Reduced Matrix Elements of K-Isomer Decay: K=6$^+$ Isomer Decay of $^{170}$Hf to the Ground Band.., B. B. Sahu,Z. Naik,C. R. Praharaj226pdf
A81. Single-particle states and. isomers in $^{202}$Tl and. $^{203}$Pb, S. G. Wahid,S. K. Tandel,A. Patel,S. Suman,P. Roy,M. Hemalatha,A. Y. Deo, Pragati,S. Rai,S. Sharma,S. S. Bhattacharjee,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar,P. C. Srivastava228pdf
A82. Study of band.. spectra of odd-even $^{163}$Ho , Barun Slathia230pdf
A83. The neutron induced $\gamma$-ray background in $^{124}$Sn, G. Gupta,H. Krishnamoorthy,A. Garai,A. Mazumdar,V. Nanal,A. Shrivastava,R.G. Pillay232pdf
A84. Semiclassical description of $\alpha$ radioactivity in spherical nuclei, Saniya Monga,Harjeet Kaur234pdf
A85. Contrasting behavior of Signature Inversion in Rubidium Isotopes, Kawalpreet Kalra,Alpana Goel,A.K. Jain236pdf
A86. Isomers and. . intrinsic excitations at high spin in $^{201}$Tl, Poulomi Roy,S.K. Tandel,S.G. Wahid,S. Suman,A. Patel,M. Hemalatha,A.Y. Deo238pdf
A87. In-beam $\gamma$-ray spectroscopy of $^{66}$Zn, S. Rai,B. Mukherjee,U.S. Ghosh,A. Biswas,A.K. Mondal,K. Mondal,A. Chakraborty,S. Chakraborty,A. Sharma,G. Mukherjee,S. Nandi,S.S. Bhattacharjee,I. Bala,R. Garg,S. Muralithar,R.P. Singh240pdf
A88. An Investigation of Binding Energy for Even-Even Exotic Isotopes within Skyrme-Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Formalism, Virender Thakur,Suman Thakur,Smriti Thakur,Shashi K Dhiman242pdf
A89. Co-existing excitation modes in neutron rich nucleus- $^{98}$Zr, A.K. Mondal,S. Mukhopadhyay,A. Chakraborty,D.C. Biswas,L.S. Danu,A. Blanc,G. de France,M. Jentschel,U. K$\ddot{o}$ster,S. Leoni,P. Mutti,G. Simpson,T. Soldner,C. A. Ur,W. Urban244pdf
A90. Neutron Bubble Nuclei, G. Saxena,M. Kumawat,Mamta Aggarwal246pdf
A91. Triton clustering in neutron-rich nuclei, Anisul A. Usmani,Syed Afsar Abbas,Usuf Rahaman,M. Ikram248pdf
A92. Occupancies of proton and.. neutron orbits of nuclei in the mass range A=90-150 participating in $0\nu\beta^-\beta^-$ decay, R. Gautam,Brijesh Shukla,P. Chaturvedi,R. Chandra,K. Chaturvedi,P.K. Rath,P.K. Raina250pdf
A93. Clustering in Calcium isotopes, Nishchal R. Dwivedi,Harjeet Kaur,Sudhir R. Jain252pdf
A94. Ignatyuk damping coefficient - from the haze of fitting to an expression, Nishchal R. Dwivedi,Saniya Monga,Harjeet Kaur,Sudhir R. Jain254pdf
A95. A Study of Charge Radii in Si, S, Ar and. Ca Nuclides within Relativistic Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Approximation, Smriti Thakur,Virender Thakur,Shashi K Dhiman256pdf
A96. Fluctuations on Nuclear Level Density Parameter, V Selvam,D.R Jayahar Devadhason258pdf
A97. Search for $\gamma$-band. . in $^{114}$Te, Prithwijita Ray,H. Pai,S. Ali,S. Rajbanshi,S. Chakraborty,R. Banik,S. Nandi,G. Mukherjee,S. Bhattacharya,C. Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,S. Samanta,S. Das,S. Chatterjee,R. Raut,S.S. Ghugre,Md.S.R. Laskar,R. Palit,A. Goswami260pdf
A98. Study of Yrast Spectra, Yrast Energy Splitting and. Backband. ng for $^{130}$Te,$^{130}$I,$^{130}$Xe within the framework of Projected Shell Model, Vikesh Kumar,Pankaj Kumar,Shashi K Dhiman262pdf
A99. Measured transition probabilities and.. observed signature inversion in $^{126}$I, Himanshu Kumar Singh,Pragya Das,Bhushan A. Kanagalekar,S. Muralithar,R. P. Singh264pdf
A100. Lifetimes of negative parity yrast states in $^{129}$Cs, U. Lamani,Pragya Das,B. Bhujang,V. Pasi,D. C. Biswas,R. Palit266pdf
A101. Isotopic yield and. mass distributions of neutron-rich fragment nuclei produced in $\alpha$ induced fission of $^{232}$Th, Aniruddha Dey,S. Mukhopadhyay,D.C. Biswas,A. Chakraborty,A.K. Mondal,K. Mondal,B.N. Joshi,S. Chatterjee,S. Samanta,S. Das,Soumik Bhattacharya,R. Banik,S. Nandi,R. Raut,G. Mukherjee,S. Bhattacharyya,S.S. Ghugre,A. Goswami268pdf
A102. Lifetime measurement of 3/2$^+_ 1$ state of $^{117}Sn, Sangeeta Das,Suman Aich,A. Adhikari,S.S. Alam,Sathi Sharma,B. Dey, Arkabrata Gupta,Y. Sapkota,A. Das,A. Saha,S.K. Dey,Dibyadyut Pramanik,D. Banerjee,T. Bhattacharjee,C.C. Dey,Abhijit Bisoi, S. Sarkar, M. Saha Sarkar270pdf
A103. Alignment gain through shape-coexistence in $^{123}$Xe, Somnath Nag ,Anwesha Basu,I. Ragnarsson,A. K. Singh272pdf
A104. Investigation of the medium-spin level structure of $^{78}$Se, K. Mandal,A.K. Mondal,A. Chakraborty,S. Ali,R. Banik,S. Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,D.C. Biswas,S. Biswas,S. Chattarjee,S.K. Das,A. Dey,U.S. Ghosh,S.S. Ghugre,A. Goswami, Krishichayan,A. Kumar,V. Kumar,B. Mukherjee,G. Mukherjee,S. Mukhopadhyay,S. Nandi,S. Rai,R. Raut,S. Samanta274pdf
A105. Influence of $1h_{9/2}$, $1i_{13/2}$ and. $3s_{1/2}$ orbitals on shapes of odd-mass Bi, At and. Fr isotopes in mass region $\sim$ 200 , U. S. Ghosh,B. Mukherjee,S. Rai,A. Biswas276pdf
A106. Observation of non-yrast states in $^{116}$Sn and.. measurement of polarisation asymmetry, Prithwijita Ray,S. Rajbanshi,H. Pai,S. Ali,S. Bhattacharyya,G. Mukherjee,S. Bhattacharya,R. Raut,S.S. Ghugre,G. Gangopadhyay,R. Banik,S. Nandy,S. Samanta,S. Das,S. Chatterjee,A. Goswami278pdf
A107. Study of ground state properties of neutron-rich tellurium isotopes by using Gogny interaction, Rani Devi,Shivali Sharma ,S K Khosa280pdf
A108. Effect of Temperature on Bubble Nuclei, G. Saxena,M. Aggarwal282pdf
A109. Alpha-Decay Chains of Superheavy Nuclei with Z = 121, G. Saxena,M. Kaushik,Mamta Aggarwal284pdf
A110. Symmetry energy of (Z=120) isotopes within Relativistic Mean Field model, Abdul Quddus,S. K. Patra286pdf
A111. A Study of Neutron Skin Thickness in Neutron Rich Nuclei within Skyrme-Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Formalism, Virender Thakur,Suman Thakur,Smriti Thakur,Shashi K Dhiman288pdf
A112. Spectroscopy of long lived fission fragments in A ~100-140 region, Wasim Raja Sk,D. Banerjee,S.S. Alam,T. Bhattacharjee,R. Acharya,P.K. Pujari290pdf
A113. Comparative Study of Properties of Stable (4He) and.. Weakly Bound (6He, 8He) Helium Isotopes using Skyrme Pairing Force-SKP and.. Modified SKM* Functionals, Sukhvinder Singh Duhan,Manjeet Singh Gautam,Rajesh Kharab292pdf
A114. Observation of triaxiality in the transitional $^{132}$Ba nucleus via B(E2$^{\uparrow$) measurements , S. Dutt,M. Saxena,R. Kumar,P. J. Napiorkowski,T. Abraham,A. Agarwal,J. M. Allmond ,A. Banerjee,R. K. Bhowmik,C. Joshi,J. Kaur,A. Kumar,A. Gawlik,K. Hady\'{n}ska-Kl\k{e}k,M. Hlebowicz,J. Iwanicki,A. Jhingan,M. Kisieli\'{n}ski,M. Komorowska,M. Kowalczyk,T. Marchlewski,M. Matejska-Minda,V. Mishra,F. Oleszczuk,M. Palacz,W. Pi\k{a}tek,L. Pr\'{o}chniak,I. A. Rizvi,J. Samorajczyk,J. Srebrnny,A. Stolarz,A. Tucholski,W. Wr\'{o}blewski,K. Wrzosek-Lipska,H. J. Wollersheim294pdf
A115. Two-body matrix elements calculations of neutrinoless double beta decay of $^{76}_{32}Ge$ using nuclear shell model, Shahariar Sarkar,Pawan Kumar,Kanhaiya Jha,P.K. Raina296pdf
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b. Nuclear reactions      Top

B1. Determination of excitation function of (n,2n) reaction on $^{87}Rb$ from threshold to 20MeV, G INDIRA,G ANBALAGAN382pdf
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B6. Study on the effect of deformation for the emission of 19-24F neutron halo nuclei via cluster radioactivity, K. Prathapan,K. P. Anjali,R. K. Biju,K. P. Santhosh392pdf
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B25. Critical analysis for nuclear data of thermal neutron capture cross section ($\sigma_{0}$) and.. the resonance integral ($I_{0}$) for the reaction $^{69}$Ga(n,$\gamma$)$^{70}$Ga and.. $^{71}$Ga(n,$\gamma$)$^{72}$Ga from library based on neutron activation measurements, SATHEESH B430pdf
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B28. Nuclear Reaction Studies of Carbon isotopes in conjunction with RMF theory and.. Glauber Model., A. Shukla,Ajeet Singh,Akhilesh Yadav436pdf
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B33. Probing isospin effects via nuclear fragmentation, Preeti Bansal,Sakshi Gautam ,Rajeev K. Puri446pdf
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B36. Isospin effects on the mass and.. charge distributions in the decay of ${^{118,134}Ba^{*}}$ compound systems, Shilpa Rana,Dalip Singh Verma452pdf
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B45. Sensitivity of Prefission Neutron Multiplicity to Fission Time Measurement at Low Excitation Energy, A. Ray,A. K. Sikdar,A. Chatterjee470pdf
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B48. Competing mechanisms in the decay of \alpha and.. non-\alpha composite systems at different excitation energies, Manpreet Kaur,BirBikram Singh,S.K. Patra,Raj K. Gupta476pdf
B49. Clustering effects and.. fragmentation of composite system $^{20}Ne^{*}$ formed in light heavy ion collisions, Manpreet Kaur,BirBikram Singh,S.K. Patra,Raj K. Gupta478pdf
B50. Ternary fission of superheavy nucleus Z = 126, S SUBRAMANIAN,S SELVARAJ,M T SENTHIL KANNAN480pdf
B51. Production cross section of $^{210}$Po using the reaction $^{18}$O+$^{192}$Os, V Safoora,K. P. Santhosh482pdf
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B59. Investigation of the mechanisms of spallation reactions, udai singh498pdf
B60. Evaluation of $^{23}$Na (n,2n) Cross Section below 20 MeV, Jagjit Singh Matharu,Vidya Devi,Gulshan Premi500pdf
B61. Nuclear Structure input dependence on the nuclear reaction rates relevant to astrophysical p-process, Awanish bajpeyi,A. Shukla502pdf
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B71. Production of $^{187}$Pt radionuclide from $^{11}$B-induced reaction on $^{\text{nat}}$Ta, Rinku Prajapat,Deepak Kumar,Kuldeep Kumar,Amit Chauhan,Moumita Maiti522pdf
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B73. Orbiting as an interface of the atomic and.. nuclear process, Yash Kumar,Tapan Nandi526pdf
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B187. Fusion cross section for $^{16}$O+$^{28}$Si reaction in 3-stage classical dynamical model, Zarana R. Baraiya,Subodh S. Godre754pdf

c. Nuclear astrophysics      Top

C1. A statistical model with microscopically folded optical potential to study the astrophysical radiative neutron capture reactions near the Sn-Sb-Te region of $s$-process, Saumi Dutta,G. Gangopadhyay,Abhijit Bhattacharyya758pdf
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C4. Characterisation of superheated droplet detector for low mass dark matter search, Sunita Sahoo,Nilanjan Biswas,Susnata Seth,Mala Das764pdf
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C7. Event rates for WIMP- $^{127}$ I, $^{75}$ As scattering, R Sahu,VKB Kota770pdf
C8. Model independent approach to $d+ \vec\gamma \to n+p$ for $\gamma$ beam monitoring, S. P. Shilpashree,G. Ramachandran772pdf
C9. Decay Rate of $^{7}$Be Under Compression, A. Ray,P. Das,A. K. Sikdar,S. Pathak,J. Datta774pdf
C10. Intensity of gravitational waves emitted by pulsar neutron stars due to r-mode oscillation, T R Routray,S P Pattnaik,X Vin\ as,D N Basu,M Centelles,K Madhuri,B Behera776pdf
C11. Influence of transition density calculated by thermodynamical method and.. dynamical method on crustal fraction of moment of inertia of neutron star using Rsigma and.. Gsigma Skyrme interaction, K. Madhuri,T .R. Routray,D.N. Basu,S.P. Pattnaik778pdf
C12. Rotating Hadron Stars Under Strong Magnetic fields, Suman Thakur,Virender Thakur,Shashi. K Dhiman780pdf
C13. Structural Properties of Rotating Hybrid Stars with Color - Superconducting Quarks Matter, Suman Thakur,Virender Thakur,Shashi. K Dhiman782pdf
C14. Limiting mass of fastest spinning neutron stars, Ankit Kumar784pdf
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C19. Role of Hyperons in Neutron stars, Ishfaq A. Rather,M. Ikram,M. Imran794pdf
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d. Hadron physics      Top

D1. Algebraic calculations of mass spectra of scalar and.. axial vector charmonia in framework of Bethe-Salpeter equation , Shashank Bhatnagar,Lmenew Alemu820pdf
D2. Finite size of constituent quarks and.. nucleon nucleon interaction., Vanamali C. Shastry,K. B. Vijaya Kumar822pdf
D3. Magnetic properties of $D^{*}(2007)^{0}$ and.. $D^{*}(2010)^{\pm}$ meson in the constitute quark model, Keval Gandhi,Vikas Patel,Virendrasinh Kher,Ajay Kumar Rai824pdf
D4. Transverse polarization asymmetry of $B$ arrow$rho tau^+tau^-$ decay in non-universal Z' model, P. Nayek,S. Sahoo826pdf
D5. $\omega$ and.. $\phi$ mesons absorption in nuclei, Swapan Das828pdf
D6. Ground State Masses of Singly Heavy Flavour Baryons in the Relativistic Framework, Nirali Bhavsar,Manan Shah,Tanvi Bhavsar,P.C. Vinodkumar830pdf
D7. Fermi Liquid Model for Hadrons in Medium, A. Bhattacharya,S. Pal,B. Chakrabarti832pdf
D8. $\gamma gg$ and.. $ggg$ decay width of $S$-wave Charmonia, Raghav Chaturvedi,N.R. Soni,J.N. Pandya,A.K. Rai834pdf
D9. Mass spectra of hidden bottom tetraquark states, P. C. Vinodkumar,Tanvi Bhavsar,Manan Shah836pdf
D10. Charmonia within an instanton potential , Bhoomika Pandya,Manan Shah,P. C. Vinodkumar838pdf
D11. A relativistic approach for triply heavy avour baryon, Tanvi Bhavsar ,Manan Shah,P.C. Vinodkumar840pdf
D12. Doubly heavy baryon in the relativistic quark model, Manan Shah,Tanvi Bhavsar,P. C. Vinodkumar842pdf
D13. Wigner distributions of an electron in simulated QED model, Navdeep Kaur,Harleen Dahiya844pdf
D14. Mass spectra and. decay widths of strangeonium using Non Relativistic Coulomb Plus Power potential, Shefali Prabhakar,Tanvi Bhavsar ,Vinodkumar P. C. 846pdf
D15. Mass spectrum of $D_s$ Meson in a Non Relativistic Quark Model with Hulthen Potential, E Deepak DSilva,A P Monteiro,Praveen P DSouza,Vipin Naik N. S.,Vijaya Kumar K. B.848pdf
D16. Instatnon Contribution to the charmonium Mass spectra , Praveen P. DSouza,A. P. Monteiro,K. B. Vijay Kumar850pdf
D17. Estimating the Branching Ratio for the Charmonium: Two gluon decay, K. B. Vijay Kumar,A. P. Monteiro,Praveen P.DSouza852pdf
D18. Study of 1F doublet $(3^{+},4^{+})$ for bottom spectra using HQET, Pallavi Gupta,Alka Upadhyay854pdf
D19. Regge Trajectories of Some Recently Observed Pentaquarks, Akhilesh Ranjan,Hemwati Nandan856pdf
D20. Mass spectral calculations of pseudoscalar and.. vector charmonia in framework of Bethe-Salpeter equation using algebraic approach, Shashank Bhatnagar,Eshete Gebrehanna,Lmenew Alemu858pdf
D21. $N-\Delta$ and.. $\Delta-\Delta$ Di-baryonic Molecular Systems, Rohit Tiwari,D. P. Rathaud,Ajay Kumar Rai860pdf
D22. Studies of low-energy kaons interactions in nuclear matter by SIDDHARTA-2 and.. AMADEUS, Magdalena Skurzok862pdf
D23. P-wave charmonia in hot and.. dense magnetized nuclear matter, Rajesh Kumar,Arvind Kumar864pdf
D24. Gravitational form factors of kaon in light-cone quark model, Satvir Kaur,Harleen Dahiya866pdf
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D26. Possibility of hidden pentaquark molecular states in the bottom sector, Smruti Patel,Vinodkumar P. C.870pdf
D27. Analyzing Powers for $\vec p \vec p \to p\Delta^+$, Venkataraya,Sujith Thomas,G Ramachandran872pdf
D28. Asymmetric quark matter in Heavy ion collisons, Manisha Kumari,Arvind Kumar874pdf
D29. Decuplet Magnetic Moments in Strange Matter, Harpreet Singh,Arvind Kumar,Harleen Dahiya876pdf
D30. Mass Spectrum of low lying Bottomonium states in a Non-Relativistic Quark Model with Yukawa Potential, A.P Monteiro,Praveen P DSouza,Vidyalakshmi N,K.B Vijayakumar878pdf
D31. Mass Spectrum of Low lying Charmonium Spectrum in a Non relativistic Quark Model with Woods-Saxon Potential, A.P Monteiro,Praveen P DSouza,Navya G.R.,K.B Vijayakumar880pdf
D32. In-medium partial decay width of decay process $\psi(4040)$ $\to$ $D\bar{D}$, Rahul Chhabra,Arvind Kumar882pdf
D33. Regge trajectories in the $B_C$ meson, Virendrasinh Kher,Nayneshkumar Devlani,Ajaykumar Rai884pdf
D34. Nucleon structure functions with kinematic and. . dynamic higher twist effects, F. Zaidi,H. Haider,M. Sajjad Athar886pdf
D35. S-Wave Mass Spectrum of Exotic Mesons, P N Bapat,A P Monteiro888pdf
D36. P-Wave Mass Spectrum of Exotic Mesons, P N Bapat,A P Monteiro890pdf
D37. Effects of Coupled Channels in Charmonium Masses with Instanton Potetnial, A.P Monteiro,Praveen P DSouza,K. B. Vijay Kumar892pdf
D38. Application of Hadrons in Radiation Oncology and. consequences of Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) and. dose escalations., Atul Mishra,R.J. Pathak,S.P. Mishra,K.K. Mittal,A.K. Srivastva894pdf
D39. $B^+\rightarrow K^+\ell^+\ell^-$ to probe physics beyond stand. . rd model, Arpit Parmar,Shashank Dabhani,Ajay Kumar Rai896pdf
D40. Ladder Assembly for the Silicon Tracking System of the CBM Experiment at FAIR , Shaifali Mehta,Ulrich Frankenfeld,Oleg Vasylyev,Hans Rudolf Schmidt898pdf
D41. Properties of Bottomonium with Coupled Channel Effects, Vipin Naik N S,A. P. Monteiro,K. B. Vijay Kumar900pdf
D42. Mass shift in $B_s$ Meson Spectrum with Hadronic Loop Effects, K. B. Vijaya Kumar,A. P. Monteiro,Vipin Naik N S,Praveen P. DSouza902pdf
D43. Hadronic Loop Effects in $D_ s$ Meson Mass Spectrum, A.P Monteiro,Vipin Naik N S,K. B. Vijay Kumar,Praveen P. DSouza,E. Deepak DSilva904pdf
D44. Simulation of $f_{0}(1710)$ state using PANDARoot, Keval Gandhi,N.R. Soni,J.N. Pandya,S.S. Godre,A.K. Rai,B.J. Roy,P.C. Vinodkumar906pdf
D45. Hadron Loop effects on B Meson Masses in a Non Relativistic Quark Model., Praveen P. DSouza,A. P. Monteiro,K. B. Vijay Kumar,Vipin Naik N S908pdf
D46. Regge trajectories in the $B$ meson, Nayneshkumar Devlani,Virendrasinh Kher,Ajay Kumar Rai910pdf
D47. Decay properties of $\Xi_{cc}^{++}$ baryon, A.N. Gadaria,N.R. Soni ,Raghav Chaturvedi,A.K. Rai,J.N. Pandya912pdf
D48. Magnetic moments of decuplet baryons using effective quark in statistical models, amanpreet kaur,K.K Vishwarkarma,alka Upadhyay914pdf

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and Quark Gluon Plasma      Top

E1. Insight into $J/\psi$ production with hard-QCD and. $R_{AA}$ like factor in high-multiplicity $p+p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s} = $13 TeV, Suman Deb,Dhananjaya Thakur,Sudipan De,Raghunath Sahoo918pdf
E2. Dissociation of heavy quarkonia in an anisotropic medium, indrani nilima,vineet kumar agotiya920pdf
E3. Characteristic Study of Pions Production $^{84}Kr$-Emulsion Interaction at $\~$ 1GeV/n , N Marimuthu,Venktesh Singh,S S R Inbanathan922pdf
E4. Study of shower particles production in $^{84}Kr_{36}$ emulsion by using wounded nucleon model, N Marimuthu,S S R Inbanathan,Venktesh Singh924pdf
E5. Effect of causality on dissipation in relativistic fluid, Mahfuzur Rahaman,Jan-e Alam926pdf
E6. Energy and. system size depedence of hadronic resonance production with ALICE at the LHC, Dukhishyam Mallick928pdf
E7. Traces of non-equilibrium on the power spectrum of quark gluon plasma, Golam Sarwar,Sushant K. Singh,Jan-e Alam930pdf
E8. Quarkonia suppression in PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 5.02 TeV, Vineet Kumar,Prashant Shukla,Abhijit Bhattacharyya932pdf
E9. Fittings to Multiparticle Production for Proton Antiproton Collisions upto 1 TeV , Rishi Kant Saxena,K Y Singh,Anil Kumar934pdf
E10. Spin alignment of K$^{*0}$ measured with ALICE detector at the LHC, Ajay Kumar Dash936pdf
E11. Azimuthal correlation in nuclear collisions at FAIR energy, Soumya Sarkar,Amitabha Mukhopadhyay938pdf
E12. Cumulant ratios of conserved quantities at FAIR energy in the UrQMD model, Somnath Ghosh,Provash Mali,Amitabha Mukhopadhyay940pdf
E14. Intermittency analysis of generated charged particles in central Pb-Pb collisions using EPOS3 model, Salman Khurshid Malik,Ramni Gupta944pdf
E15. The Study of Compound Multiplicity for 84 ^Kr_ 36 with Emulsion Detector at Relativistic High Energy, R. K. Prajapati,N. Marimuthu,M. K. Singh,V. Singh,R. Pathak946pdf
E16. Bottomonium Suppression based on Quasi-Particle Model In Isotropic hot QCD Medium, V.K Agotiya,I Nilima948pdf
E17. Multifractal Analysis of Multiplicity Fluctuations in 32S - AgBr Interactions at 200 AGeV., Mir Hashim Rasool,Shafiq Ahmad,M. Ayaz Ahmad950pdf
E18. Dissocaition of quarkonia due to Land.. u damping in a strong magnetic field, Mujeeb Hasan,Binoy Krishna Patra,Bhaswar Chatterjee,Partha Bagchi952pdf
E19. Magnetic and.. dynamical properties of QCD medium in a strong magnetic field, Shubhalaxmi Rath,Binoy Krishna Patra954pdf
E20. Nuclear Effect in terms of Hurst Exponent in $^{28}Si-Emulsion Collisions at 14.6A GeV, M. Ayaz Ahmad,Mir Hashim Rasool,Jalal H. Baker,Shafiq Ahmad,Mbunwe Muncho Josephine956pdf
E21. Background study of Upsilon photoproduction in pPb collisions at 8.16 TeV with CMS experiment, Kousik Naskar,Dipanwita Dutta,Pradeep Sarin958pdf
E22. Charge fluctuations of identified particles at RHIC energies, Vivek Kumar Singh,D. K. Mishra,Zubayer Ahammed960pdf
E23. QGP evolution from an ideal gas to perfect fluid, Captain R. Singh,M. Mishra962pdf
E24. Speed of Sound in the presence of magnetized QGP, Yogesh Kumar964pdf
E25. Identified charged particle production in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt s$ = 13 TeV, Pramod Kumar,Kapil Saraswat,Prashant Shukla,Venktesh Singh966pdf
E26. Multiparticle production in $Xe$-$Xe$ collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = $5.44$ TeV using Wounded Quark Model, O.S.K. Chaturvedi,P.K. Srivastava,Arpit Singh,P.K. Raina,B.K. Singh968pdf
E27. Particle Production in nucleus-nucleus collisions using HYDJET++, Arpit Singh,P. K. Srivastava,O. S. K. Chaturvedi,P. K. Raina,B. K. Singh970pdf
E28. Heavy Flavor Decay Muon Production in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV, M.S. Islam,P. Roy,T. Sinha972pdf
E29. Net-Charge fluctuations in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s}_{NN}$ = 2.76 TeV using HYDJET++ model, Shaista Khan,Bushra Ali,Anuj Chandra,Shakeel Ahmad974pdf
E30. On Multiparticle Correlations in Relativistic Heavy-ion Collisions, M. Mohsin Khan,N. Ahmad976pdf
E31. Revisiting Limiting Fragmentation in Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC, P. Pareek,P. Sahoo,S. K. Tiwari,R. Sahoo978pdf
E32. Nuclear modification factor and. energy loss of charged particles and. jets in PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}$ = 2.76 TeV, Kapil Saraswat,Prashant Shukla,Venktesh Singh980pdf
E33. An Overview of Differential freezeout and.. Radial flow in $pp$-collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV at the LHC, Arvind Khuntia,Himanshu Sharma,Swatantra Tiwari,Raghunath Sahoo,Jean Cleymans 982pdf
E34. Study of open heavy-flavour hadron decay muons in pp collisions with ALICE at the LHC, M.S. Islam984pdf
E35. Study of Au+Au Collisions in CBM Energy Regime using HYDJET++, Ajay Kumar,Arpit Singh,P. K. Srivastava,S. Pandey,B. K. Singh986pdf
E36. Shear Viscosity from finite volume PNJL model, Sudipa Upadhaya,Kinkar Saha,Sabyasachi Ghosh,Soumitra Maity988pdf
E37. Bottomonia production in NRQCD formalism, Kinkar Saha,Vineet Kumar,Prashant Shukla,Abhijit Bhattacharyya990pdf
E38. Effects of finite volume on Bulk viscosity from PNJL model, Soumitra Maity,Kinkar Saha,Sabyasachi Ghosh,Sudipa Upadhaya992pdf
E39. Dependency of Mean Multiplicity on the Average Number of Intra-Nuclear Collisions of charged secondaries in 12C-nucleus interactions at 4.5 A G eV , Praveen Prakash Shukla,H. Khushnood,M.Saleem Khan994pdf
E40. Study of event-by-event charge separation in Au+Au collisons at ${\sqrt{s_{NN}}}$ = 200 GeV using AMPT, Anjali Attri,Jagbir Singh,Madan M. Aggarwal996pdf
E41. Directed flow of thermal photons from Cu+Au collisions at RHIC, Pingal Dasgupta,Rupa Chatterjee,Dinesh Kumar Srivastava998pdf
E42. Mesonic excitations in a hot and.. magnetized quark matter in the NJL model, Nilanjan Chaudhuri,Pradip Roy,Sourav Sarkar1000pdf
E43. Realistic Muon Chamber (MuCh) geometry simulation for the CBM experiment at FAIR, Omveer Singh,Partha Pratim Bhaduri,Subhasis Chattopadhyay,Nazeer Ahmad1002pdf
E44. Medium effects on Relaxation times and.. Transport coefficients of Pion-Kaon-Nucleon system, Pallavi Kalikotay,Nilanjan Chaudhuri,Snigdha Ghosh,Sourav Sarkar1004pdf
E45. Simulation studies of $R_{2} (\Delta\eta, Delta\varphi)$ and.. $P_{2} (\Delta\eta, Delta\varphi)$ correlation functions in pp collisions with the PYTHIA and.. HERWIG models, Baidyanath Sahoo,Basanta Kumar Nandi,Prabhat Pujahari,Sumit Basu,Claude Pruneau1006pdf
E46. On Scaling Properties of Multiplicity Fluctuations in 60A and. . 200A GeV/c 16 O-AgBr Collisions , N AHMAD,M. MOHSIN KHAN,OMVEER SINGH,TUFAIL AHMAD1008pdf
E47. Constraining the Chiral Magnetic Effect in heavy ion collisions using AMPT model, Sonia Parmar,Anjali Sharma,Madan M. Aggarwal1010pdf
E48. A quasi-particle approach to electromagnetic radiation, Yogesh Kumar,S. Somoendro Singh,P. K. Sethy1012pdf
E49. Simulation study of charged-neutral fluctuations in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}$ = 2.76 TeV}, Sonia Parmar,Madan M. Aggarwal1014pdf
E50. A systematic investigation of di-muon combinatorial background for $\omega$ in the CBM experiment at FAIR, Ekata Nandy,Partha Pratim Bhaduri,Subhasis Chattopadhyay1016pdf
E51. Strangeness Enhancement at FAIR, Ekata Nandy,Subhasis Chattopadhyay1018pdf

f. Electroweak interaction in nuclei       Top

F1. Axial vector coupling constant and.. uncertainty in sensitivity for the search of neutrinoless double beta decay, Manoj Kumar / Mr Singh,Venktesh / Dr Singh,H. T. / Dr Wong1022pdf
F2. Neutrino spin-flavor oscillations in the Sun: Differences between Dirac and. Majorana neutrinos, S. Joshi,S.R. Jain1024pdf
F3. Testing time reversal symmetry in the decay of ortho-Positronium atoms using the J-PET detector, Juhi Raj1026pdf
F4. Off-Axis and.. Beam Studies for the NOvA, D. Kalra,V. Bhatnagar,A. Kumar,J. Cooper1028pdf
F5. Studies on the charge conjugation symmetry in the decay of positronium atoms using the J-PET detector, Jyoti Chhokar1030pdf
F6. Quasi elastic scattering of anti-muon neutrinos off $^{12}C$, Deepika Grover,Kapil Saraswat,Pramod Kumar,Prashant Shukla,Venktesh Singh1032pdf

g. Nuclear instrumentation and techniques      Top

G1. Dead layer thickness measurement in p-type point contact Germanium detector, M. K. Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam,V. Singh,H. T. Wong 1036pdf
G2. Neutron Background Measurements at Kuo-Sheng Reactor Neutrino Laboratory with Hybrid Neutron Detector, M. K. Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam,V. Singh,H. T. Wong1038pdf
G3. Intensity variation of X-ray peaks in nGe detector, M. K. Singh,M. K. Singh,A. Pandey,A. Kumar,P. Kumar,V. Singh,H. T. Wong1040pdf
G4. Unfolding and.. Reconstruction of Neutron Spectra using Hybrid Neutron Detector, M. K. Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam,V. Singh,H. T. Wong1042pdf
G5. Neutrino and.. Dark Matter physics with point contact sub-keV Germanium detector, Manoj Kumar / Mr Singh,Venktesh / Dr Singh,H. T. / Dr Wong1044pdf
G6. Variation of gain and.. energy resolution with temperature and.. pressure of straw tube detector, S. Roy,N. Nandi,R. P. Adak,S. Biswas,S. Das,S. K. Ghosh,S. K. Prasad,S. Raha1046pdf
G7. Use of Nuclear Track Detectors (NTDs) as inexpensive particle detectors for educational purpose, R Bhattacharyya,S Dey,Sanjay K Ghosh,A Maulik,S Raha,Y.P. Viyogi1048pdf
G8. Size dependence for Gd3Ga3Al2O12:Ce,B single crystal scintillator on pulse-height spectra generated by GEANT4 simulation with optical photon transport, Pratip Mitra,R.G. Thomas,Mohit Tyagi,A. Vinod Kumar,S.C. Gadkari1050pdf
G9. Light output functions and.. gamma-ray response of hybrid neutron detector, M. K. Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam,V. Singh,H. T. Wong1052pdf
G10. Effects of Parasitic Capacitance in Strip type Triple GEM Read-Out, Vishal Kumar,Pradipta K. Das,Shaibal Saha,S. Mukhopadhyay,N. Majumdar,S. Sarkar1054pdf
G11. Fabrication of the tungsten targets for the nuclear reaction studies at IUAC, N. K. Rai,Vivek Mishra ,Abhilash S. R.,D. Kabiraj ,Ajay Kumar 1056pdf
G12. Feasibility of RPC operation in low charge production mode for its use in high rate environment, Abhik Jash,Varchaswi K. S. Kashyap,Bedangadas Mohanty1058pdf
G13. Fabrication and. Installation of a Table Top Accelerator (TTA) at Manipal, P. K. Rath,P. Dittakavi,M. Gupta,G. M{\"u}nzenberg,Y. K. Gambhir"""1060pdf
G14. Fabrication and. characterization of thin Nickel ($^{61,62}$Ni) targets, Nabendu Kumar Deb,Kushal Kalita,S. R. Abhilash,Pankaj K. Giri,G. R. Umapathy,D. Kabiraj,S. Chopra1062pdf
G15. Gamma Ray Attenuation Studies of Cement Pastes Modified With Naturally Available Additives, VISHNU C V,ANTONY JOSEPH1064pdf
G16. Source correlation factor measurement using D-T neutron generator, Nirmal Kumar Ray,Tarun Patel,Rajeev Kumar,P. S. Sarkar,L. M. Pant1066pdf
G17. Design of the Read Out Boards for the GE21 upgrade of the CMS experiment at the LHC facility, Mohammad A.,Khole S.,Dixit M.Y.,Pant L.M.1068pdf
G18. Thin tin ($^{116}$Sn) target fabrication, Nabendu Kumar Deb,Kushal Kalita,S. R. Abhilash,Pankaj K. Giri,D. Kabiraj1070pdf
G19. Indigenously developed gamma spectrometer, Jithin B.P.,O.S.K.S Sastri1072pdf
G20. Modeling of Gamma Response of BGO using GEANT4, S. Bishnoi,R. G. Thomas,P. S. Sarkar,A. Saxena,S.C. Gadkari1074pdf
G21. Preparation and. . Characterization of Implanted Targets of 16O and. . 24Mg for Nuclear Astrophysics experiments, Arkabrata Gupta,Devarani Devi Ksh.,G R Umapathy,Sunil Ojha,Sathi Sharma,Sangeeta Das,Anamika Parihari,Md. Moin Shaikh,Abhijit Bisoi,S. Sarkar,M. Saha Sarkar1076pdf
G22. Pre-amplifiers for multi-wire proportional counters, Arti Gupta,Jagdish Gehlot,Subir Nath,S. Venkataramanan1078pdf
G23. Different concrete compositions as a reactor shielding material for neutrons and.. gamma rays, B. Soni,Rajnikant Makwana,S. Mukherjee,N. L. Singh,Karel Katovsky1080pdf
G24. Study of Compton electrons in LaBr$_{3}$:Ce using compact CCT, S. S. Kaintura,V. Ranga,S. Panwar,P. Sehgal,G. Anil Kumar1082pdf
G25. Annealing Studies of Avalanche Photodiodes, R. Ganai,A. Wilms,C. J. Schmidt1084pdf
G26. Background reduction studies with shielding for mini-ISMRAN, D. Mulmule,P.K. Netrakanti,S.P. Behera,D.K. Mishra,V. Jha,V. Rao,S. Bhatt,L.M. Pant,B.K. Nayak1086pdf
G27. Sum energy technique for anti-neutrino event reconstruction in ISMRAN, S. P. Behera,D. Mulmule,D. K. Mishra,P. K. Netrakanti,V. Jha,L. M. Pant,B. K. Nayak1088pdf
G28. Measurement of gamma radiation background in a low energy accelerator facility, Sathi Sharma,Sangeeta Das,Arkajyoti De,Sudatta Ray,Prajnaparamita Das,Hitesh Rattan,M. Saha Sarkar1090pdf
G29. Nuclear instrument techniques to improve the diagnosis of breast cancer by using plastic scintillator and. wavelength shifters, Shivani1092pdf
G30. Cryogenic Penning Ion Trap in 4K environment, A. K. Sikdar,P. Das,A. Ray,J. Nandi,Pushpa M. Rao1094pdf
G31. How does the sampling rate affect the digital timing response of fast scintilltors ?, Neha Chug,Kundan Singh,Davinder Siwal1096pdf
G32. Neutron detection using liquid scintillator and. . study of polyethene and. . borated polyethene for neutron shielding, V K S Kashyap,S Chandra,B Pattnaik,R Bhattacharyya,B Mohanty1098pdf
G33. Digital Pulse Processing and.. DAQ System for INGA at VECC, S. Chatterjee,S. Das,S. Samanta,K. Basu,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,A. K. Sinha,R. Banik,S. Bhattacharya,S. Nandi,A. Dhal,A. Choudhury,P. Mukhopadhyay,S. Imran,S. Bhattacharyya,G. Mukherjee,C. Bhattacharya,S. Ali,P. Ray,S. Rajbanshi,H. Pai,A. Goswami,H. Tan1100pdf
G34. Exploring the light response of a $5^{\prime \prime} \times 5^{\prime \prime}$ BC501A detector using $^{252}$Cf source, Davinder Siwal,Akhil Jhingan,Nedumbally Saneesh,Mohit Kumar,Pullanhiotan Sugathan,Bivash Ranjan Behra1102pdf
G35. A High Magnetic Field Penning Ion trap at Room-Temperature is made operational : A cloud of electrons successfully trapped and.. detected, Ashif Reza,Joydip Nandi,Parnika Das,Pushpa M. Rao1104pdf
G36. Discrimination of neutrons and.. $\gamma$-rays in wide energy range by Digital Charge Comparison method, Harleen Singh,Rohit Mehra1106pdf
G37. Sampling requirements of frequency gradient analysis method for neutron-gamma discrimination by liquid scintillators, Rohit Mehra,Harleen Singh1108pdf
G38. Optimization of characteristic of BGO gamma-ray detectors, V.M. Bystritsky,Yu.N. Kopatch,V.R. Skoy,I.N. Ruskov,T.Yu. Tretyakova,N.A. Fedorov,D.N. Grozdanov,A. Gandhi,F.A. Aliyev,C. Hramco,D. Wang,P.K. Prajapati,N.K. Rai,A. Sharma,N.L. Singh,S. Mukherjee,A. Kumar1110pdf
G39. Response Function of "Romasha" Gamma-Ray Spectrometer, A. Gandhi,D.N. Grozdanov,N.A. Fedorov,F.A. Aliyev,D. Wang,Yu.N. Kopatch,V.R. Skoy,V.M. Byrtritsky,I.N. Ruskov,T.Yu. Tretyakova,C. Hramco,P.K. Prajapati,N.K. Rai,A. Sharma,N.L. Singh,S. Mukherjee,A. Kumar1112pdf
G40. Fabrication of thin $^{68,70}$Zn target using vacuum evaporation technique, D. Kumar,R. Prajapat,A. Chauhan,M. Maiti,S.R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj,G.R. Umapathy,S. Ojha1114pdf
G41. The estimation of neutron kerma coefficients from evaluated nuclear data by using the CRaD code, Uttiyoarnab Saha,K. Devan1116pdf
G42. Studies of electroluminescence yield in THGEM UV detectors, P. Ray,Radhakrishna V.,Baishali G.,Rajanna K.1118pdf
G43. Radiation Hard Detectors for Future Colliders, Bilal Ahmad Reshi1120pdf
G44. Preparation of Field Emission Point (FEP) tips for electron generation at relatively low voltage in a Cryogenic Penning Trap, Subhrajit Sahoo,Joydip Nandi,S Pathak,A. K. Sikdar,Parnika Das1122pdf
G45. Design and. development of a front-end preamplifier for bolometric detector, A. Reza,A. Garai,A. Mazumdar,V. Vatsa,H. Krishnamoorthy,G. Gupta,M.S. Pose,S. Mallikarjunachary,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay1124pdf
G46. D-D/D-T neutron generator facilities for basic and.. applied research, Tarun Patel,Saroj Bishnoi,P.S. Adhikari,P.S. Sarkar,S.C. Gadkari1126pdf
G47. Simulation studies for false positive event rate due to muon-induced neutral particles for a shallow depth ICAL detector, Neha Panchal,Gobinda Majumder,Vivek M. Datar1128pdf
G48. An improvement of the pulse shape discrimination properties of Gd$_{3}$Ga$_{3}$Al$_{2}$O$_{12}$:Ce single crystal scintillator, S. Rawat,Mohit Tyagi,G. Anil Kumar1130pdf
G49. Growth and. scintillation properties of Tl doped LiI single crystal: A fast thermal neutron scintillator, Kalyani,S. Rawat,Awadh K. Singh,G. Anil Kumar,Mohit Tyagi1132pdf
G50. Extraction of Neutron Pulses fromCoincidence Summed Events via Machine Learning - Like Algorithm, Midhun C.V,M.M Mushtafa,Antony Joseph,Jagadeesan K.C,S Ganesan1134pdf
G51. Design and. simulation of window-less gas jet target for experimental nuclear physics, N. K. Mishra,P. C. Rout,R. Kujur,E. T. Mirgule,S. Santra,B.K. Nayak1136pdf
G52. Development of Resistive Plate Chambers and.. front-end electronics for INO-ICAL experiment, Ankit Gaur,Aman phogat,Moh Rafik,Ashok Kumar,Md Naimuddin1138pdf
G53. A pulse height analysis technique for cryogenic bolometers, A. Garai,A. Mazumdar,A. Reza,H. Krishnamoorthy,G. Gupta,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay1140pdf
G54. Modeling of an electrically cooled HPGe detector, G. Gupta,H. Krishnamoorthy,A. Garai,A. Mazumdar,A. Reza,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay1142pdf
G55. Singles time stamped data in In-beam spectroscopy, Sangeeta Das, Arkajyoti De,B. Dey,Sathi Sharma, A. Adhikari,S.S. Alam,Arkabrata Gupta, Y. Sapkota,A. Das,A. Saha,Dibyadyuti Pramanik,D. Banerjee,T. Bhattacharjee,Abhijit Bisoi,S. Sarkar, M. Saha Sarkar1144pdf
G56. Muon Induced Neutron measurement setup at TIFR (MINT), H. Krishnamoorthy,G. Gupta,A. Garai,A. Mazumdar,A. Reza,S. Pal,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay,A. Shrivastava1146pdf
G57. Assessment of borated rubber for neutron shield, H. Krishnamoorthy,G. Gupta,A. Garai,A. Mazumdar,S. Pal,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay,A. Shrivastava1148pdf
G58. Multi-Elemental Characterization of Coal and.. Coal Ash Samples by Non-destructive Particle Induced X- Ray Emission Technique, SHASHANK SINGH,MUMTAZ OSWAL ,ASHOK KUMAR,B.R. BEHERA,S. SANTRA ,K.P. SINGH1150pdf
G59. Radiopurity studies of tin-lead and. . tin-bismuth alloys for the development of a cryogenic bolometer, A. Mazumdar,G. Gupta,A. Garai,H. Krishnamoorthy,A. Reza,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay,A. Shrivastava,A. Thamizhavel1152pdf
G60. Studies on angular correlation of gamma rays using GEANT4, V. Mendiratta,V. Ranga,S. Panwar,G. Anil Kumar1154pdf
G61. VECC-INGA: An exploration of nuclear structure with light ions, Soumik Bhattacharya,R. Banik,S. Nandi,Sajad Ali,S. Chatterjee,S. Das,S. Samanta,K. Basu,A. Choudhury,A. Adhikari,S. S. Alam,Shabir Dar,B. Das,Sangeeta Das,A. Dhal,A. Mondal,K. Mondal,P Mukhopadhyay,H. Pai,P. Ray,A. Saha,I. Shaik,C. Bhattacharya,G. Mukherjee,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,A. Goswami,S. Bhattacharyya1156pdf
G62. An Integrated large area MWPC-SSD for velocity- energy measurements of reaction products at VAMOS, Akhil Jhingan,C Schmitt,A Lemasson,N Saneesh,S Biswas,M Rejmund,M Kumar,C Spitaels,J Goupil,R Ahuja,B Jacquot,P Sugathan,A Navin1158pdf
G63. TEGIC: Concept and.. design parameters of a detector for beam species identification at FAIR-NUSTAR, Akhil Jhingan,S Pietri,M Kumar,R Ahuja,S Saha,N Saneesh,J Vesic,B. R. Behera,S Mandal,P Sugathan,N Madhavan,M Gorska,H Schaffner,I Kojouharov,J Gerl,H. J. Wollersheim1160pdf
G64. A Digital data acquisition system for PRIN- A Facility for neutron production using Accelerator., E. Vardaci,L. Campajola,P. K. Rath,G. Larana,M. Ashaduzzaman,B. De. Canditiis,F. Di Capua1162pdf
G65. Testing and.. Optimization of a gas Ionization detector, Dipali Basak,Ashok Kr Mondal,Ajay Kr Mitra,Jonaki Panja,Chinmay Basu1164pdf
G66. Development status of Common Readout Unit at India for the ALICE detector at CERN, Shuaib Ahmad Khan,Subhasis Chattopadhyay1166pdf
G67. PoCA Point Cloud Filteration algorithm for Muon Tomography, Raman Sehgal,S. T. Sehgal,Mausumi Sengupta Mitra,Dhruv Mulmule,Tushar Roy,L. M. Pant1168pdf
G68. Simulation of Heat Transfer and.. Dissipation in targets used in Real Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments, Tanmoy Bar,Chinmay Basu,Mithun Das,A K Santra,S Sen1170pdf
G69. Determination of the neutron detection efficiency of a liquid scintillator EJ301 array by $\gamma$ multiplicity tagging, Sangeeta Dhuri,K. Mahata,K. Ramachandran,P. C. Rout,A. Shrivastava,S. K. Pandit,V. V. Parkar,S. Gupta,V. V. Desai,A. Kumar,P. Patale,E. T. Mirgule,B. K. Nayak,A. Saxena1172pdf
G70. Discrimination of Simulated Neutron-Gamma Pulses using Artificial Neural Network, Abhinav Kumar,G. Mishra1174pdf
G71. Characterization of multiplicity filter module, N. Saneesh,S. Venkataramanan,Mohit Kumar,P. Sugathan1176pdf
G72. Sustainability and.. stability of lanthanide targets for high fluence beam facilities, A. Banerjee,S. Mandal,G.R. Umapathy,Shyama Rath,S. Ojha,S.R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj1178pdf
G73. A LYSO-based compact detector system for nuclear science applications, A. Banerjee,S. Mandal,Pratap Roy,S. Mukhopadhyay,S. Bhattacharyya,G. Mukherjee,S. Nandi,M. Kumar,A. Jhingan,R. Palit1180pdf
G74. Performance stability of in-house developed thermal neutron detector using large size hygroscopic LiI:Eu single crystal, A.K Singh,M Tyagi,D.G. Desai,S Sen,S.C Gadkari1182pdf
G75. The electronic readout design of the Second Tracking Station of ALICE-MS to comply with High Luminosity LHC Beam, S. Chattopadhyay,Dipankar Das,L. Das,D. Das,A. Das,I. Das,T. Sinha1184pdf
G76. Application of RBS, SEM, and. . EDS Characterization for Nuclear Physics Experimental targets at IUAC , G.R. Umapathy,K. Deeksha,Sharma R,Pankaj Kumar,S. Ojha,S. Gargari,A. Banerjee,Kavita Rani,S. R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj,S. Chopra,D. Kanjilal1186pdf
G77. Development of "DURGA" facility for prompt gamma-ray spectroscopy studies using thermal neutrons , D.C. Biswas,S. Mukhopadhyay,Aniruddha Dey,L.A. Kinage,R.V. Jangale,A.L. Inkar,B.V. John,S.R. Kamble,A.T. Chaudhari,Manish Kumar,T.P. Sabharwal,N.K. Prasad,D.A. Dharmik,A.K. Kamath,M.V. Gathibandhe,P. Goverdhan,K.S. Ulhas,H.G. Gujar,N.K. Choudhary,K. Chakrabarty1188pdf
G78. Geant4 Simulation of ancillary charge particle detector array for detection efficiency, Kaur Jasmeet,Kumar R.1190pdf
G79. Fabrication of Resistive Plate Chamber based on non-fragile material, Akash Mr. Pandey,Abhishek Mr. Kumar,N Mr. Marimuthu,Pramod Mr. Kumar,Deepika Ms. Grover,Venktesh Dr. Singh,A. L. Dr. Saroj1192pdf
G80. Characterization of multi pixelated photon counters with fast and.. slow detectors for multiple applications, A. Banerjee,S. Mandal1194pdf
G81. Developmental status of SiPM coupled scintillator detector for the DEGAS array in FAIR, A. Banerjee,S. Mandal1196pdf
G82. Efficiency of CeBr3 detector: Simulations and.. measurements using a positron emitter, S Panwar,V Ranga,G Anil Kumar1198pdf
G83. Secondary neutron and. . photon production in lead, Divya Divakaran,Vineet Kumar,Prashant Shukla1200pdf
G84. VHDL Implementation of Trigger and.. timing filter for Nuclear Pulse Processing applications, Krati Gupta,S Neema,S.S Sikder,Saju Joy1202pdf
G85. Development of bakelite resistive plate chamber based muon tomography system, CHANDAN BARAI,MITALI MONDAL,TANAY DEY,ZUBZYER AHAMMED,SUBHASISH CHATTOPADHYAY1204pdf
G86. GEANT4 simulations on shielding materials for neutrons, G Kekre,V Ranga,S Panwar,G Anil Kumar 1206pdf
G87. Testing of a sCVD diamond detector for monitoring accelerator beam profile, Akhil Jhingan,A. Rai,S. Ghosh,M. Kumar,P. Patra,J. Karmakar,S. Pal,B. K. Sahu,V. Nanal,R. Palit1208pdf
G88. Fabrication of thin targets of $^{92,100}$Mo, C. Joshi,S.R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj,H. Kumawat,N.L. Singh1210pdf
G89. Pulse processing electronics for $\gamma$-$\gamma$ fast timing array at VECC, S. S. Alam,D. Kumar,D. Banerjee,S. Dey Chaudhuri,T. Bhattacharjee1212pdf
G90. The Measurement of Efficiency and.. Resolution for CdZnTe and.. NaI(Tl) detectors , Dalpat Meena,S.K. Gupta1214pdf
G91. Real size triple GEM detector for mCBM experiment, Ajit Kumar,Anand Kumar Dubey,Chandrasekhar Ghosh,Jogender Saini,Vinod Singh Negi,Sidharth Kumar Prasad,Subhasis Chattopadhyay1216pdf
G92. Fabrication of thin self supporting 156Gd, 165Ho and.. 166Er targets, Suhail A. Tali,Harish Kumar,Abhilash S.R.,D. Kabiraj1218pdf
G93. TIFR Digital Data Acquisition Software for Nuclear Structure Studies (TIDES), Md. S. R. Laskar ,Abraham T Vazhappilly ,R. Palit ,S. Jadhav,R. Donthi ,B. S. Naidu ,F. S. Babra ,P. Dey ,Biswajit. Das ,B. Das ,C.S. Palshetkar,L. P. Singh ,H. Tan1220pdf

T. Thesis Presentations      Top

T1. Processes in Heavy Element Nucleosynthesis, Saumi Dutta1224pdf
T2. A theoretical study of heavy ion collisions and. related dynamical aspects, Rajni .1226pdf
T3. Study of Nuclear Viscosity and. Isospin Mixing Utilizing Isovector Giant Dipole Resonance, Debasish Mondal1228pdf
T4. Study of Nuclear Structure around N=90, A Saha1230pdf
T5. Structure studies of nuclei using self consistent mean fields, Nithu Ashok1232pdf
T6. Role of Multipole Deformations and.. Coplanar or Noncoplanar Collisions in the decay of Hot and.. Rotating Compound Nuclei., Hemdeep Hemdeep1234pdf
T7. Theoretical Study on Two Neutrino and.. Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay, M. K. Preethi Rajan ,K.P. Santhosh1236pdf
T8. Role of Isospin in Heavy and.. Neutron-rich Nuclei, Swati Garg1238pdf
T9. Studies on the physics of Resistive Plate Chambers in relation to the INO experiment, Abhik Jash1240pdf
T11. Measurement of projectile breakup cross-section in $^{6,7}$Li+$^{112}$Sn reactions, D. Chattopadhyay1244pdf
T13. Study of effect of weakly bound projectile breakup on Heavy-ion fusion, mitul morker1248pdf
T14. Dynamics of heavy ion induced fusion-fission reactions at energies near and.. above the Coulomb barrier, A. Shamlath ,E. Prasad1250pdf
T15. Study of the dynamics of fusion-fission reactions by neutron multiplicity measurements, Ruchi Mahajan1252pdf
T16. Molecular Interpretation of Exotic Hadrons, D. P. Rathaud1254pdf
T17. Development of 7Li(p,n)7Be Neutron Energy Spectrum Code and.. Measurement of Neutron Radiative Capture Cross-Section on Few Structural Elements in the keV Neutron Energy Region, Rebecca Lalnuntluangi1256pdf
T18. Influence of isospin dependent nuclear charge radius in heavy ion collisions at intermediate energies, Sangeeta Arora1258pdf
T19. Dynamics of heavy ion reactions involving compound and.. non compound nucleus mechanisms, Neha Grover1260pdf
T20. Nuclear structure study at high spin in mass $\sim$ 100 region, Biswarup Das1262pdf